Coaching update

The story is making the rounds that Terry Murray is about to be hired as Kings coach. Since I’m on vacation, I’m very much trying to chase this story, but a source within the Kings just indicated that Murray is a candidate but that there is no deal in place. I expect to have some sort of comment from Dean Lombardi, hopefully soon, but I think it’s safe to say you can read between the lines on this one. Unless something falls through in negotiations, it looks like another Murray (unrelated) in charge of the Kings.

I was told, my a source, to look at people whose past intertwined with Lombardi’s, either in San Jose or Philadelphia. Murray was an assistant coach for the Flyers when Lombardi worked for them as a scout.

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  • Chief

    I’m gonna say “No”.

  • Aaron

    Damn those Kings start making some news as soon as Rich goes on vacation!

    Rich, I am sure you realize now that besides announcing a head coach, something big will happen with the RFA’s, and the Kings will make a blockbuster trade.

  • Paul

    I like Terry Murray. He has a good track record of quickly taking teams to the playoffs. But I am concerned how it seems he’s always fired after just 1 or 2 playoff runs. Still, anyone is an upgrade over Marc Crawford at this point.

  • Maverick

    I like Terry Murray as well, I think it would be a good signing, he has a lot of experience throughout several different leagues as well as being a pro scout, coach, and general manager all the way up to the NHL for each. He also seems to be capable of making the playoffs and has coached up to the Cup Finals. I would be happy with this coach, would be nice to know some more personal information about him, I am assuming he is good with youth or else Dean wouldn’t consider him but just because he has a track record doesn’t mean he is a nice fit… See Marc Crawford for that one.

  • Jon

    Paul, Murray coached the Capitals to the playoffs 4 seasons in a row, the Flyers 3 seasons in a row and the Panthers 1 of his 2 seasons.

  • ryan oliver

    How good is his voice. Hopefully better then Crawfords and Murray’s. But, with this team, his voice will be gone in about 3 months.