Blake speaks


Just got off a conference call with Rob Blake, who says the Kings never made him an offer. (Left unsaid was that Blake’s agent apparently talked to the Kings on July 1 and asked for $4 million). Before Blake got on the call, San Jose general manager Doug Wilson said he called Blake’s agent on July 1 to inquire about Blake’s services. Here’s some quotes from Blake…

On not getting an offer: “No, i didn’t receive one from the Kings. As time went past on July 1… I made a decision a few weeks ago, a month ago, that i wanted to play again. That wasn’t going to be happen in L.A. and I had to start looking elsewhere. I’ve always admired San Jose and they have a ton of potential. They’ve been on the verge every year and excited to be right there.”

On whether he was “on board” with the Kings’ rebuilding plans: “I’ve been on board for the past couple years. I don’t think the idea of rebuilding was just something this summer. It just became evident that there was two different thoughts going on. When you don’t hear back from a team in a couple days, it’s time to look elsewhere.”

On why he thinks things didn’t work out with the Kings and whether he’s disappointed: “I made the commitment to come back to LA. It’s a great organization and it’s headed in a great direction. I was fortunate to play with Kopitar, and Jack Johnson on defense. He’s an up and comer and he’s going to be great. As far as things with myself, I’m not really sure what happened down the line there. The team is going to be great. It’s great that they’re sticking with the plan for building. I wish them all the best and years down the road I’m sure I’ll be watching them.”

On whether he was negatively influenced by the Cammalleri and Visnovsky trades: “I really have no say in any of that. You see the direction the Kings are going and they’re going to stick with that and build going forward. They have a great cornerstone, with young forwards and goalies and defense. They’re going in the right direction.”

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