1 p.m. press conference

Terry Murray will be introduced as the Kings’ head coach tomorrow at 1 p.m. in El Segundo. He signed a three-year contract. Murray will be allowed to pick his assistant coaches but Nelson Emerson, Jamie Kompon and Bill Ranford are expected to return.

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  • shaddow44

    Dude you are the man but seriously, your wife is going to kill you or at least demand another make-up vacation. I personally think the Kings should pony up for it considering all the good will this blog fosters for them.

  • anthony

    Hey, wait a second.
    The more I think about this coach, the more miffed I become.
    DL fired MC because he wanted a coach to be more in tune with younger players. A coach that can act as a teacher to these prospects.

    Well Terry Murray has been around for a long time. He’s coached for many years. And he’s coached veteran players.

    He’s the kind of coach who probably expects each player to hold his own without much guidance. Kinda like “OK show me what you’ve got or else”.

    He doesn’t come across as a coach with much patience.
    I didn’t know he was 58 years old.

  • cfbuckster

    Let the B.M. era begin. I wish that Johnston could of stayed, I’m sure that he’ll be another former King who becomes coach of the year some place else.

  • JDM


    My thoughts are that everything else I have read, (especially from Philly fans, since you are always so quick to use San Jose message board comments rejoicing over DL’s firing as legitimate proof) is that Murray was key in bringing along Carter, Richards and Lupul… all young players. Everything you say is even below heresay, it’s mere presumption based on nothing but so far as I can tell, agism.

  • jediknight329

    anthony cool your horses cowboy.

    give the guy a chance. he has been successful just about everywhere he’s coached with the exception being his last year in FLA. He’s made multiple appearances to the CONF Finals and a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Age is not a factor. Anyhow, isn’t 58 the new 40!

  • Anonymous

    Jeez peeople…what has age got do with it? Hexi played for him and really loved him. If the guy is good he is good…..and besides if someone has more time than me on their hands can they please figure out the average age of the last 15 head coaches who won the cup?

    Also…on a side note…he’s a wicked Irishman….gotta love the temperment!

  • anthony

    At least MC played Kopi, Brown, Frolov, and Sully over 20 minutes a game.

    What if this new guy comes in and decides to play all 4 lines equally. About 15 minutes to each player (that includes Zeiler, Elis, Ivanans & Armstrong).

    Doesn’t that worry any of you.

    Lets just wait and see.

  • JonG

    I’m very surprised by this selection, but I’m willing to keep an open mind about it. Whatever his other limitations, Lombardi always puts a lot of thought into these types of decisions and I look forward to hearing his explanation tomorrow.

    Let’s face it, the Kings have such HUGE holes on defense right now that Scotty Bowman himself wouldn’t be able to get us into the playoffs. If Terry Murray gets us to play more aggressively in our own end, I’ll be pretty happy. If he cuts down on the endless back-door plays that plagued us all last year, I’ll be ecstatic.

    I’m also pleased about the Ersberg signing. Clearly Erik didn’t deserve a one-way contract at this stage, but I was impressed with him last year and I hope he sticks around for more than one season.

  • psycho

    I’m a little surprised that some of you (Ryan Oliver is quickly becoming the “new” Anthony) still don’t understand what a “process” is. A winning team doesn’t magically appear over night. DL has been very clear and consistent about how he is approaching this team now that everyone is on board. This was not the case two seasons ago. The Murray hire is very much consistent with this philosophy. He is a proven NHL coach which means that he knows the game – but he brings something else that many other coaches do not possess (Crawford included)- “vision” – the ability to see how pieces fit together especially in young players as was mentioned in a previous post. This does not work for all teams and not for all players. But the “kids” on this team are all on the same page as well – they know that they have a lot to learn and the will do it together. Murray will help build the “team” as well as build the players individually. Don’t worry guys … those who have been around for a while and know of Murray, should not and are not shocked by this. Relax and enjoy the ride …

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Johnston isn’t expected to return given that he was the assistant coach that DL apparently thinks the most highly of.

  • shaddow44

    Leave it to Anthony to not only find something negative in this turn of events but to go so far as to completely fabricate a negative senario. While you are at it why don’t you prognosticate the record for the coming season and the date that TM will be let go by your favorite whipping boy “Dumbardi”.

    What in the world are you going to do without “lord Cami” to beat on. I fear for your children and small dogs.

  • john

    if we can have a 71 year old president (not saying we will) we can have a 58 year old coach 🙂

    I know nothing of the guy yet but I hope the best for the Kings, hopefully this is the coach that we’ve been looking for for so many years. probably not.

  • Skeptical person

    McCauley, Thornton, Preissing, Stuart, Handzus, Calder, Gauthier & Terry Murray.

    Somebody from San Jose or Philadelphia is bound to pan out right?

    Lets go Flying Sharks of Los Angeles!

  • Crash Davis

    Knowing how meticulous DL is, don’t you think he asked both Holmgren and Clarke in Philly how Terry Murray works with the kids? I imagine that DL left no stone unturned.

    Also, you often go with those you know. DL must have been impressed with TM from Philly days.

    Third, considering our present fate at the bottom of the NHL ocean and the need to develop young players while rebuilding, there are only 2 types of coaches that want to come to L.A.: a young up and comer…or a veteran coach that’s been out of the limelight for awhile and wants a fresh chance/start.

    Lastly, there’s been whining about TM being fired 3 times. Yeesh, so has Ron Wilson. That didn’t hurt his being unemployed for about 20 minutes when Toronto named him their new coach. Lighten up. This is a brutal business – NHL coaching, that is. After you get fired you have a chance to reflect on what you did right and wrong. Then you improve, make changes, adapt.

    Otherwise you become Mike Keenan.

  • mrbrett7

    Murray’s job in Philly WAS to work with their young players, mold them, and bring them along into the NHL.

    Anthony, your hockey acuem, or lackthereof, shows per usual.

  • Ethman

    Crash Davis- Thank you!!!! People have been whining about Terry Murray’s firings way too much. That’s the life of an NHL coach, work somewhere until they don’t want you anymore and then you get fired!!! We’ll see what happens when the puck drops in the Fall.

    I’m wondering how Cammalleri will adapt to good ‘ol Iron Mike…

  • Paul

    Anthony, I usually agree with most of what you say, despite those who want to kick you off this blog. But this time you’ve got me scratching my head. Are you just against anything Dean Lombardi does? Would you be against Scotty Bowman if Dean Lombardi is the one who hired him?

    And for the record, Terry Murray has an excellent track record of working with young teams, so your complaints about him aren’t valid.

  • brianguy

    so no Dave Lewis and Mike Johnston I take it?

  • Mel

    Hey Rich. Thanks for the update! I also read your article on the Pasadena Star News today. Well done. Keep it up 🙂

  • nykingfan

    Anthony you’ve outdone yourself on this one, You’re nominated for most ignorant post of the year award.

    The guy has been successful working on the NHL level and working with young players. That’s exactly what the Kings need. He knows how to win at this level. That counts for a lot. Remember Andy Murray’s teams limping into the playoffs?
    Who cares about his age? Have you ever seen kids learning from their parents or grandparents..and interacting with them? Do they need someone their age so they can learn? It’s about respect.
    Every coach/Manager’s time comes up eventually and he has to move on. look at Joe Torre! That doesn’t make you a bad coach…it just makes you a “coach”. And when teams are always looking hiring you, that says a lot as well.

  • brianguy

    gotta agree nykingfan

  • king & king

    hey anthony

    if he play 4 line equally does it mean that the kings has a chance to win the game and isn’t that what everybody want.

  • king & king

    hey anthony

    if he play 4 line equally does it mean that the kings has a chance to win the game and isn’t that what everybody want.

  • king & king

    hey anthony

    if he play 4 line equally does it mean that the kings has a chance to win the game and isn’t that what everybody want.

  • Renbe

    Terry Murry hiring we will have to wait and see. But, I think this blog is giving Deano way to much credit. Besides having finished last for 2 yrs. His free agents have flopped, his coached..already fired. Veteran leadership he always talks about, traded them all!!
    One good draft…we’ll have to wait and see if they every suit up in a kings uniform.

    If he is so meticulous and smart why has he been WRONG 90% of the time on his decisions.

  • Matt George

    JEEZus H!

    enough with the anti-anthony posts guys.

    who the hell cares… really.

    the second i read someone responding to anthony now my eyes just glaze over and i skip to the next post.

    it’s old

  • anthony

    My apologies Paul

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