San Jose comments on Blake

Comments from San Jose:

Sharks GM Doug Wilson: “Rob is a tremendous competitor that has been one of the top defensemen in this league for many years. While he has enjoyed mentoring the young guys, great players need the ability to win in order to thrive and his sole purpose here is to focus on winning.”

Sharks coach Todd McLellan: “Rob’s skill set and intangibles speak for themselves. … I coached Nicklas Lidstrom for the last three years and Rob is the same age as him. Rob, like Nicklas, has proven to be a leader on a championship-winning team and any coach would be lucky to have a player of his caliber.”

Sharks center Joe Thornton: “I’ve gotten to play with Rob at several international tournaments and we’ve built a friendship over the years. He’ll fit right into our group and more importantly will help us win. He is extremely talented and can play, and excel, in every situation.”

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  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    “While he has enjoyed mentoring the young guys, great players need the ability to win in order to thrive and his sole purpose here is to focus on winning.”

    Sounds like Wilson was taking a shot at his predecessor?

  • I post my first and last name because I think I’m really important.

    doesnt sound like a parting shot to me…

    Personally I think this may be the best thing to happen to the Kings, ever.

  • Garrett

    The Kings need to get to the salary floor and considering how far below it they currently are, why not make a play for Jagr who TSN is reporting will not go back to the Rangers?

    As I noted in my earlier post the defense is shaky next season with so many rookies looking like they will have to make the team with Blake and Lubo gone, so why not shore up the offense and remove a little pressure from the D?

    Jagr could join Frolov and maybe Boyle or Purcell on the 2nd line while Kopi, Sully, and Brownie make up the first line. Assuming, the latter 3 do not plateau from what they accomplished last season, but continue to get better that would make the Kings at least look something like competitors.

    And Jagr has won everything there is to win in the world of hockey: Stanley Cups, Olympic gold, the Art Ross and Hart trophies. He could prove to be a good mentor himself to the young crop of forwards the Kings have.

    Something to ponder anyway…

  • brianguy

    pretty hilarious when the new GM sees it his place to speak for the player.

    response: yeah, well, whatever. if $1M is really that important to you Rob, after all the money you’ve milked this franchise for… see ya, let us never hear from you again.

    I also hope Wilson enjoys eating those words in 2 years.

  • Baumgartner22

    Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov: “I hope Rob can clear the front of the net without taking a penalty.”

  • anthony

    Basically, What Wilson is trying to say is that – winning is better than mentoring.
    Thus Blake was useless to this org, because they were losing so much. And it was a waste for him to be in LA.
    Where are those Blake worshipers now.

    Enough of this B.S.
    I hate to say I told you so.
    But I told you so.
    My loyalty is to the Kings.
    This Bastards loyalty is to Monney and Money only.
    What the HELL did he do to dersrve $12 Million.
    NOTHING. He played with zero passion.
    Players like JJ, Teubert, Doughty, idolized this SWINE.
    They were all looking forward to his mentoring.
    And now we’re seeing this guys true colors.
    He can care less for these prospects.

    AS For DUMBO.
    The sad thing is that he allowed Blake to orchestrate his own contract.
    $12 Million down the toillet.
    I’m beginning to see that very few GM’s and players take Dumbo seriously. No respect out there.
    Players like Blake, Stuart, and soon to be Nagy, come to this organization.
    THey take all they can.
    Then they move on to competing teams – where they excell.
    He’s turning into a laughing stock in the NHL.
    Where those Dumbo worshipers now.

  • TeamHasHoles

    I can’t understand how anyone would think of this as a bad thing. As if Rob Blake was the only veteran defenseman the Kings could have brought in to mentor the young players/defensemen. Like he’s the only player with a good work ethic at the end of his career in the NHL to set a great example in the lockerroom. Like he’s the only guy the kids could look up to.

    And who cares what Doug Wilson thinks? Honestly, this is much ado about nothing.

  • Chuck

    BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Who cares what Doug Wilson and the Sharks think…

  • Son of old man

    How can anyone even mention blake and Lidsstrom in the same sentence? Are they smokin’ crack? This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time, blake out of L.A.!!! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… Oh it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… It feels like we won the CUP and the season hasn’t even started yet! We’re gonna have a great year with a great team. Now we only need a great coach and we’re good to go. Let the youth movement begin. Let’s go kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I post my first and last name because I think I’m really important.

    uh, anthony? I think it shows tremendous resolve in Lombardi’s part NOT to give in to Blakes demands. Mathieu Schneider could be had for a song, then the only young and unprove d-man youd have in your top 7 is Doughty, and there are more bridge players out there…

    The desperate GM here is Doug Wilson, not Dean Lombardi.

  • Anonymous

    I think that was good plan by Lombardi, But he forgot to put up a sign



    …good savings…

  • anthony

    Hey, Just remembered.
    I mentioned on numerous ocassions that if the Kings signed this swine to a contract – I would be gone.

    Now I guess you guys are all stuck with me.
    Come on, I’m not that bad.
    I’m a honest to goodness Kings fan with NO PATIENCE.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    I still love you Anthony!

  • anthony

    You’re high on my list too, Dominic.
    I enjoy your posts. Along with Matt George, Marc Nathan, metalmaster, Joe, sometimes Ryan Oliver, nykinsafan and a couple of others.

    I’m very careful of NMkingsfan, Petey, Goonsquad, Anonymous’ and MOST others.

    But we’re all kings fans and I respect you all.

  • old man

    I`m glad your staying Anthony, your areal trip and a great fan! This old man feels young again Happy Pappy!

  • Quisp

    Because I can’t stomach a day of batting around the “idea” that the Kings are moving to KC, here’s some thoughts on Rob Blake in San Jose, from the Sharks blogger on HockeyBuzz:

    “Rob Blake For the life of me, I cant understand why you sacrifice Rivet for Blake. Rivet is younger, cheaper, more productive, tougher, hits more, blocks more shots, and hes a more effective leader. Seriously, if Rob Blake was named Henry McGillicuddy everybody would be up in arms over this signing. Instead of signing Blake, why not spend that salary on Jason Smith, teaming him with Rivet to create a strong veteran duo that can dish out some punishment?

    Plus, Blake is on the decline. He had 25 points and a -12 plus-minus in 51 games prior to the All-Star break last year. He finished out the season with six points and a -7 plus-minus over his last 20 games after it. I realize the Kings were well out of contention but thats a pretty significant drop, and I know numbers dont tell the whole story but someone will have to explain to me why you dump Rivet to bring in Blake.

    In the short term, on paper, the Sharks probably come out better than they were a week ago, simply because Boyle is guaranteed to score 50+ points while Carle wasn’t. However, in the long term when you look at Blake, Boyle and Lukowich costing over $13 million this season compared to Carle, Rivet and Wishart costing a shade under $8 million, the loss of another first-round pick and the diminishment of young talent, the Sharks are huge losers.”