On the defensemen…

Remember also that even though we’ve been talking about free-agent defensemen here, Lombardi also raised the possibility last night of trading for a left-shot defenseman who would be able to fill a role for one season. So that opens the situation up tremendously. Here’s what Lombardi said last night on this subject:

“The other thing that showed up, before free agency and even today, as people spend money to get guys in, there might be a `soft’ deal there, so to speak. Maybe we could trade a `B-level’ prospect or a mid-round or late-round pick for a guy who can be here for a year.”

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  • dominic lavoie

    Question: Which guys are “B” prospects?
    I guess we could help out the Ducks by taking Mathieu Schneider off their hands….

  • DP

    Mathew Schneider of the Ducks? One yr left on his contract for 5+ mil. He’s a left handed shot and Burke would love to lose his cap hit.

  • bob

    kind of like a Mathieu Schneider? old,but a good 1 year guy.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind Schneider back. A good veteran to have for the kids to learn from

  • Dorian

    Schneider anyone???

  • Anonymous

    You know, Schneider’s only got the one year left, he’s local, a former King, and a good vet presence…might be worth a call.

  • Paul-Cat

    I just hate to help out the Ducks in anyway.

  • Baumgartner22

    schneider it is. who’s going to send DL the memo?

  • LA KINGS 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    No worries all, I got it covered!!! šŸ™‚

  • Yeah right

    Schneider Doughty
    Bouwmeester Blake
    Johnson Greene

    (Of course we’d be too good, too soon with this defense. I’d hate to disrupt DLs “vision”)

    Martinez, Harrold, Hickey, & Teubert get more seasoning and pro experience in the AHL playing big minutes in front of Bernier.

  • brianguy

    I don’t like trading a B-prospect for a 1 year guy in the least. that goes against the entire plan we’re all being forced to live with year-in and year-out.

    let alone to the Ducks… even though Schneider would work well.

    rather have it be a mid-round pick frankly

  • Anonymous

    Anaheim, since Neidermayer is coming back, would love to dump his salary..If we can get him cheap, maybe for a 5th rd pick, I would do it.

  • Yog S’loth

    This has already happened. Lombardi was describing the Gauthier trade.

  • Anonymous

    Quotes from the fourth period, in their front page article about Jason Smith:

    “Smith is a proven leader. He isn’t afraid to get in your face, he loves to throw the body around and he won’t shy away from blocking a puck or two.”

    “Jason is a very unique player, a hard-nosed grinding physical defenseman.”

    “Smith, 34, spent last season with the Philadelphia Flyers after seven and a half years in Edmonton. His psychical and defensive-minded game is an asset any team would love to have and there are a significant amount of clubs knocking on his door.”

    Maybe we’re in the mix?

  • Rich Hammond

    Lombardi made those comments roughly 11 hours after the Gauthier trade.

  • brianguy

    dear Ya Right: OK, but how the heck are we supposed to grab Bouwmeester? in exchange for what? this hasn’t even been rumored that I know of…

    btw, Manchester definitely seems poised for a title either in ’09 or ’10 looking at some of these names.

  • Anonymous

    Paul Mara for 9.75 million over 3 years and we keep all our prospects.

    Some of you people have to stop trying to bring back every player who ever laced it up for the Kings.

  • Bob Bobson

    I sense we are going to resign Blake at another inflated price to meet the floor.

  • old man

    I like Schneider as our vet leader. He would be great teacher and leader for this young team. But what ever you do Dean please don`t sign Blake.

  • Quisp

    I’m not an expert, but I don’t think Hickey or Teubert can play in Manchester. It’s either juniors or the NHL or them.

  • brianguy

    “Some of you people have to stop trying to bring back every player who ever laced it up for the Kings”

    get Ron Duguay and Bernie!!!!!!!! insta-cup!!!

  • Daniel

    Yeah. So, wake me when October rolls around. I’m wrapping myself up in this and hibernating for the summer:

  • rommel salviano

    Ridicule! The Kings…with more than 20 Mi of space in the Sal.Cap. What valley more Tavares or the Dignity of the Kings?

  • brianguy

    yeah, you’re right. definitely for Teubert

  • brianguy

    Daniel: you’ll need nourishment. don’t forget one of these….


  • Daniel


  • Baumgartner22

    i believe you are correct…players must be 20 years old to play in the AHL. this is why bernier had to go back to juniors or stay with the NHL club.

  • Deader

    You need to be 20 by Dec 31st or have completed 4 full seasons of juniors to play in juniors.

  • Anonymous


    This is not the right place for this but…

    I read on another message board that the ticket reps for the Ontario Reign and telling people that the Kings are dropping the Reading Royals as an affiliate. After checking the web for any kind of confirmation this was found…


    Any idea on this?

  • jkwondachef

    If I had to choose between Blake and Smith, I would take Smith. More passion. More heart. Physical and a leader. Let Blake stay at the beach and play volleyball. Patience everyone.

  • Gary

    Tavares it is!
    Especially if Cloutier wins his case. Play him 60 games, and we’re there.

  • BobMillershair

    Hey DL…..I get the plan….I understand what it is you are tying to build here but a free agent isnt necessarily excited coming to a team WITHOUT a coach.

    Stuart looked over and said….hmmmm…potential nother run at Stanley Cup or uhhhh team in Los Angeles with NO coach and havent made playoffs in 6 years….probably signed for several million less just to avoid the call from DL….

    `B-level’ prospect: Brad Richardson, Vladimir Dravecky,…

    and the chatter about Tavares….I wouldnt get my hopes up on up on that….we all saw what happened this year with Stamkos.

  • Yeah right

    I was just fantasizing that I rooted for a team that had the ability to do what it takes to get quality players; a team that actually tries to win.

    You have to give up something good to get something good back every once in a while. Why not trade a couple prospects or a high draft pick to Florida for Bouwmeester, a 24 year old lefthanded defensemen who can play in the NHL right now and for years to come?

    I don’t expect it to happen with Dean “Carpe Manana” Lombardi at the helm. But a guy can dream can’t he?

  • mask0425la

    Rich, for the life of me, I just cannot get the logic for not going after Ossi Vaananen instead of Gauthier. Vaananen is about four years younger, faster, taller, more aggressive, is a left shot and signed for one year for less than half of Gauthier’s contract with Philly of all teams!


    He was on my radar for months… Well, not anymore! I thought that he could be a great partner for Lubo. Thanks, Dean, for yet another double whammy…

    Another question is why the Kings had to give up anything since the Flyers had placed Gauthier on waivers the day before? This move just does not pass the smell test.

  • Anonymous

    Frantisek Kaberle anyone?

  • metalmaster

    Move was too logical. DL is setting Kings up for another draft pick in lottery. Gauthier may very
    well wind up in Manchester like Klemn did last

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