• Mike

    So that makes the floor gap about 11.5 mil with only a few openings, 2 or 3 RFA’s to sign and little talent left to fill in gaps.. Just for fun say the 4 totaled 3 million thats 9 million open? How do they bridge that gap? Offer O’Suli a 4 year for 5 or 6 a year?

  • JD A

    Now that’s a bargain!!! I hope he starts over Labs the rebound machine.

  • Screw Erik

    He cost us Stamkos.

  • TicToc

    Very good deal from the Kings stand point.

  • Anonymous

    Something’s telling me he makes the NHL roster…

  • Anonymous

    This means he is not in DL’s long range plans. What he did last season did not impress DL. Go figure.


  • Dominic Lavoie

    Murray signed, per TSN. Spokesman for Kings said an announcement at Toyota Sports Center on Thursday.

  • anthony

    That’s highway robbery.
    How did DL manage to pull that off.

  • JDM

    Since its a two way that explains why its just for a year. ‘Prove yourself this year and you can have a one way’ basically.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Rich & Dominic,

    Good scoops! Thanks for keeping us up to date! I’m looking forward to the announcement tomorrow at Toyota Center, and hopefully there will be an internet stream of the audio from the press conference tomorrow…

  • Shakes

    @ Screw Erik
    that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard in a while (sports related that is. i watched Countdown with Keith Olberman tonight and it made me chuckle too)

  • Shakes

    …actually Willsie cost us Stamkos. He scored twice in like 2 of the last 3 games or something…which like doubled his season output.

  • ryan oliver

    Anthony, how do you figure it was highway robbery. What do you think he should have made? 2 million? He played in what, 14 games. He got what he was worth.

  • Screw Willsie

    Well screw Willsie too. Assbags decide to show up in the last week of the season. motherf……

  • JDM

    Shakes… my sentiments EXACTLY.

  • Duckhunter

    I’m one fan who’s glad to see Ersberg coming back, for at least one more year. He put a little pep in our step last year, and he deserves to display his skills for others to see, even if he’s not in the Kings long term plans. I to have a feeling he’s going to be playing with the big boys, and a lot!!

    He cost us Stamkos, also made me laugh. I think.

  • jediknight329

    this is a great deal. if he has a good year, we’ll keep him and sign him longer term. if he has a great year, we’ll trade him for a prospect/player we made need next year. we know our long term goalie is bernier with quick/zatkoff as the backup – right?

  • anthony

    ryan Oliver,

    Jonas Hiller of Anaheim is in a similar situation with Ersberg. Played more games though.
    He’a making twice the amount of what Ersberg is making.

    What I’m worried about – Ersbeg tearing it up next season and going to another team for more money.

    Is he restricted after next season?

  • nykingfan

    Great job by DL getting the 2 way deal. It’s all about flexibility, not the cap co$t. If Bernier looks great in camp and makes the team…who goes Barbs or Ersberg? It’s not so easy dumping off a LaBarbara contract as it is to send Ersberg down to Manchester. You also don’t have to carry 3 goalies.
    If he sticks with the team, he’s getting a nice contract based on a relatively small body of work…and, as others have mentioned correctly, he can be used as trade bait before he hits UFA.
    Way to go DL….Now it’s time to get serious with Sully.
    I think it will turn out good.

  • Anonymous

    keep in mind he played only a handful of games for arguably the worst team in the game (with arguably the worst goaltending).

    He still has a lot to prove and if he can make the big club 700k is not a bad salary while trying to do so.

  • Anonymous

    ?? How can Ersberg sign for $700,000 when last year he made $750,000?

    Does this mean that the arbitration is over, or is the $700,000 the amount presented to the arbitration board, then they set his actual salary?

    Ersberg did not earn a salary decrease with his play(JLB did), he earned a raise.

    (and Ersberg didn’t cost us Stamkos – you can look to any “comeback win” last year and say that cost us Stamkos. But if we even had the first pick, TB may have still won the lottery – you never know, so it’s not worth agonizing over.)

    And finally, is JLB the new Huet? Huet didn’t look good here either.

  • Mike

    Garron is the next Huet…or way way better.