Why Terry Murray?

Only the final details stand between the Kings officially hiring Terry Murray. An announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. So that raises the question, “why Terry Murray?” He fits two of Dean Lombardi’s two qualifications. He’s a defenseman, and Lombardi understands the importance of developing the Kings’ young defensemen, particularly next season, when there could be a handful of kids on the blue line. He’s also familiar to Lombardi, since they were employed by the Flyers at the same time. As a bonus, Murray has won. He showed a sustained ability to get his team to the playoffs and took one, the 1996-97 Flyers, to the Stanley Cup Finals.

On the other hand… there seems to be some surprise that the Kings would hire a coach who has been fired three times, and an older coach. Murray turns 58 on Sunday. That certainly doesn’t disqualify him from mentoring younger players, but the thought seemed to be that Lombardi would look toward a coach who had recent experience coaching young players, maybe even a coach without NHL head coaching experience.

One popular name that came up in a few e-mails and comments was Dale Hunter. The Kings did not interview him.

So what does everyone think of Terry Murray?

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  • Reaper

    Hey Rich, any idea if Kevin Dineen was ever a potential hire?

  • Anonymous

    Not only is Murray a defenseman, he’s a left-shot defenseman. One down, one to go.

    I’m indifferent to the signing. Murray will have to show me something before I get on the bandwagon.

  • Brian in HB

    Full official Bio:

    Terry Murray was named an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Flyers on January 27, 2003. He served as a pro scout for the Flyers over parts of three seasons (2000-01 to 2002-03). Prior to rejoining the Flyers organization, he was the head coach of the Florida Panthers, compiling a 79-90-31 record over three seasons (1998-99 through 2000-01). In 1999-2000, Murray led the Panthers to a franchise record 98-point season and a team-record 43 victories. Before joining the Panthers, Murray spent four seasons working in the Flyers organization, including three as head coach. He served as a pro scout for the Flyers during the 1997-98 season.

    In three seasons as head coach of the Flyers (1994-95 through 1996-97), Murray compiled a 118-64-30 record and coached the team to two Atlantic Division Championships (1994-95 and 1995-96) and to the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals as the Eastern Conference Champion. In addition to the Panthers and the Flyers, Murray also coached the Washington Capitals for five seasons (1989-90 through 1993-94), finishing with a 163-134-28 record. Over 11 seasons, Murrays career NHL coaching record is 360-288-89 and he has guided his team into the playoffs in nine of 10 seasons.

    A former NHL defenseman, Murray appeared in 302 NHL games over eight seasons, recording four goals and 76 assists for 80 points and 199 penalty minutes. His playing career also included playing parts of four seasons with the Flyers (1975-76 and 1976-77, 1978-79, 1980-81), where he posted a goal and 30 assists for 31 points and 69 penalty minutes in 115 games.

    A native of Shawville, Quebec, Terry and his wife, Linda, have two daughters, Meaghan and Lindsey. Murray was born on July 20, 1950.

  • anthony

    I like the fact that he has NHL coaching experience.
    Aside from that he does seem to be accomplished.

    I only hoped that he wasn’t from Philly.
    Anyways, does he keep the same assistants, or does he name his own assistants.

  • Ru

    Another loser who will frustrate me this year. Dean needs to let go of his old “ties” and move on and stop hiring the “good ‘ol boys”. Get some diversity in the team, give new blood a try and didn’t AEG say to get younger, 58 is not my idea of getting younger 🙂 But I truly hate coaches that have been fired. They’ve been fired for a reason. We’ll find out soon what that reason was because history tends to repeat itself….good job deano, way to go downhill after a fairly good draft!

  • cfbuckster

    I like the hire. The man has proven to be an above average coach, but the bottom line was that he was hired to develop the defense. I hope that Mike Johnson, Dave Lewis, and Nelson Emerson are all going to stay. Any word if he’s bringing his own assistants or does D.L. have the call on that?

  • JDM

    Well, you have to imagine DL is not just going off “well I know the guy”, though he did say he likes to go with people he knows in that 7 part interview. However he always has to know, as we all assume, that this hire is the one that decides DL’s future job security. If this guy tanks two seasons in a row like Crawford, they will BOTH be gone. So something in there gives me some confidence, since I do believe in DL’s hockey moves and this is one of those things that can’t really be affected too much by AEG since we’re not talking the dollar difference between the cap floor and ceiling here. Coaches don’t make enough for AEG to try to force some ‘cheap’ coach.

    That said, I don’t have a personal opinion about Murray. And I was hoping for Dineen, because I liked him as a player and have heard such great things about what he’s done in the AHL. Also, philosiphically speaking, I agree with having a coach that matches the rest of the rebuild. Young and promising. It’s not the end of the world though, and it’s just a theory. I don’t see any reason why an older guy would intrinsically have trouble motivating and inspiring kids.

    The positive for me is I worried when it seemed like DL wanted someone to coddle the young players, which I don’t agree with. You need someone who can relate and convey information constructively, and buoy a players confidence in himself, but that is tough and no BS as well. Obviously that’s the perfect combination, but I’m hoping that’s what DL sees in Murray.

    I’m hopeful. As always.

  • KingFan4ever

    This was a surprise hire for me for the fact that he is an older coach. I really thought that the Kings would bring in a young but relatively experienced assistant from another team.

    He has proven he can win and be successful but I have this feeling he is the type of coach that can wear on players after a short while.

    I am hoping DL knows more than we do especially Murray’s ability to relate and mold young players.

    This is going to be one interesting season for sure.

  • JDM

    Something else I just thought of… I wonder if the fact he has only coached in the East makes him really ready for the competitiveness of the west and our arguably toughest division in the league. Is he prepared with how hard the Sharks, Ducks, Wings, Dallas, Calgary and potentially this season, Chicago are to play? Could just be paranoia. Anything there may be something to this or am I being an idiot?

  • ryan oliver

    I might be the only fan hoping the Kings finish last this year to get Tavares or Hedman. Then, I think they will be dominant. To me, whoever the coach this year will be, will not get the Kings into the playoffs. Not with the goaltending this team has. Unless Bernier steps in, but I don’t think DL wants that.

  • No One


    This is a 3 year hire (maybe 4), and we need to see who is on the staff at that time. Yes, I am optimistic that the team plays better.

    I would have like to see Cunneyworth, or even Dineen. Were they interviewed?

    No One

  • Pezeveng

    If this guy was good enough for Lombardi to hire now, why didn’t Lombardi hire him 2 years ago?

  • Quisp

    although it was already a fait accompli, the Brian Willsie era is now officially over.

  • Anonymous

    As long as he can teach and inspire these young players and instill confidence with what is shaping up to be a young team, than he will be a good choice. But if he fails in any of these categories then DL should look to put the for sale sign in front of his house. I am not looking for this team to make the playoffs, but to show that they are able to compete and show moderate improvement through out the year. I wish Terry much success.


  • Mike

    Flyers fans have been saying that Murray did as good a job as Stevens has done with the Flyers. They credit Murray with the development & adjustment of some of the young players. So far thats good.

  • JDM

    That is good to hear Mike. I agreed with the agrument that was made some time ago that Johnston would not be the right hire because it is hard to switch roles in the game of good cop versus bad cop. However, I believe we all also agree that we would like Johnston to stay, whether you wanted him as head coach or to remain as an assistant. So, perhaps this hire was made because he did a similar type of job in Philly that Johnston did here. The only thing DL has been clear about up until now is that he liked Johnston a lot.

  • jediknight329

    he’s had his ups and downs during his coaching career, as have most coaches. i will hope for the best. at least now we can move on, sign our RFA’s already and trade for Schneider.

  • Aaron

    I think this was pretty much a slam dunk for Lombardi. He gets a guy that seems to have done well with young players, from his recent time as an Assistant in Philly, plus his past stints as a Head Coach in Philly and Washington.

    In addition, Murray is a coach that has usually been in the playoffs throughout his career.

    One other thing is that it seems Lombardi kept true to his word in justifying his decision to fire Crawford. It seems that Murray’s style is pretty much the opposite of Crawford’s abrasive style.

  • Bob Bobson

    Glad to hear some positives about Murray but the Kings are a different team than the Flyers so I wonder if he can adjust.

  • Some fan

    Lets hope Terry doesn’t have a lisp like his brother Bryan does in Ottawa.

    It makes sense that they hired a former NHL defensemen with a lot of NHL coaching experience. The players will have to respect his knowledge of the game.

    Lets hope Murray employs a style of play in which the forwards actually forecheck hard and finish checks instead of sitting back and getting picked apart the way they did under Crawford.

  • Blueline

    I’m surprised at the selection, I would have thought someone along the lines of a Kevin Constantine who has been doing great at developing young players would be a better fit at this time.

    I’m wondering if not having an established coach was one of the reason that some UFA’s refused to come to LA and this is DL’s answer?

  • This is a great move when you start thinking about it. We have a young team right. So what assets does Murray bring in those regards?:

    1) He has spent the last 4 years as an NHL assistant coach for the flyers, however, in particular he is associated with a team that was striped down two years ago – and came up big with a lot of their young players this year. He’s been part of developing kids into winners. Richards 24, Carter 23, Lupol 24, That’s exactly what we want to happen next year.

    2) He was a scout for the flyers before assisting recently. Judging talent, knowing what to look for as it develops in young players. All this is huge for the kings so despite being 58, he has been very involved with assessing and developing young players.

    3) he was a player – for a veteran club this would be less important but for the kids, it will be very helpful and he’s was a defenseman – that’s what we looking to get better at.

    4) He knows what the final product looks like. He almost won a cup. 9 of his 10 NHL seasons resulted in playoff births. 11 Season and a winning record is an excellent coaching resume.

    5) I don’t know why he got fired but it obvious he is dedicated to the game and has had great success as a coach. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that whatever he did in the past that didn’t work wasn’t his core coaching competence, so whatever it is, he has been working on it to get his game better – I’ll give him that chance.

  • pat

    Pretty uninspiring.

    This is the extent of Lombardi’s imagination when it comes to finding a coach to lead the young vanguard of the Kings?

    Look up the word “retread’ in the dictionary and there he is, a picture that is a perfect likeness of Terry Murray.

    Now, if DL has signed him to man the blue line, that’s a different story. Given the current state of LA’s defense corp, that might be a GREAT signing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Murray was ass’t coach at Philly when HANDZUS had a couple of his better seasons.

    That could be a good sign.


  • Duracell

    Who cares where he came from. You guys get hung up on some pretty dumb things. All I care about is that he’s had a pretty good record as a NHL head coach and it sounds like he does well with younger players.

  • royalmonarch

    I dont know much about Terry Murray and his ability to coach young players and help them thrive, but like you Rich , im concerned about a coach who has been fired three times. My personal opinion is that i would have liked to see the Kings hire Kevin Dineen for the job , he is younger than Murray, is a seasoned NHL veteran and from what i can see did a great job with the Anaheim Ducks young players in Portland Maine with the Pirates of the American Hockey League the past few years. Also while im on the subject here is a shout out for Mark Morris , coach of the Kings AHL affiliate the Manchester Monarchs, he is a great coach of young players, probably not ready for prime time quite yet which is why the Kings did not consider him at this time for the job but i can tell you he is the reason why Patrick O’Sullivan finally got with the program and developed into a gritty two way player, he got a lot of tough love in Manchester.

  • nykingfan

    Ru, I completely disagree with you. What does the coaches age have to do with the fact of the players getting younger? I don’t think we know enough about Murray to say that it’s a terrible hiring.
    I really don’t know too much about Murray, but after reading his bio, I have to say I am impressed and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    I put absolutely no stock into the fact that he’s been fired 3 times. Every coach is hired to be fired. That’s the nature of the business. He’s had success everywhere he’s been, so I don’t see any reason that he can’t do the same here.

  • Crash Davis

    Philly is a hockey town and the media are like wolves. L.A. is not a hockey town and more people pay attention to the Ducks because of their recent success. Murray can come into the Kings coaching position and the media will yawn. But he’s been in the NHL a long time as player and coach. He knows what he’s getting into, even with the toughest division, arguably, in the NHL. He also knows this is his 4th crack at head coach at age 58. He’s motivated.

    His last 4-5 seasons as an asst shows he’s able to adapt and probably doesn’t have a big ego. And as an asst he’s been working with kids (& vets) at a more 1-to-1 level. That’s good. 2 years ago Philly was terrible. Then they turned it around. He knows what losing is like, and what rebuilding is about.

    We’ll see how it works. Oh, btw, you have to figure that DL wanted a coach who had won at the NHL level for this hire. The risk might have been too big for DL + Kings with a guy only w/ AHL experience. Just saying. Although Dineen looked like a good candidate.

  • nykingfan


    Yeah, I saw that he’s gone…..
    Happy days are here. That was one of the worst signings in the history of the Kings.

    How great is Ovechkin that a stiff like Willsie can score 19 goals playing with him?

  • Anonymous


  • James

    The Kings missed the boat and should’ve attempted to get JOHN ANDERSON before Atlanta promoted him. Proven winner and developer of young talent. Another guy ownership let out of the system is BRUCE BOUDREAU (Caps coach) who was Head coach of the AAA team a couple years back. One name I’ve never seen – although I doubt we will – is STEVE MARTINSON. Sure Martinson’s a AA coach but he’s proven he can WIN. 5 Championships in 13 seasons. But I cannot see him going to corporate route with the NHL. Not enough control for him.

    I wish they’d check out JOHN TORTORELLA or TED NOLAN.

  • Chuck

    He’ll be a good teacher for the younger players. He did make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Other than that, he’s just another coach going through the “NHL Shuffle”.

    BTW, how long until we hire Bobby Clarke (Sr VP), Ed Snider (Chairman), and Peter Luukko (COO)? In the early 90’s we were Edmonton South (for all the x-Oilers on the team), now were Philly West (for all the front office hires)…

  • Duck

    Another bad decision to go along with the history of this franchise. Another giant middle finger to all the season ticket holders not to mention the players.
    Here this Dean; your loosing fans!

  • Tito Jackson

    Good Bye Willsie. Thanks for calling me out at the signing event to see if I left the Dallas comeback game early. I did 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I would lean the direction that Murray keeps the assistants on staff. If the Kings run a very young team out there this year, and it looks like that is a good possibility, then the assistants will serve as a liason between head coach and players. Plus, they have worked with much of the youth penciled in to step up to the big club in developmental camps.

  • old man

    Let`s give Terry a chance. I still think we will be a lot better than the last few years. Look at the glass as half full Blake is gone! And by the way 58 really isn`t that old. As king fans we have to be more positive about this up coming season.Keep the faith, and good luck to Terry!

  • Matt R
  • Renbe

    Sounds like a filler coach to me. (Not necessarily a bad thing for our young guys) DL gives him a three year contract. Then blow him out after win get blown out of the playoff the 3rd year. That will be about the time the Celtic group gets control of the kings and they can bring in there own guys……..

  • CUP4LA

    Could you have picked a worse time to go on vacation?

  • JamesMir11

    Matt, there’s no way that Deano pulls that deal off. The Kings aren’t getting enough for a franchise guy like Anze. That won’t happen. And if it does, my loyalty to this franchise will really be tested.

  • trdi

    Matt, I’m afraid it’s all true. I’ve already bought a Chicago #11 Kopitar jersey. The guy said it’s authentic and gamewor… wait a second!

  • Matt R

    That’s what I figured, but it still scares the bejesus out of me. I’ve seen enough stupid trades in my day (I’m sure we all have)that seeing something like this makes me queasy.

  • voice of reason

    Leave it to Kings fans to get hung up on Terry Murray having been fired before.

    NEWS FLASH — coaches are hired to be fired. Just about every coach who has ever stood behind an NHL bench has gotten fired at some time in his career.

  • Dan H.

    What? A Canadian team with a rumormill saying they’re getting the young stud in a trade? That HAS to be true.

    The only thing less reliable would be if it was out of Toronto. Every player in the NHL is reportedly going up there during every season at one point or another.

    As to Terry being hired, we’ll see. I’m not inspired.

    Does this mean that the Kings have the free agent thing “worked out” since they were doing that before hiring a coach?

  • JamesMir11

    Yea, I completely agree with you Matt. I’d hate to see this move done and I found it this morning on rotoworld.com. And just like you, it scared the crap out of me at first, but after coming to my senses, there’s no way that this move is fair. Don’t do it Deano.

  • Anonymous

    That was a rumor floated by an Ottawa fan on an Ottawa board.


  • JD A

    Matt R,
    I completely agree with you and JamesMir11. This deal would be absolutely ridiculous. We get the very short end of the stick. Why in the world would Lombardi deal Kopi? Seriously?! I don’t even know how rumors like this get started because they are so far fetched.

    Anyway, I too hope the signing of Terry Murray will be a good move looking back after the next few seasons. Like everyone else I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  • BobMillersHair

    There is NO WAY this can go down.

    If this deal were to go down, personally, I would rather take what Chicago is giving to Ottawa, G Nikolai Khabibulin and either D Brent Seabrook or Cam Barker.
    We do not have the depth to replace Kopi.
    Unless DL was thinking of signing some over the hill Center in Sundin, and I will then just get my refund on my season tickets now then.

    (God I hope)

  • Lord


    This is not true…

  • DellaNooch

    That has to be the worst rumor I’ve ever heard, let’s trade our best player for a goalie that will be replaced by Bernier in a year and a young defenseman, as if we don’t have enough of those. While we’re at it, let’s package Brown, JMFJ, O’Sullivan to Calgary for Bertuzzi and a 7th round pick in 2020. We’ll sign him to an 11 year extention at 8 million a year and a NTC.

    C’mon people this isn’t news, it’s garbage.

    Terry sounds fine as a coach…I would have only been excited to hear Scotty Bowman was coming to LA.

  • Quisp

    re the OTT/CHI/LOS threeway rumor:

    The rumor is so absurd that it ought to be dismissed utterly without even pausing to be scared by it. Martin Gerber?? Please. I don’t even think DL would consider that an upgrade. The version of the rumor which has Kopitar going is laughable nonsense. The second version, which has the Kings sending Ersberg, Preissing and O’Sullivan at least smells sort of kind of possible, since Ersberg is in arbitration, Preissing is expendable (but played well in OTT) and O’Sullivan is in contract negotiations, but even then, I think it’s unlikely that DL would trade P O’S after the season he had.

    And for a mediocre goalie who is not an improvement over what we had, plus another young defenseman?

    Frankly, it sounds like a rumor cooked up by a fan of Ott or Chi. You know, like those “trades” suggested by Kings fans on the message boards where we get Crosby for Priessing, Cammellari, Willsie, Armstrong, Cloutier, Handzus and our 2nd round pick.

  • Captain Material

    “Please say this is not true!”

    Well…Mr. Richardson does spend five paragraphs explaining all the reasons why no one should take it as being true, right?

    Spector is wonderful. He’s not running a wild rumor site and making stuff up. He’s only reporting stuff from legitimate sources, and then on top of that he actually does a bang-up job of sanity checking stuff. Like this instance where he reports this, but then goes to great lengths to point out just how ridiculous it is.

    He does as good a job at covering legit trade rumors as Rich here does of covering the Kings in general.

  • nykingfan

    That deal would have made a little more sense if Willsie was being included LOL

    That deal could never happen…and if it did..I will be 1st in line with the noose for DL.

  • anthony

    DL better get the hell out of LA, before some LA fans find out where he lives.

  • Luis


    I just saw a rumor from sportsnet that the Kings were about to trade Kopitar to Chicago in a three way deal. Is there any truth to this? Kings would stupid to trade Kopi when he is a cornerstone player.

  • andre norway

    why would DL make this trade when he can ship a prospect we doesnt need or a 2 or 3 rounder to chicago for the bhulinwall?????

    If Terry Murray is our new coach I welcome him the kings and wish him the best of luck and hoping he can pull this team in the right direction.

  • Paul

    Regarding the 3-way rumor with Ottawa & Chicago…

    No way I trade Kopitar and just get Meszaros and Gerber back. Kopitar is way too good, and if the Kings traded him, who would be the #1 center?

    Another rumor, courtesy of hockeybuzz.com is:
    Sens get: Khabibulin,Barker and Sharp
    Kings get: Gerber, Seabrook and Neil or Vermette
    Hawks get: Ersberg,Preissing ,O’Sullivan and Vermette or Neil

    Again, not enough coming back for O’Sullivan, Ersberg, and Preissing, even though Seabrook is very good.

    The ONLY reason I could see either of these deals happen as the rumors purport they would is if the Kings were having trouble signing Ersberg & O’Sullivan (which I’m guessing they are), or if they don’t believe they could sign Kopitar next year (and I’d say “what’s the hurry to sign him now?”).

    Gerber & either Seabrook or Meszaros would sure solve a lot of the Kings problems, both on and off the ice. But it just creates new ones.

    There’s gotta be a cheaper way to pull off deals like this. Trade prospects like Hickey or Moeller, not established top NHL talent like Kopitar or budding stars like O’Sullivan.

  • Tito Jackson

    OMG FREAK OUT!(e4)

  • brianguy

    “I wish they’d check out JOHN TORTORELLA or TED NOLAN. ”

    why? Nolan hates younger players and didn’t even play them with the Isles. he was too busy giving ice time to “his” players. that was one of the main reasons he got fired. not to mention the clashes with GM Snow over control.

    sure Torts is a good coach but probably not an exact fit. also he probably has too short of a fuse and his candle would have possibly burned out with the Kings (if the players didn’t) within 1-2 years. and he always insists on doing this awkward goalie rotation thing. not a guy DL is looking to hang his hat on… in the risk vs. reward dept, not looking anywhere near as attractive as Murray.

    I will say this doesn’t seem like a bad hire, need time to see how it works out. I never understood the Crawford hiring. from Day 1, I was like “umm isn’t he basically just another Andy Murray (with maybe less public criticism of his players)”? really seems like he was not Dean’s hire, but more of an ownership appeasement.

  • Brian

    The Kings just signed Ersberg, Gauthier, Moulson & Piskula. Gauthier for 2 years, the others for one year.

  • JDM

    That rumor is so bogus. Kopitar is not “potentially” the face of the franchise, he became the franchise as soon as scored two goals against the Ducks in his first full fledged game in a Kings jersey. Every fan knows that, and if every fan knows that, DL knows it too. Brown is great, not the face of the franchise though. Future yes, face, no. Kopitar is well spoken, loved and adored, and has more talent in his thumbnail than anyone else in that trade. He has proven he can handle top line pressure right out of the box. DL just got finished lining up our prospect depth with D-men and goalies… why would he deplete our forwards, let alone a centerman, of which there are no kids in the system who project to be first line centers, to fill two holes he only needs to plug for a year because the concrete is on its way in Hickey, Doughty, Tuebert, Martinez, Quick, Bernier and Zatkoff.

    He has also said numerous times that he wants LEFT shot defensemen. Meszaros is right handed. Seabrook too is a right shot. Barker is a left shot, and really the only player in there that I would want anyways, but certainly not for Kopitar.

    Gerber is also worth no more than a draft pick at this point. Last off-season he was worth more, but not this year IMO. If DL has said that the Khabby rumors weren’t true because he doesn’t see him as enough of an upgrade to Labs or Ersberg, why would he trade his best centerman who has ABSOLUTELY NO replacement for, now or in the future, in the system whatsoever (unless POS will only sign an extension for some stupid reason like wanting to center the first line, which he doesn’t have the leverage to do), for a goalie we know isn’t an upgrade, and the opposite kind of defensemen to the one he’s already said he wants.

    The only other hole DL is always talking about filling is at left wing, where he thinks we are weak. Well, I don’t see any left wingers coming our way either, unless the Vermette part of the rumor is true. So okay, I can only see this deal going down if the Kings get Vermette AND Barker in return for Ersberg and O’Sullivan because DL thinks they aren’t dedicated enough to the team to sign or something like that. Kopitar? Hell no.

    I have never let my passion for the Kings waver, but if we traded Koiptar… hmmm… for anyone other than Crosby or Toews, I’d be more than sorely tested.

    Yeah, the Kings have made some dumb trades, but this by far would be the dumbest, perhaps ever.

    Not gonna happen… can’t happen. If it does, I’ll be sure the Kings will move because a trade like this could only get done to scare away the loyals so there is less backlass from a move to KC. I haven’t bought into the ‘Kings are moving’ rumors, but if this happens, I will.

  • danny

    kings resigned the following players today. ersberg,moulson,piskula & gauthier.

  • Philly/San Jose the key

    Dean will hire players and personel from San Jose and Philly(formally or currently) 95% of the time. It’s no surprise that Murray is the new coach. Did anyone really expect anything different?

  • Anonymous

    What JDM said.
    Ain’t gonna’ happen–It’s just too stoopid
    from an L.A. point of view.

  • yesitscal

    Quisp, Preissing is virtually untradable because if you get rid of him and don’t get a veteran defenseman coming back then your defense is manned by a bunch of rookies and one-year players, a surefire recipe for disaster. Then again, this season could well be another disaster, anyway. Bring on Tavares!

  • Harry

    You Kings Fellas should have nothing to worry about as far as KOPI being on the move…

    That’s just some typical Internet Rumors……..

    but Here is an updated RUMOR……..

    Here is a quick update on the rumoured three team deal with Ottawa, LA and Chicago. Everyone I have talked to have never once mentioned the name of Kings forward Anze Kopitar. I just don’t see it happening. I was told Alexander Frolov could be included in a three team deal. To quote our great Chicago Blackhawks blogger Al Cimaglia, “If Tallon can trade Khabby and Barker and get Kopitar in return they should sign him to a lifetime contract. There is no way the Hawks can get a cheap stud player like that and create so much Cap space.”


  • oseone

    FoxSports just announced Murray to take over for Crawford with Kings. Will announce Thursday afternoon

  • shaddow44

    Does this mean that Foxy isn’t going to kick his moron brother’s ass afterall?

  • Dan

    I like this hire. In college, I had a press pass to cover the Flyers. In my second year, Terry Murray was hired. He turned an out-of-the-playoffs joke team into a conference finalist in his first season, helping Eric Lindros (hello, young talent?) finally become the star he was supposed to be. He doesn’t have the Crawford personality, er, flaws, but he expects a lot and gets a lot from his players. Not saying L.A. is as deep now as Philly was then (they brought in John LeClaire and Eric Desjardin in Murray’s first year, too), but it’s a good move, in my mind.

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