“Final stages”

A source close to the situation just indicated that the Kings are in “final stages” of negotiations with Terry Murray. Murray is supposed to meet with ownership today. I would estimate that an announcement will be made tomorrow.

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  • anthony

    Rich you’re the man.
    Even during the trying times you go through, you still come through for us fans.
    What whould we do without you.
    Three cheers for you SIR.
    Do I have a second from anybody.

    Now, back to earth.
    Can somebody explain to me why this GM has such an obsession with Philadelphia and San Jose Residue.

    But Terry Murray does arrive with a descent resume.

  • Daniel

    Like I said before, I don’t understand this move. Something makes me think about the Rams hiring Chuck Knox in 1992. Hope I am wrong.

  • Anonymous


  • nayagamj

    thanks rich!

  • anonymously

    Great, now please sign O’Sully. Thanks

  • petey

    I like this hire. He took a relatively young led Lindros team to the finals. Some Flyers fans on a certain message board have said they wished the Flyers had removed Stevens and put Murray in charge. That he was a main reason for the Flyers turn around last season.

  • Anonymous

    Is the source the Kings?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rich,

    Thanks for the update. Your wife must be very understanding.

  • Someone


    His brother is a worthless piece of garbage.

    To be honest, I like the idea of having a coach with NHL experience. Lombardi’s comments that the next coach need not have NHL experience didn’t set too well with me. This team is going to be very young and needs a coach that can rely on some NHL head coaching experience.

  • gsmith

    Brian Murray’s moron brother?!

    So…. you couldn’t just get Murray protege Dale Hunter?!

    And Mike Eaves said “no f#ck*ng way?”


    Terrible hire. So we’re going to play like the Flyers now? Goon it up. Murray brothers style hockey?

    This sucks.

  • KingFan4ever

    ESPN.com’s E.J. Hradek filed this report today regarding the impending hire of Terry Murray:


    Check out his take on the Kings’ goaltending situation.

  • Chazz

    ESPN’s ticker tape at the bottum just read that the Kings signed him as the new head coach.

  • DaveSchultz

    We should GOON IT UP!!! We gotta protect our youth and give them their room to do their thing. Hell yeah!! This guys a GREAT coach!!!!!!!

  • JDM

    Don’t really know this guy too well, but I like what I read up on today. Supersticiously, I’ve always liked having a Murray with the team since its my last name too! =).

    Mostly I hope an announcement in the next day or two would quiet some of the nay-saying that DL hasn’t been doing anything.

  • Bob Bobson

    Rich, you have my gratitude for your great work. Mrs. Hammond, you have my gratitude for your patience.

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