Youth movement

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Kings’ plans to “go young” next season, but what does it really mean? Here’s an educated guess at what the Kings’ roster might look like if they didn’t acquire any more players, based on age at the start of next season:

One player under 20: Drew Doughty (18).

Nine players under 25: Jack Johnson (21), Anze Kopitar (21), Alec Martinez (21), Brian Boyle (23), Dustin Brown (23), Patrick O’Sullivan (23), Teddy Purcell (23), Brad Richardson (23), Doughty.

20 players under 30: Matt Greene (25), Peter Harrold (25), Matt Moulson (25), Erik Ersberg (26), Alexander Frolov (26), Jarret Stoll (26), Matt Ellis (27), Jason LaBarbera (28), Kyle Calder (29), Raitis Ivanans (29), Tom Preissing (29), Doughty, Johnson, Kopitar, Martinez, Boyle, Brown, O’Sullivan, Purcell, Richardson.

Players over 30: Michal Handzus (31), Denis Gauthier (32), Derek Armstrong (35).

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  • rommel salviano


  • Hemorrhage

    They got to bring back Blake, so there’s at least one person that I’m older then on the team. Army being a few months younger then me isn’t that comforting, either is the fact I can skate faster then him.

  • TeamHasHoles

    So, what does Wolski’s contract mean for Patty O?
    2 yrs/5.6 mil with COL.

  • Quisp

    Sounds right to me. I don’t know what Armstrong is going to do though, really.

  • Quisp

    The other thing I’ve been thinking is, the more gold-chip prospects you have, the higher your chances of a surprise in camp. I mean, if you’re just sitting around hoping for one guy to be ready (e.g. Bernier) it’s not so likely. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think it’s not a long shot for ONE of Bernier, Simmonds, Teubert, Hickey, Parse, Lewis, Murray, Cliche or Moller to be shockingly ahead of schedule and make things difficult for someone. And it’s not unusual for 18-20 year olds to GROW. I’m just saying…

  • nextyear

    Hopefully one of these young goalies will have a breakout year. Otherwise it will be another streaky, roller coaster year with hopefully more highs than lows. Definitely won’t make the playoffs with this team….

  • JonG

    We won’t necessarily be very young, but we will be inexperienced. Not many of the new guys have played meaningful minutes in the NHL.

  • Gabby

    I’m trying not to be cynical, but I hope we’re not being told young, young, young to keep us from thinking cheap, cheap, cheap. How far are we from the floor again?

  • Pat McGroyn

    Go young or go home, I suppose!

    In DL we trust…like we have any other choice. I’m upset about DL’s lack of significant activity these last two days, but hopefully it’ll be fun watching the whipper-snappers pull it together!

  • Bob Bobson


    Do you know if Dean happens to read your blog ? Not that he would follow what we say but just to check the pulse of the fans.

    Thanks for today and yesterday. I am sure you need to catch up on some sleep !

  • petey

    I’m all for the youth movement. Sure it’ll be pain full at times, and frustrating at other times, but it’s gonna be damn fun watching all these guys develop together.
    Plus, I don’t think it’s gonna be as bad as some make think it will be.

  • anthony

    You can cross out Kristien Huselius from the list.
    Just signed 4 year – $19 Million with Columbus.
    Yes Columbus again.
    That new GM Howsen is serious about building a contender.
    I wish our GM was as serious.

  • brianguy

    Dean? hello? is this thing on…?

    Rich: what, no phone call today? we need to know WTH happened!

  • Bob Bobson

    Anthony, sorry but Kristien Huselius does not a contender make. It is a PR move and not a move designed to get the Stanley Cup. Overpaying for Commodore will be something Howson regrets later when his younger players all want salaries to match their skillset.

  • Anonymous

    Huselius would have been nice on the 2nd line

  • mrbrett7

    Anthony, put your money where your mouth is. I will make you a bet right now that Columbus finishes no better than 2 spots higher than the Kings.

    $50, right now, take it or leave it. I have never not paid off a bet in my life.

  • Daniel


    Do you have any reasoning from Mr. Lombardi as to why it is taking so long to extend O’Sullivan? I know there is a ‘process’ but it seems the bar has been set, especially with the Wolski, Backes and Jeff Carter signings. If there is really no hurry, I just want to know why.

    (P.S. I was just checking out the Tony Jackson blog on the Dodgers – sending Clayton Kershaw down [wtf] – and notices comments in the 5 to 8 range. I know it is a small sample size but good on you, Rich.)

  • Ciccarelli

    Come on Anthony. Huselius wasn’t in the picture. We don’t need more high-scoring wingers. Why don’t you become a Columbus fan, if they’re doing things right? You don’t owe the Kings anything.

  • anthony

    I know Huselius ain’t no big thing.
    I just like Columbus’s GM approach thus far.
    He acquired 2 solid D-men from NYR – Backman & Tyutin.
    He signed Commodore & Huselius.
    He broight over gritty Rafi Tores for Gilbert Brule (whose going nowhere).
    They have Nikita Filatov.
    Sorry, I strongly believe that Columbus will be a stronger team next season.

    Having a young team is great.
    But you also need a combination of veterans as well.
    Pittsburgh, Columbus, And Chicago are doing it the right way.
    Dumbo is just wishing on a star.

    Mrbrett, you are on. $50.

  • petey

    Anthony, that’s your best one yet. Columbus GM building a contender. That’s great. Only if getting hosed on a deal involving your 2nd leading scorer from last season, and then replacing him with an older, more expensive player means building a contender, then yeah, he’s right on track.
    Seriously, do you know ANYTHING about hockey?

  • Eric K

    Anthony: signing Commodore for $19 million over 5 years is a good move? please, give it one year and we’ll have four or five defensmen better than he is. oh, and they won’t be costing us $4 million a year.

  • JDM

    Columbus today are the Kings of around 97, only worse. They just need to make the playoffs, forget about contending. If they don’t make the playoffs in a year or two, there will be some seriously upset fans… what few of them there are to begin with. Totally different team with totally different goals. DL inherited a team that had done just what Columbus is doing now, stacking a team as much as possible to ensure a 7th or 8th seed, and if they get knocked out in the 1st round, so what! At least they made it.

    They also have only one great player, Nash, and he may leave soon if they don’t get there. They are doing all of this to send a message to Nash that they are trying to win so he doesn’t take off or request a trade.

    Completely different situations.

  • JDM

    addendum to Columbus, they got hosed on that Zherdev deal. They had two amazing wingers and no centers worth a damn, so what do they do? Trade that winger for a defensemen? Really smart move, especially for a team that has been defensively sound and never can score. Huselius, ANOTHER winger won’t change that fact.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time for the kings to make this youth movement a reality. And to make sure that this group of kids can grow together and make this franchise a playoff caliber team again. And lets hope management will not change game plans in mid stream like they have done many times before. Where they traded away young talent and brought in over the hill star players just to fill the seats in the arena. Because this time around I don’t think the fans will forgive the kings organization and will simply walk away. I know that’s what I will do.


  • BBanzai

    I like the youth movement, but dont act like DL is sticking the course as he has shifted gears 180 this year to complete youth, as last year was the Free agent fiasco.

    But if we dont make a marked improvement in the standing this year, DL job is on the line. 3 Years of ever decreasing points in the standings wont be tolerated for much longer. The crawford firing was a buffer to deflect blame and to save his job. The next hire of coach will be ever so important this season, because DL will take all the blame if it fails. It can go either way, i hope the youth will come together and kick some butt!

    The biggest holes are still a Vet Defensive D-man(not Blake)to lead and teach the back end and absolute solid goaltending.

  • mrbrett7

    Perfect, we are one.

    Pittsburgh as a team is 3 years ahead of us because they were rebuilding while Dave Taylor was trying to appease fans like yourself with useless free agents that were going to make a difference.

    Chicago’s rebuild began 2 years before ours did. Those players that they were able to draft…guess what, they are playing in the NHL right now.

    Lombardi has said all along that once those core players come along, you can then go out and sign those mercenaries to fill your holes, and that is exactly what Dave Tallon has done. But, you say you like their direction? Taken straight from the horses mouth, “Our signings were an effort to appease the fanbase.” The minute you start doing that, you become the LA Kings of the last 40 years. The result, barely making the playoffs and 1st or 2nd round exits. If that is what you want, be my guest…I want the cup.

    Columbus!…seriously…COLUMBUS!!!!???? Who is their #1 center? Who is their #2 center? The have a defense comprised of #5 and #6 d-men, and not one of their d-men should be playing more than 15 minutes per night. They have 2 forwards who belong playing top 6 minutes (Nash and Brule), and Brule still hasn’t proven a thing…but hey, let’s make a trade, and we are now playoff contendars.

    Now that I think of it…maybe we should up this bet.