Sharks confirm Blake signing

The San Jose Sharks have confirmed the signing of Rob Blake to a one-year contract. They didn’t disclose the money but it’s $5 million, as I posted.

This could get ugly. From what I’m told, from sources involved, Blake initially asked the Kings for $4 million. There might be quite some debate about whether there were any counter-offers made by the Kings. I have calls in to all the appropriate parties involved.

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  • nayagamj

    still won’t get the sharks past the 2nd round.

  • afx114

    AWESOME. This is just unreal. Hilarious. This is like “The Hills, NHL” HAHAHAHA

  • AEG cutbacks

    Is this team moving to KC or what???

    We are 30MILLION UNDER the cap!

    We are 14 million under the cap FLOOR!

    What the hell is Lombardi/AEG doing????

    We may wind up being the first team in NHL history to go 0-82

  • ChrisH

    yawn. we are going with youth and we needed to hand over leadership to the young guys – having Blake in the dressing room just would have complicated things. As for Boyle – he’s on the books for 6 years/40 million. Taking that on afer shipping out Lubo makes no sense. Jason Smith makes sense though.

    Rich – you can hop on the Rider bandwagon. Better not have been making fun or else we’ll shut off the two taps coming from us – 1 has oil, the other Cdn beer!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dan

    Congrats for breaking the story.


  • Daniel

    What a douche. I have supported him his entire career and now this? After the trade deadline posturing. Pox on him and the Sharks. Yeah, it’s a business, but he should have known that back in February, too. Who ever coaches the Kings next needs to use an “us-against-the-world” angle on everything they do. It’s the only way to keep them motivated and not let them become despondent and depressed.

    OK, everyone please turn off your computers and enjoy a nice weekend. This means you, too, Rich.

  • Tompa

    If that’s the case, it was stupid of the Kings not to pay him.

  • Anonymous

    Now the Kings REALLY need to spend some money. Hey DL, TRADE FOR BOYLE!!

  • Anonymous

    TSN confirming that Tampa Bay have officially asked Dan Boyle to waive his NTC. DL, get on the phone!

  • Marc Nathan

    This is where guys like me, that have followed the Kings for multiple decades (moved here in ’75 from NYC) get to laugh, cry, say “I told you so,” and wished they weren’t so emotionally involved from time to time. Before the internet, guys like me were as die-hard as it gets, and there were a couple dozen of us (GRIN) — now, I’m chastised for my thoughts, actions and behaviour when I don’t bleed forum blue and gold all over my checkbook as I pay through the nose to support this crappy franchise. I gave Rob Blake the benefit of the doubt when he was dealt. I did not join in the booing when he left for Colorado and was ambivalent about him when he decided to re-join. I was a little sick at 12 million dollars, and over two years, I was disgusted with his play and the lack of willingness to go that extra mile to be a power of example and be the leader he was supposed to be. I was infuriated at the way the situation allegedly unfolded during the days leading up to the trading deadline, and when he did not go, I found myself resigned to his re-signing here and spending another heartless season making more money than most people make in a lifetime. I watched countless young defensemen cite Blake as their idol, and admitted that there was something comforting about knowing that the future of the team could possibly be molded by the guy that so many had looked up to back in their formative years. Now today, I am mortified, and disgusted at this immense sack of …. you know… I was right in thinking that YES, the Kings should raise his uniform to the rafters… WITH HIM IN IT… stuffed with 12 million dollars that season seat holders would have the chance to play pinata with.

    Rob Blake disgusts me, and he and Jeremy Roenick are gonna have far too many locker room laughs over the course of the next season. Oh well, they’re gonna have to play past April 3rd… something they wouldn’t have to do here in LA. Serves them right.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Trade for Dan Boyle!!! He is ten times a better hockey player than Lubo was.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Ya know… Why would it “get ugly.” Because JJ and Doughty won’t have their mentor? Please…

    Who cares, he made a business decision, we move on.

  • Anonymous

    Why would this “get ugly?” Blake is worth more to SJ than to LA. He could help put SJ over the hump to the Stanley Cup. He would be no more than another player/mentor to a rebuilding LA team. Indeed, I’m surprised that LA would offer him as much as $4.0M. Signing him for $5.0 would, to me, be “ugly.”

  • BobMillersHair

    I hope that they dont retire this guys number when he is done with his playing career……….

    Well one thing is for sure we will have a new CAPTAIN.
    Who B that????????

    First nomination for Dustin Brown.
    You heard it here first.

    This is BobMillershair for TSN.CA…..

  • wavesinair

    Im definitely disappointed in Rob and Dean. I thought theyd get the deal done. But all you people who pile on with the, I told you sos are just as lame as them. You guess right just as much as youre wrong. But I do agree, Rob should NOT get his jersey retired by the Kings now. No Way!

  • HeShootsNScores

    The Los Angeles Kings’ defense looks like:

    J. Johnson, D. Doughty
    T. Hickey, M. Greene
    T. Priessing, C. Teubert
    D. Gautier, P. Harrold

    Lord Help us.

  • EJ

    Jeez, some of you guys act like the Nazis just ran over Poland. Get some perspective.

    Where in these stories does it say that RB said f*** you to the Kings or the fans? How can you be sure that DL decided to NOT sign him?

    How about stepping back a bit and realizing how lucky we are to live in a country where we can watch pro hockey.

  • malachi crunch

    Why get on the phone for Boyle when we had Lubo who by the way was loyal.
    I guess us fans aren’t stupid after all with this douche bag. He’s done this team over so many times it’s not even funny.

    In the end i’m glad he’s gone. But this team is in total disarray!

  • No One


    Ask Hammond about getting Bouwmeester out of Florida!!!!


  • CBGB

    The Rob Blake Chronicles:

    He says: “I want to test free agency”
    He does: NOT test free agency, instead signing a 3 year deal with Colorado

    He says: “I don’t want to waive my NTC – I want to retire a King”
    He does: Cost the Kings a first round pick

    He says: “I want to retire a King”
    He does: Sign with San Jose instead

    Is it me, or is Rob Blake a LIAR

  • Mike

    so when Team LA has their blowout sale I can get Cammy, Lubo, and Blake for $40 or less….AWESOME!

  • KingFan4ever

    Not surprised by this at all. The only thing surprising is that he didn’t join his girlfriend and fellow dinosaur Chris Chelios over in Detroit.

    Let’s boo his sorry, Unloyal arse when the Sharks come to Staples.

  • RanLeblanc

    This is from Sportsnet in Canada “Rob is a tremendous competitor that has been one of the top defensemen in this League for many years,” said Wilson. “While he has enjoyed mentoring the young guys, great players need the ability to win in order to thrive and his sole purpose here is to focus on winning.”

  • jom

    Is there some reason why I should give a damn about this? Blake played like crap last year so why bother?

    Does this help SJ? I don’t know but that is a team that has trouble getting over the top and I don’t see Blake being the kind of guy to do that for them. They lost Campbell so now they are desperate.

  • Quattro

    Wow – what a disaster this is turning into. The Lubo trade has triggered a complete meltdown. At what point is Lombardi in danger of the chopping block?

  • 28 KINGS

    Great post Marc.
    I was kinda in the same boat as you as far as my feelings towards him, but now, after all the things he kept saying about helping the team build into a winner…it was all BS.

    You thought the BOOS were loud when he was an AV, my god, the roof will be blown off his first game back.

  • darby

    Calm down, people.

    All Dean needs to do is sign Jaroslav Modry to a contract – 1 year, $14 million.

    Problems solved.

  • Ryan

    Wowl… Look what he had to say, from TSN:

    “While he has enjoyed mentoring the young guys, great players need the ability to win in order to thrive and his sole purpose here is to focus on winning.”

  • anthony

    I don’t think too many GM’s or players take DL to seriously. Very little repect as well.

    DL is slowly turning into a laughing stock in the league.

    During his watch, players come to LA.
    Take what they can.
    Then move on to competing teams.
    08-09 is gonna be another toilet season.

  • Anonymous

    If DL ACTUALLY offered Blake 4 million dollars to stay then…


  • Skippidy

    Wow, this guy really is the biggest POS in hockey today.

  • No One

    yes, I meant “Ask Lombardi about…”

  • Garrett

    I have never really been a Rob Blake fan. He has been over-rated his entire career. That’s not to say he wasn’t a good defenseman, but he was never a *great* d-man. He was not half the mentor to the young players now than Robinson was to him, so I’m not sorry to see him leaving the Kings.

    I just think Lombardi should have made sure he was getting Blake back before moving Visnovsky. The team has to have at least one veteran d-man with a modicum of skill to be competitive.

    I have been a huge supporter of Lombardi since he was hired but I am really starting to question him. Yes, a youth movement is great, but you can’t do that without a sprinkling of veterans to show the young guys what it takes to win, or even just to plug holes the young players are not ready to fill.

    For crying out loud, at least half of the Kings defense has been drafted since the lockout. With no Blake, Visnovsky, or Stuart in the lineup this year there go half of last year’s starting defenseman. Doesn’t think pretty much mean that Hickey, Doughty, and Teubert are all going to be forced into jumping into the lineup as pillars upon whom the Kings defense must rely?

    This was just plain stupid on Lombardi’s part… I really did not understand the Visnovsky trade to begin with but now it makes even less sense. It’s one thing to dump salary for the future, but the CBA does require a team to spend a certain amount of money and without Lubo now the Kings arr nowhere near that mark, and I don’t see how they can get there at this point!

  • Crash Davis

    Anthony, I disagree with you about GM’s and players not taking DL seriously. Or that he gets very little respect. The GM fraternity is tight knit. They all know what DL is trying to accomplish with drafting, kids, development. They get it, and they get him.

    If they didn’t, then DL couldn’t pull off his draft day trades with Anaheim, Calgary, et al.

    The issue that complicates things is attracting UFA’s. They don’t see the KIngs winning anytime soon. So they look elsewhere. And DL is not going to overpay for 6-7 year contracts. That said, until the culture changes in L.A. where winning becomes a tradition and people are beating a path to your door (think Detroit) then DL will have to go with lower tier FA’s or guys who are risky (think Nagy, Handzus, Calder).

  • Crash Davis

    KINGS Opening Night
    Staples Center
    Early October 2008.

    David Courtney: “And at Defense, #4…DREW DOUGHTY!!!”

  • kingsfan

    Its not Blakeys fault. good luck to him in SJ. Anyone else think that DL deserves an F for free agency this year? I think the more pressing issues are that Sully and Ersberg are still RFAs

  • Brian S.

    i have a huge bag of LOLipops… if anyone wants one!

  • Son of old man

    It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas and it’s July… Oh it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood..
    It feels like we won the CUP and the season hasn’t even started yet!!! We’re gonna have a great year with this great team. Now, if only we could find a great coach, we would be set.

  • Quisp

    Wow. Several comments. First, on the news:

    Excellent. The team just got better. San Jose just got worse. DL confirmed his commitment to the core of the team.

    Now, to comment on the comments:

    “AEG cutbacks” – “What the hell is Lombardi/AEG doing????” The idea that you would respond to Blake signing wqith SJ for $5 million is puzzling. What DL is doing is not overpaying for a player who is past his prime and a problem. He’s a liability as a top-4. There’s no room for him on the PP. He’s expensive. Please.

    “We may wind up being the first team in NHL history to go 0-82” Because Rob Blake is not on our team? Are you kidding? Just look at last year’s record. I believe the Kings were at or above .500 without him in the lineup. Even in recent history, since he was traded to COL, the Kings record has been better with him than without him. Why is that?

    Tompa – I disagree. $5MM for Blake is crazy talk. There’s just no point to it. DL didn’t do it because he made the decision/calculation that Blake is not essential. I agree. If you don’t, you don’t. But I think the upcoming season will prove Blake to be over the hill.

    Marc Nathan – Yes. I have long suspected/feared/believed that there was less to Blake than meets the eye, and, worse, that his so-called loyalty and other pro-Kings sound bytes were just platitudes. I forgot all about the talk of retiring his number, but hopefully this will put that to rest for good. It probably won’t, but I hope it will.

    Malachi Crunch – “total disarray”? Why? Blake is not part of the plan. DL made it pretty clear (even in the last few days) that if Blake wanted to accept the role of mentor then for a price he was welcome to stay. He didn’t want that, so he went somewhere else. DL has lots of options, better than Blake at $5MM.

    HEShootsNScores – I don’t think Hickey and Teubert will make it, unless there’s a physical growth/conditioning/surgery recovery miracle over the summer. Martinez, though, and a veteran to be determined. The absence of Blake makes the defense BETTER than last year, not worse. Even Doughty, Johnson, Preissing, Harrold, Martinez, Greene and Gauthier as the seven is not too bad. Preissing, Greene and Gauthier are actually vets and don’t suck. Wait and see. I don’t think it’s a “Lord Help Us” situation.

    CBGB – Yes. I think so. A liar. Or, Full of something that drops out of the wrong end of a dog.

    Quattro – “complete meltdown”/Lombardi on the “chopping block”?? Lombardi’s not even close to the chopping block for not signing Blake. This was quite openly a “maybe it happens/maybe it doesn’t” situation, and it didn’t happen. And hey, the LAST time Blake left all that happened was we made the playoffs two years in a row.

    Anthony – I don’t really understand your position. I thought you were against signing Blake. Now that DL hasn’t signed him, it’s a sign of his weakness?

    I mean, come on, people. Really. Aren’t you relieved? No Blake, Cammy or Lubo. Two attitudes and three big paychecks, all of whom either sucked or disappeared last season. See the pattern? DL said he’s going with youth. And that’s what he’s doing.

  • Joe

    “I was right in thinking that YES, the Kings should raise his uniform to the rafters… WITH HIM IN IT… stuffed with 12 million dollars that season seat holders would have the chance to play pinata with.”

    -Marc Nathan (8th post above)

    Seriously I just laughed so friggin hard. Good stuff man! Best.Post.Ever!!!

    P.S. I want first wack!

  • old man

    I wouldn`t under estimate this young kings team. They will be alot faster and tougher.Getting rid of blake is the the best news i`ve heard in a long time!Thank you Dean! I wish we still had lubo,but thats history. This years going to great with out watching that over paid right goal post guarder.Thanks Rich!

  • SD

    Wow! You guys bad mouthing DL are INSANE! Granted, he didn’t do well with free agents last year, but I attribute that more to the attractiveness of playing for the Kings right now and how much AEG is willing to pay more than his abilities to find good talent. He’s the best GM we’ve ever had. He’s building the team from the ground up the way Taylor and everyone before him should have. Quick patches don’t build solid a franchise. They get you into a couple of good playoff runs over the course of 40 years! I’m going to miss Lubo, but his defense was never his strength and his offense slipped a lot last season. He might rebound, but what if he didn’t. Then we’d all be complaining about the terrible move to it was to extend his contract and give him a No Trade Clause.

    Blake is SO not worth $5M to us. If he gets the Sharks further in the playoffs then maybe he is to them, but I’m with whoever said, “Ugly would be if we signed him for $5M” or even $4M in my opinion. I would have been pissed if we signed him for any more than $3.5M. I’m also with whoever said, “He’s never been a great defensemen”, not even in his Norris trophy year was he “Great”. Offensively yes, but not on D. Other than the ASS Check, he’s good, but not great.

    I predict that we are going to have another rough season, but we’re also going to see tremendous growth from our youth, both in terms of leadership and NHL ability. Next season, if these kids pan out as they should, we’ll start attracting those top UFA’s, and then we’ll see the positive outcome of all this pain.

    Brownie for Captain!

  • ryan oliver

    Darby, thats hilarious

  • SD

    One more thing… DON’T BOO BLAKE NEXT SEASON!

    Let’s show him how much we DON’T care that he’s gone by not booing. If you are pissed, don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing it, of thinking we wish he was playing for the Kings. I’m not pissed actually, so I won’t boo regardless, unless the Kings retire his jersey someday. If that happens, not only should we not boo, we should not even show up to the game.

  • metalmaster

    Congratulations you do not have to leave the site after
    all. You owe Deano a big one tough guy. LOL