Dan Boyle to San Jose

First of all, Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there! And a belated Happy Canada Day to those north of the border.

Looks as though San Jose is busy again. According to TSN, the Sharks will get defenseman Dan Boyle from Tampa Bay, along with defenseman Brad Lukowich, for a package that includes defenseman Matt Carle, a first-round draft pick, a fourth-round pick and an unnamed prospect.

I’ll keep going through the “open forum questions” for a while today. Thanks again for all the support during this wacky time…

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  • jkwondachef

    Well there is still Jason Smith out there. (sigh!)

  • JDM

    Just another guy for Brownie to show what hard ice feels like against the face.

  • Kevin Allen

    Wow….SJ has definitely improved their blueline…yet again, Stanley Cup contender…hopefully we’ll be in that spot in a few years….

  • B.

    Some reports say the prospect is Wishart. TB got a huge return. Lubo trade is looking worse and worse.

  • afx114
  • John

    Happy 4th Rich!!!

    Man what a steep price for a defenseman that doesn’t play D. But I guess SJ is on the verge & just need to tinker with the line-up. Our conference probably just got that much better with Detroit adding Hossa & San Jose solidifying their backend.

  • *sigh*

    Anyone else feel that the first NHL team in CA will be the last to win the cup?

  • Bob Bobson

    B. said “Some reports say the prospect is Wishart. TB got a huge return. Lubo trade is looking worse and worse”

    Visnovsky was traded before free agency when more teams thought they could get a player w/o having to give up picks, players or prospects in return. Dean was limited by the fact he had to get the deal done before the NTC kicked in.

  • anthony

    I don’t want this team to end up in last place.
    Every team in our division is stacked
    San Jose – amazing blue-line
    Dallas – already strong, just got Avery to antagonize
    Anaheim – what can I say
    Even Pheonix – now with Olie Jokinen & Byrz

    Kings – yet another year of rebuilding
    Too much losing here.
    For Too long.

    I hope the next GM does a better job.

  • Danielle

    Thanks for all your hard work, Rich. Have a great 4th! Try to find some time for some “independence” from this blog – we’ll survive without you for a day!

  • Bert Wilson #8

    As I was puking over the fact that the Kings are headed for disaster again this year, my wife, to whom I have been married 25 years reminded me that I do the same thing every year. I HOPE the Kings will be better, be contenders, and God forbid, even win a cup! I realized that she’s right. It’s a yearly exercise in frustration, and it’s an exercise I’ve been doing 10 years before being married. So, I have to face it now. It is likely the Kings will NEVER win the Stanley Cup, and probably never, ever, ever make the playoffs again, unless the other teams in our division are all wiped out in some catastrophic event. It seems that everyone in the league is serious except us. Clearly, DL is terrible at anything other than picks. So, the key is in KEEPING the picks, and there is reason to doubt that we will do that in the future. We are simply a developmental team for serious places. So, I have decided to count my blessings today, and just enjoy. The draft this year was very exciting. Thank you DL, great job. Since we know we aren’t gonna win shit, it’ll be fund just to watch these young kids fly around. And, if we don’t lose the lotto pick, we can perhaps change our destiny with Tavares? Who knows. All I know is, being a Kings fan can be very rough. This year, I give up hope, so will just enjoy the young dudes. And, no matter what happens, I can’t help myself. I will still be A Kings fan when they are the Kansas City Kings, or some other Kings, which, I have a notion is the real agenda at the top.

  • NMKingsFan

    Rich– to start off, AMAZING journalism these past few days, if you got paid by the hour, you’d be making Blake type bucks. Thanks for your dedication.

    Anthony, there you go contradicting yourself again!
    How can San Jose have an amazing blue-line with Blake in the lineup? I thought he was so old and terrible??

    In 3 years, AMAZING blue-line will be JMFJ, Doughty, Hickey, Doughty, Teubert, Martinez/Voinov—now that’s stacked!!!
    Backed up by Bernier–Zatcoff/Quick
    I don’t think I need to mention the forwards we have, they should get plenty of playing time this year.
    Lombardi has already announced we are REBUILDING, who knows what he had working, he chose not to take Blake’s take it or leave it, we will move on.
    Win or lose, I plan to sit back and watch the rebuild, what’s the alternative? 40 more years of mediocracy? No thanks

  • Quisp

    NMKingsFan –

    I agree. We will be stacked. Especially with TWO Doughtys.

  • DellaNooch

    Good job SJ, now you have two defenseman that are well overpaid and still lack the heart needed to win the cup.

    Anthony – DL gets rid of players you cry about all the time and loathe, and you rip him for it, so what’s it going to be? You have no creditability

    If anyone believes DET isn’t going to win the west this year, you’re smoking the bad stuff, our division rivals can focus on winning now, only to be kicked to the curb by the winged wheel, good job on spending 56 million for disappointment.

    I’m very disappointed by our free agency this summer, but I’m still sticking to the plan; let’s build to win the cup which takes time (like DET), and not a early playoff exits like the Sharkies (which is DLs fault in Anthonys opinion)

  • NMKingsFan

    I noticed that too, guess just wishful thinking!

  • anthony

    I’m just tired of losing guys.
    I don’t see us being competitive next season

    Its falling aprt here.
    And I mean that in general. Not just Blake thing, NMkingsfan. Overall.

  • jon

    This deal makes the Visnovsky trade look even worse. Where’s our young prospect Dman? Where’s our 1st rounder?
    Instead DL was happing acquiring a 2nd liner and a limited Defenseman.

  • Mike O

    Not that I wanted Boyle on the Kings but the reason they can make this move is because they had the assets to do that in which the Kings are drafting and developing for once in franchise history i.e. (Bernier, Hickey, Doughty, Teubert, Purcell, Boyle, Moulson, Moller, Zatzoff, Quick, Martinez. We need to stick with the plan and keep the rebuild process going. Its gonna suck another year but we still have to be patient. We are NOT in the position to be acquiring top-end free agents. When we are stocked with talent, playoff contenders, like SJ is every year, then you make this type of move when you are a player or two away from making it over the top to win the cup.

  • Vahe

    How can anybody say we will be stacked at D in the next three years..JJ hasn’t proven anything yet (I think eventually he will be a top 2 defenseman)..The other guys Doughty, Hickey, Teubert, Martinez..last I checked they have not played a single NHL game yet. What’s to say these guys wont be the next Aki Berg? Very Rarely high rated defenseman become all-stars right away. So, by the time they eventually develop, whats to say Brown,Kopitar, Sully and Frolov wont be traded to contenders for more picks, Continuing this endless cycle of rebuilding?

  • anthony

    Amen to that Vahe.

  • JDM

    Well, Vahe, seeing as I, or you, or any of us really don’t have a hand in the matter, I’m gonna go ahead and HOPE that doesn’t happen. I share your concerns, but feeling miserable about the sport and team I love seems rather pointless.