Blake to San Jose

Rob Blake has signed with San Jose, apparently for one year and $5 million. I’ve confirmed this with two sources close to the situation but the Sharks have yet to release word of this.

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  • Mark

    lol the draft made me renew my season tickets this free agency makes me hope it was with Ontario.

  • SS


  • anthony


  • Baumgartner22

    that’s quite a commute from manhattan beach.

  • Matt

    if this is indeed true, Blake can go **** himself

  • Lance9199

    What a TOOL!!! Disgrace as a “C”

  • Duckhunter

    WOW……I don’t know how I feel about this. 5 million is to much to pay him, but I’m one who thinks Blake is or was needed on the Kings. Guess it doesn’t matter now. Hope DL has some kind of backup plan if this is true. I just became a lot worried about this upcoming season. DL is in a sh#thole now. What now, whats next?

  • MacSwede

    I am very dissapointed.. He sad before the trading deadline that he would like to stay in the Kings organisation when we could instead have got something in value for him, and now, this proves he lied…he is only after more money than we would give him, and he signed for a division rival! I am hurt…

  • Steve Kasper

    Finally, some good news!

  • mark

    gee, it’s only a rumor, unconfirmed at that.

    anyhow, didn’t Blake strongly suggest that he stay in LA? maybe he meant Manhattan Beach….

  • typicaljs

    So does this finalize that Rob Blake does NOT deserve his # retired ?

    What a selfish prick, I hope he gets booed by all 18,118 fans or more in attendance the first time he comes to LA.

    If he plays better and tries harder for SJ than he did for the Kings, I will officially lose any and all respect for Blake I once had. What a piece of garbage.

  • anthony

    And You guys thought he cared about the Org.
    All this swine cares about is money.
    He got his $12 Million FOR DOING NOTHING.
    Laughs all the way to the bank.
    Now he runs off to the hightset bidder.
    IN our division, mind you.

    We’ll have 6 chances to make him pay next season.

  • stickboy

    it’s all about the money people….

  • Anonymous

    Forget Blakey ever getting his number retired as a King.

    (If he even cares anymore about that)

    What a slap in DL’s face.

    I can’t think of what is worse: Blakey a King, a Shark, or a Avalanche?

  • Lance9199

    Blake and Roenick together! Could not be happier for a bigger pair of *** wipes!

  • Blake Sucks

    This guy has screwed us for the LAST time. What happened during the trade deadline how he wouldn’t let us trade his ass because he wanted to build something special here? We could have picked up a first round draft pick for his selfish ass but he made us keep him so he can sit back at his beach house to earn his $6 mill. SCREW ROB BLAKE.

  • nextyear

    Take Blake out and the average team age drops to 25. $5mil is a bit much to pay a coach.

  • typicaljs

    good point MacSwede. Blake is nothing but a selfish asshole.

  • Mikey

    This is truly great news.

    Hopefully Kings management will allow the next great Kings defenseman to wear #4 and we never get to see that piece of ****’s name on our walls.

    **** you, Rob Blake.

    Kiss your front office job goodbye!

  • Irish Pat

    Interesting. If this is true, I wonder what the Kings offer was. If Blake felt he was being low-balled by Lombardi did he jump at the chance to sign with a team that would throw ridiculous coin at him because they freaked after Campbell jilted them? I’m sure Blake will say he wanted one more shot at the Cup, but this also smells of a player going where the money is good and so is the golf. Otherwise, what was with all of the trade deadline nonsense? What a douche.

  • kingsfan1986

    Letting the booing begin!

  • lakingzfan

    WOW! Now what? We are really going to suck next year now!

  • ian

    That’s a shocker, I thought he stood for better things than that…/

  • anthony

    Now, maybe you guys will believe me.

    I love the Kings.
    Don’t challenge me on that.
    But I knew this Bastard was bad news.
    From Day 1.

  • Maverick

    Absolutely speechless, after all the talk and all the hinting to stay in LA and finish he career he goes for the money and runs to our rivals… No way he is worth $5 million, I am glad we will never see his jersey in the rafters.

  • Mr. Man

    Douche is right. thanks Blake for not allowing us to trade you at the end for last year. At least now we can get someone who can hold the puck in the zone.

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    I guess it doesn’t matter which one thread I post because they are all going to get merged.

    So again, it was all about the money. It was mistake to sign him in the first place.

    Now he is really going to get booed. I hope all you Blake supporters finally see what us haters have known all along.

    If I was ownership, I would take this as an insult and let him retire as an Avalanche. His jersey should not be retired. If mgmt does it, they’re stupid.

    Let the boo’s reign once again in Staples.

    I said this before &I’ll say it again, F’ THAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jujubi

    I am soo happy that i decided to leave my first comment
    Finally a sign that this team is moving on completely.
    I think ownership is finally starting to get it.

  • Anonymous

    We are now on the fast track to a youth movement. This makes sense for San Jose. They need someone like Blake or Boyle on their blueline.

  • txkingsfan

    hmmmmm … those of us who have been Kings fans for a while should not be surprised by this. We saw this once before from our “friend” Rob Blake. I’m not disappointed though. I personally thought that he could have provided some invaluable insight to teach the kids about the game much like Robinson did in the waning years of his career. But alas, he has sealed his legacy with the Kings and “once again” showed his true colors.

    Its a new chapter for the Kings folks. Lets shed the last piece of skin from the past and move on. I know that I am not alone in thinking that the future looks more than bright for this team.

  • dannybuoy1


    Please send these comments to Lombardi Rich. This is what the fans truly feel about him and do not want his jersey retired!

  • DP

    Glad the rat bastard didn’t waive his NTC last season. What a dick.

    That being said, the move sure leaves LA with some head scratching. IF they knew this was going to happen they probably would have been a little more active in the FA market.

    What a dick.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Rob Blake is the douchiest doucher of a douche bag around! Actually, its probably for the Kings best interests that he’s gone. Let’s give the “C” to Dustin Brown and just turn the page on a truly disappointing era in the Kings franchise.

  • Anonymous

    Are all you people stupid. Tell how you can stay with and sign a contract with a team that didn’t return any calls or even make one offer.
    The insider

  • Juha Widing

    Great News. I’m with Steve Kasper. finally, something to get excited about! Yes! He was a goner in my book at the trading deadline. This, and Tavares next year; I don’t know what to do with myself!

  • voice of reason

    I’ll be the first to say Rob Blake is probably my least favorite person on the planet right now.

    That being said, if we were offering him $3 million for a year and the Sharks were willing to give him $5…can’t really blame the dude.

    If he’s gone, good riddance, and time to move on. He can forget about his jersey being retired or a front office gig.

  • Yog S’loth

    I feel really bad for Dean Lombardi. We’re the only team without a coach, we can’t sign any UFAs, we haven’t signed a single RFA, and now his captain has just abandoned him. Nobody looks like a bigger doofus than Lombardi right now.

  • QuickBen

    I’m over here in the UK and Gretsky got me watching the Kings but Rob Blake got me hooked. Man this is just such a dumb, unclassy, stupid thing to do ….Will never respect a pro hockey player again….If they all get traded 1 day before their NTC kicks in and the GM sticks the finger up at them they all deserve it. I really thought hockey had something but in reality it’s full of the same selfish Sh*ts as Premiership pro-soccer over here. Money ruins all sports

  • HeShootsNScores

    I really thought he had a little more integrity than that…..

    I stand corrected. Officially.

  • Anonymous

    For the first time, I can’t blame Blake for chasing the money.

    He’s about to retire and he gets an extra 2 million AND a chance to compete for the Cup. It’s not a CHOICE for Blake in this matter.

  • MartinRW

    If true, San Jose is incredibly stupid for wasting $5 million on Blake who will play maybe 40 games this season at a fraction of the quality he displayed at his best. I thought Campbell was a waste at 7.1 million, but it suddenly becomes worth it.

    Plus, I’ll go on record and say (if this is true), good riddance. Blake has showed his disloyalty before.

  • stickboy

    So….there you have it…BLAKE FINALLY EXPOSED. Can’t the guy go out with respect? Wants to retire a KING? HA! It was all a ploy people. If he wanted to help us he should’ve let us trade him at the deadline for another 1st rounder! DL would’ve brought him back and then all would be well…(with 3 first rounders) but no…it’s all about HIM! I am very glad to see that Dean did not fall for Blake and his agents dishonesty….Listen, the guy wants to be an executive someday but guess what…he just showed his true colors. Loyalty means a lot to the hockey world…and I have a feeling he just uncovered his true colors to this franchise…bye bye forever….www.southwestair-LA to SJ!! And yes..SJ just inherited a 39 yr. old selfish player who really did not want to come back here in the first place…except for the surf maybe. Those days are gone!!!

  • Anonymous

    New captain…I’m thinking Dustin Brown…maybe Kopitar.

  • Y

    Where will JMFJ live next season?

  • lakingzfan

    I cant believe it, BUT Anthony was right all along about
    Rob Blake being a completely selfish loser. I hope he doesnt get in to the hall of fame (but i know he will) let alone get his jersey retired here!
    Im starting now….BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyone left out there for us?? Dan Boyle to the Kings for some mid-level prospects and picks as a salary dump? Is DL gonna make any significant moves this offseason? F-Blake!! selfish son of a….

  • Anonymous

    Look at the bright side, he only signed for one year, we could get him back in 2009/2010!

  • John

    You people need to wake the f**k up! Do we not live in a capalist country?! Do we not praise & kiss the but of ultra-capitalists that run this country?! Do we not foist this capitalist system on the world & call other systems evil?! Why don’t you get a little perspective eh

  • Cup B4 I Die


    That sound will be heard in force when Blake and the Sharks come to town. There will be some serious venom behind those boos as well. If Blake thought it was bad when he was with the Avs, just wait until this year.

    Moving forward, it’s obvious to me we need a leader on the blue line. How about Jason Smith? Yah I know, he’s slow…but he was the captain for Philly last year.

  • Brian S

    I don’t think DL really wanted Blake. He was too old and slow to really help get the young D men out of trouble when they got in it and at more than a million per or so for a one year contract he is way over paid. I think San Jose got hosed big time.

    One thing for sure, we will have a lot easier time on offense against the Sharks with Blake in the game. He throws exactly two hip checks per season now. Even if he saves both for Brownie, we’ll be ahead.

  • Starlight

    I thought he would want to end his career as a King, and I certainly wasn’t the only one. Guess we were wrong…

    Signing with another team is one thing, but with a division rival… that’s not exactly a move to make fans happy. Though I guess he doesn’t care about that after all. A sad day.

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    Originally posted by Anonymous:

    “Are all you people stupid. Tell how you can stay with and sign a contract with a team that didn’t return any calls or even make one offer.
    The insider”

    Whatever Blake. Once again you’ve shown your true colors. Thanks for nothing.

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and retire as an Avalanche.

  • Pat McGroyn

    I would like to echo the sentiments above and say that Dan boyle &/or Jason Smith sure would look good in a Kings uni next season!

  • MartinRW

    I can’t believe that I’m saying this…but with all the D being taken (even Rory Fitzpatrick), DL, please hurry up and get Modry.

  • Kyle

    1. We’re gonna hold you to the “good boy” promise…
    2. Hats off to you–you called Blake right.
    It’s a sad development, but thinking about what Dean said the other day, I have to believe DL saw this as a possibility. So, we move forward, save some space in the rafters for other numbers, and call up Teubert for one game when SJ comes to town.

  • nayagamj

    oh well. lets make brown captain. blake’s sole interest has always been money. we really shouldn’t be that surprised.

  • MacSwede

    It is not that we couldnt manage without him that makes me dissapointed, it is what he said at trading deadline. I truly believed then that he was tired of moving and wanted to end his career in the club of his heart, but I was wrong….dead wrong.

    #4 Hickey?

  • Pat McGroyn

    It bears repeating: Anthony was right all along.

  • Anonymous

    This is the bad move by lombardi…he was the only leader on this team….

    even Messier got paid $5 mil per year at his age of 41,42 eventhough he was not a factor on the ice for the rangers….Blake has the same label if you like him or not…

    now, we have no defense or goaltending….that’s just great…

    next year look for tavares or Hedman… another season down to toilet….

  • ian

    and to make matters worse Anthony has been getting his way big time lately! “Lubo-cookie” gone, “Crow” gone, “Blake” gone, is DL next??? Rich better hope he stays on Anthony’s good side, he seems to have the kiss of death!

    Seriously, don’t let it go to your head Anthony, keep those bizarro rants in check…

  • Anonymous

    Getting Boyle would be so freaking pointless after we just traded away Visnovsky and his contract.

    Smith for a couple of years wouldn’t be bad. It would definitely cost less than Blake, but man are our options getting thin. Even if we sign Smith or anyone on D at this point, expect to see at least two of Doughty, Hickey, Teubert or Martinez in the lineup opening night.

    Everyone with me now: LOTTERY PICK!!

  • lblocal

    I’m trying to figure out.. Why exactly do I, or anyone else is this fabulous forum, maintain loyalties to this organization..



    One thing is for sure though…


  • I think we can take the Sharks’ homepage as confirmation…

  • Pat McGroyn


    You nailed it man! I will be so happy and relieved as soon as I see another player besides Blake wear #4 for the Kings. Hickey is a good call!

  • KingsFan33

    I knew that Blake would do this to us in the end. Selfish a**face could have left at the trade deadline, but NO!

    I never trusted him since he came back. He was all about the $$$ the first time he screwed us and what a surprise, he did it again!

  • Chuck

    This is AWFUL! This SUCKS! I’ve given him every benefit of the doubt. San Jose of all teams? Come on Blake, show a little loyalty. On the other hand, $5 million is too much, SJ just over spent by $2-3 million. Thanks for not waiving your NTC until the last second, if you had cared about this organization, you would have. Good luck, NOT!!!!

  • CBGB

    Let me get this straight:

    He won’t waive his NTC to go to the Sharks for a 1st round pick that would have HELPED the Kings in this last delicious draft.

    Even if Lombardi offered THREE million, doesn’t Rob Flake have ENOUGH money????

    I hated him before, I hate him even MORE now and it just PROVES once and for all that Rob Blake is a selfish, selfish, selfish SOB

    Doughty wanted to play with him

    JMFJ worshiped him

    Rob Blake LIED AGAIN folks.

    He just PROVED to all of you that he took your 12 million dollars and gave you all his middle finger in return!


  • Gary

    Brian S- good post – I would like to know if and how much DL offered. Does SJ really think this is the answer?


  • Gary

    Brian S- good post – I would like to know if and how much DL offered. Does SJ really think this is the answer?

  • typicaljs

    trying to use the argument that because we live in a capitalist country we shouldn’t care is the most red herring argument I’ve ever heard.

    This is hockey. Not America. Hockey is a game for men. Men with respect. From this season until now Blake couldn’t have done a much better job of caring about anyone else besides himself and his family. Now, under no circumstances do I blame him for that. What I do blame him for, however, is the way he played, acted, and talked during the course of this whole time.

    Hey blake, how about you show a little bit of heart on the ice wearing that kings uniform you used to represent so proudly. Oh ? No hope for the playoffs this season ? Ok pack it in and play like shit, you still get paid 50 grand a game right ? Hey Blake, since it’s painfully obvious you’ve already packed it in half way through the season do you think we could trade you for some assets and get you to a team where you might play like you have a sliver of heart left ? wow, this comment would get way too long and angry if I went on with this.

    I googled “Rob Blake “stay in la”” and theres more than sufficient evidence to put a case for how dishonorable and disrectful this move is on blakes part. Here’s the best one in terms of wanting to be here.

    My goals have been, two years ago, to sign here, to finish here. And to do something here, and that hasn’t changed. If it takes two more years, three more years, or five years, I hope I’m involved somehow with that process.”

    And the same quote can also be found here:

    I really do hope AEG see’s all the hate and decides not to retire #4. Rich you should do a poll so we can see just how many people would love to vote no vs the few that would still try and vote yes after this. Then send it to AEG and say I’d rather pay for Rob Blakes jersey to not be retired then for 08-09 tickets. That should work, right ?

  • Anonymous

    fool us once, shame on you. fool us twice, shame on us.

  • Crash Davis

    Another way to look at it is: 1) now the Kings can do a true rebuild w/o having Blake eating up salary. Mentorship has a price, but not for $5 mil. 2) With plenty of cap space, DL can trade for a more expensive D-man from another team, someone who can project into both the King’s present & future – not just for a year. In the larger picture…that’s a good thing. I say, go trade for a veteran, someone under age 30. Or, believe it or not, if you do need someone for just a year, go get Matthieu Schneider. That’s a guy who knows how to put the puck on net for the PP. Am sure Burke would love to help out as he’s in cap hell.

    Also, to answer the Dan Boyle requests, go check out for Tampa. Boyle has a larger contract than Lubo at the same 5 years. No way DL will swing that trade because essentially he’d be swapping one bad contract (Lubo) for one even worse (Boyle).

  • John

    it bears repeating, even a clock is right twice a day

  • EJ

    Lordy, I’m glad I don’t know any of you personally. Whadda bunch of tools.

    It’s business. It’s not personal. It’s not about the fans, nor should it be.

    I wish the man a solid finish to his career.

  • Cup B4 I Die

    Taveras/Hedman here we come!!!

    Can we trade all of our un-used cap space for a guaranteed slot at #1 for next years’ draft? Some sort of exemption from the lottery?

  • Captain Material

    Considering what the market is currently bearing for defenders with even a drop of offensive ability, it’s hard to argue $5M is outrageous.

    I think Blake owed the team loyalty enough to allow the Kings to match that offer. If he did that, I don’t think you can point to him being disloyal for not wanting to be traded at the deadline and then walking as a UFA. I have no clue if the team was willing to make that kind of offer, but something tells me it likely wasn’t attractive to them. We’ve been kicking around $3.5M or so as a reasonable number, so make of that what you will.

    I’m not going to knock Blake for wanting to be paid market value. Not now and not in the past. He’s a big union guy and just like last time around, him demanding market value for his services is as much about the responsibility he has to every other player in the league as it is about himself, and I’m not going to knock him for that.

    As for the “C” issues in the past and people being dillusional enough to think they can judge his character based on not knowing the guy at all, I’d just point out that both Brendan Shanahan and Eric Desjardins are two other examples of guys who relinquished the C’s at points in their careers under very similar circumstances (Shanny more close to Blake’s situation than Desjardins, but still similar) and no one ever talks about those guys in negative terms.

    He will be retired here, so sorry if that upsets people. Well, sorry they don’t understand why he should be retired here and sorry that those people are so hateful, that is. If he comes back in a front office capacity in the future, I’d think it could only help the organization given the status the guy holds in the larger hockey world. If people think we should cut off our nose to spite our face…well, okay, keep thinking that.

    I think the Blake haters out there would be yammering away about how terrible the guys is right now even if he had re-signed at $3M with us. If he comes back he sucks, he’s overpaid, he must have alterior motives and if he leaves he’s disloyal, he’s greedy, etc. Just like last time this guy left: “We’re pissed he’s gone but didn’t want him anyway”.

    All I can do now is wish Blake and SJ the best of luck.

  • Lososaurus

    I want to go to at least two home games this year:
    One to cheer on Lubo and cheer him when he scores a goal
    and another to boo Blake off the ice.

  • 28 KINGS

    I guess the whole “I want to be here,be a part of something special, help the team grow, didn’t sign here to be traded…” was more about as long as you pay me the $$$$$ I’ll go along with you.

  • Anonymous

    Now’s who’s going to get the “C”? It better not be Army. But my all time worst fear is Jaroslav Modry signs with the Kings and is announced as the new team captain.

  • Nooser

    Has anyone considered that Dumbo Lombardi didnt want Blake to come back to Kings this season?

  • Duckhunter

    I’m going to be the Devils advocate here and say how does everybody know it was Blake that screwed us over!! I look at all sides, and my thoughts are how do we know that DL wasn’t part of the problem. We are being quick to judge Blake here. I’m not defending Blake by any means, but maybe like BrianB posted, DL didn’t really want him. I for one can’t wait to hear what both parties have to say about this development. I have praised DL for his actions and still do, but have a gut feeling he screwed both Blake and us King fans. No proof, just a feeling

  • ian

    “Captain Material” I may have given your comments an ounce of respect until the “best of luck SJ” bit at the end…

  • KingsFan19

    Retire #4 with Gilles Marotte “Capt Crunch” or Jim Fox on it (yes Foxey wore #4 for awhile) and then retire #19 with Goring’s name on it and i’ll be happy. Just make sure Blake never gets his name in the rafters. End of rant!

  • stickboy


    Congrats on signing and overpaying a very selfish player. As you can see from these fans…we are happy to hand him over. You are paying WAY TOO MUCH for a guy with bad hips and bad ankle. What is your GM thinking? He’s soft, will find a way to manipulate your ownership, lie, and, does not really fit the mold of what a captain should be. Boy do we fans have stories!!! Hopefully he will be in shape for training camp….o wait…he will be playing beach volleyball and have a good tan though. You’d better hope he doesn’t get hit by out Colten Teubert!

  • Captain Material

    Also, anyone making the arguement that Blake is somehow lacking in integrity becasue he’s willing to change jobs for a $2M raise (just guessing there) also has to be saying that they themselves would not do that, right? No crediblity there; sorry.

    Anyone saying that they would not do the same can only do that with the firm knowledge that they will never have to make that decision.

    And people arguing similar to typicaljs that this shows he’s full of it, I don’t see anywhere in those quotes saying he’s willing to stay here for millions less than he can make elsewhere. It’s a business and always has been. Given the choice of staying here or leaving at comparable compensation, I have no doubt in my mind he chooses to stay.

    Look, when DL says they offered to match the SJ offer and Blake turned them down, I’m with you guys. Until then, all this complaining is just a sad example of how much people like to knock their heros down.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s one bit of good news: It’s 3:15 PM, and Blake’s name has already been deleted from the roster on the King’s web site. Good for King management! The LAST time we’ll ever see #4 and Rob Blake associated with this organization. I NEVER want to see that name/number in the rafters. That is area of honor, not for disgrace….

  • Harry

    Look at what DL is doing…AT the GM breakfast, he confirmed that he will lock Sully up like it’s nothing…have not seen that ACCOMPLISHED yet…….and how about BLAKEY??? It’s not his fault……If I asked for 4 MIL and I was some what rejected, and some one else offered me a million more, wouldn’t you take it??

    He might play for a year and come back and retire…or play at SJ and try to win the cup and call retirement.

  • Duckhunter

    Captain Material, well orchestrated on your thoughts. I agree whole-heartedly.

  • Anonymous

    What a shame. It had taken me a couple of years to forgive him for jumping ship to the Avalanche. I had been hoping that he would play one more year, finally recovered from the hip surgery in a glorious old pro capacity passing on wisdom to Johnson, Doughty, Teubert and Hickey.

    Well, when he is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, the sweater he ought to wear should be green, made of dollars, since that is apparently his only loyalty.

    May he encounter sharks in the water in Manhatten Beach before he skates with them on the ice.

    May the San Jose Sharks receive the same value for their $5 million that the Kings received for their money in the past two years.

  • PRMan

    I can’t believe that everyone believed all the nonsense coming out of his mouth.

    But this is just further proof that DL is cheap, which is starting to scare me.

    I hope the Kings give #4 to someone else IMMEDIATELY this season.


  • Crash Davis

    I really like what a couple others have floated: give Blake’s #4 to one of the young guns right away. I say Doughty, who worshipped Blake. Back-ups are Teubert or Hickey. But giving #4 to Doughty would stick it to Blake while inspiring Doughty at the same time.

    Do it Dean. #4 – Doughty.

  • Bob Bobson

    Wow, I may be one of the few people who are actually indifferent to this. We needed Blake but he has every right to waive his NTC just like Mats Sundin did. If you want to blame someone, blame Dean for offering it. Yes, it would have been nice if he had signed for less and showed Kings colors but considering how Dean handled Visnovsky, maybe something similar happened where Blake felt offended.

    I think leadership can be found elsewhere. DL has the assets to trade for or sign the bridge D man and seek leadership from non-defensemen FA. For example, Sergei Brylin is available. Won cups with NJ and comes from a strong defensive system…may be a good influence for the kids.

    My whole problem is the idea that a so-called “bridge” guy will come in here and be useful. If the guy was a useful player, he would not be classified as a bridge player in the first place. All Dean will attract with that job description are the Modrys of the world.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s move on…Try to sign Jason Smith because of his leadership qualities and previous experience with Greener and Stoll. Maybe go after Mara for insurance purposes and let one of the kids earn a roster spot. If you trade for a defencemen and/or goalie, the expense and risk must be kept to a minimum (i.e. 2nd/3rd tier prospects and/or later round draft picks). If that doesn’t work, then pick 1 or 2 in next year’s draft. It took the Pens almost a decade to assemble their roster. Hell, I’ve been a Kings fan since the 80’s and I’ve seen it all. I can hold out for another 2 or 3 years.

  • Jim

    Apparently, going “even younger” means there is no room for Blake. What’s wrong with that? The time is now for the young guys to take over. This is their team!

    IMO, this is the “acceleration phase” of the Kings rebuild.

    I hope Bernier wins the starting job out of camp! It would be great to see him here in LA as well!

  • Captain Material

    Yeah ian, I mean why respect good sportsmanship? That would be ridiculous…

  • metalmaster

    The funny part about Anthony is that he has been right
    about Deano all along too. Two years of sucking and no
    end in sight.NHL level players traded for not equal value as well as a coach fired (should have never been hired)but hey look at all the prospects in the pipeline. In a couple of years we will see how many become core players. So far Deano has locked up one
    core player to an extension since he has been here that
    is still here-Brown. The other 2 were Clutes and Lubo-
    not so good.

  • anthony

    Thanks Metalmaster.
    You are a man with great vision and wisdom.

  • Sharkfan94

    What a deal. So Cal gets Baron Davis and we got Rob Blake

  • Anonymous


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  • Eric K

    So this news post has reached 100 comments, and while this is (obviously) a very touchy issue, I also think this highlights how popular this blog has become. Congratulations, Rich, ITK has become THE source for Kings news and stories. And thanks to Matthew, Jill, George, Don, and all the others who have made this website what it is.

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