Home opener announced

From the Kings…

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Kings will open their 2008-09 regular season home schedule at STAPLES Center on Sunday, October 12, against the San Jose Sharks at 6 p.m., the Kings and the NHL announced today.

In addition to the Kings-Sharks home game on October 12, the Kings/NHL today announced each club’s 2008-09 “at large” games against non-conference opponents: The Kings will play a “home-and-home series” as follows: The Kings host Washington on November 20 and visit Washington on February 5; the Kings host New Jersey on January 10 and visit New Jersey on February 7; and the Kings host Philadelphia on January 3 and visit Philadelphia on February 25.

The complete 2008-09 Kings/NHL schedule is to be released tomorrow, Thursday. The club’s first on-ice training camp session date is Saturday, September 20, at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo.

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  • Anonymous

    Helllllllooooo Blake!

  • Anonymous

    Hellllloooo Blake!

  • Brian S

    I hope people don’t boo Blake, although we all know they will. After reading all the back and forth it really does not seem like DL wanted him back (despite lip service) and Rob simply wanted to play somewhere. I’d rather see him playing soft for SJ anyway.

  • Pete Stemkowski

    Just a note of interest for all the blog readers, NHL Home Ice and the XM radio programs are now available online. This is great, and you don’t have to sit in the car to listen anymore.

    On the negative side, the show the last few days has been grading GM’s around the league. DL got the only “F” so far and really took a beating. Not only were they critical of the obviously disastrous FA signings last year and lack thereof this year (they pointed out that Gauthier signing makes no sense and that he couldn’t crack the lineup in Philly, etc). Also mentioned was the fact that Phoenix kicked our ass around, and has done a much better job at building for the fans NOW as opposed to possibly in 2012 having a great team. The Kings were picked as the most likely team to be drafting Tavares,

    Anyway, it’s now online for XM subscribers.

  • Blake The Fake

    That’s the thing, Blake will not play soft for SJ, he only did that for LA. Dean definately has his share of blame w/ the whole fiasco….what was he doing sitting on his hands the whole time? Dean was probably playing mind games w/ Blake and his agent and it backfired. I mean come on, Dean proclaims to be an upstanding tell it to your face guy. Why wouldn’t he be up front w/ Blake and say we don’t need you good luck elsewhere?

  • Dorian

    hey Pete Stemkowski,

    And when was the last time Phoenix made the playoffs? They keep going back and forth with their objective. They signed Brett Hull and he retired midseason. They signed Tony Amonte, only to trade him by the deadline. They’ve had alot of failed signings and trades. You can’t compare what Phoenix is doing to what we’re doing.

  • Shakes

    nykingsfan we have to sort out going to a game here on the East Coast…maybe the Caps game?

  • Anonymous

    So if you don’t sign a FA to some insane contact like Finger got or overpay guys like Redden or Campbell, you get an F grade? These guys on XM are idiots.

    And PHX, please…the moves they are making are the only way to KEEP THEIR FANBASE. PHX has always played us tough every year, especially in their building. This is nothing new.

  • KingzzFan

    Hey Rich, Can you look into all these stories going around please. I Truly hope there’s nothing to it all.

    3-Way Anyone?

    So the rumour that Kevin Lee has been way out in front of is getting more and more legs behind it in the “other” press…It is rare that rumours of three-way deals make it that far, so when Don Brennan in the Ottawa Sun confirms that the rumour is out there, we have to be intrigued….

    In the Ottawa Sun, Brennan called it “a hot rumour in NHL circles.”
    Brennan says the rumour he is hearing is:
    Kings get: Martin Gerber and Andrej Meszaros
    Hawks get: Anze Kopitar
    Sens get: Nikolai Khabibulin and either Brent Seabrook or Cam Barker

    As for Kevin and me, we are hearing similar names.

    However I don’t think that the Sens are giving up nearly enough in Brennan’s deal..

    The Names I am hearing include these…

    Sens get: Khabibulin,Barker and Sharp
    Kings get: Gerber, Seabrook and Neil or Vermette
    Hawks get: Ersberg,Preissing ,O’Sullivan and Vermette or Neil

    What do you all think?

  • Harry

    Blake should of been traded last year for Nabakov!

  • MacSwede

    KingzzFan are you drunk? Kings wont give up neither kopy or sully, not even for Malkin like another rumour suggested a while ago..

  • KingzzFan

    Drunk, I must be. I agree, there’s no way we give up Kopi, no friking way. But with that said, this three way deal is all over the net, some say Sully instead of Kopi. This would be a nightmare if DL traided away any of “Our Young Core Players” The deal makes no sence for LA at all.

  • Cal

    Not sure why the Kings would be interested in a young defenseman who’s whining about his contract when they already have a load of young defensemen who will be whining about their contracts in two or three years. As for neil, you can go out and sign a UFA goon for the minimum and don’t need to trade anyone. I don’t think Lombardi is so idiotic as to trade Kopitar, but if he deals O’Sullivan we’d better get a stud veteran defenseman in return.

  • 28 KINGS

    I thought the Malkin rumor was insane.This might be the craziest rumor of the summer. Trading Kopitar for that crap, ya… ok.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Wait a minute, I’m confused. Phoenix has a fanbase????


  • Anonymous

    From Allan Muir at SI.com:

    An interesting side note to all this is that the delay in making the choice [the Kings coach] may have been attributable to the potential sale of a minority share in the team to Wyc Grousbeck. A co-owner of the Boston Celtics, Grousbeck reportedly was being given a say in the process. Seems more than a bit dysfunctional — see the Islanders situation — but as long as it was simply a matter of courtesy rather than an actual approval, it’s no big deal.

    This makes me puke.

  • Tito Jackson

    This three way rumor needs to settle down.

  • petey

    What do I think of that trade KingzzFan? Are they adding vaseline and a kiss going to the Kings as well, cause the Kings get royally……you know what.
    That rumor is total BS. DL has been preaching that Kopitar, Johnson, Brown, O’Sullivan, Bernier, Hickey, and now Doughty are the core of this team. Why would he deal any one of those players for crap like that? He moved salary in Visnovsky for one reason alone, and that was to clear up cap space to keep that core here for many, many years.

  • KingzzFan

    I’ve been trying to comment, but it hasnt posted. I think it’s absolutely absurd to think that there is any value for the kings in any of the mentioned rumors. DL would be out on his butt if he dealt either sully or Kopi. He has told us numerous times that our core is not for sale, if backs out on this one there will be hell to pay.

  • Mike

    Hammond do you have any news on the possible Kopi trade… Its a bad deal for LA as reported. I could see the Ottawa, LA, Chicago trade making sense only if Seabrook and Barker one to the sens and one to LA but as a Chicago fan I hope there are other ways to make it under the cap.
    Also with 12 million in cap space to go what next? Any insight or inside to that one. .. We are swimming in the worst day in sports… and some guy from the Ottawa Sun is creating talk about what could be the worst deal in the history of the kings. . .
    I think this maybe more about filling page space than substance. That said LA Chicago and Ottawa would all get national attention if they made a blockbuster trade… since everyone is talking about movies and how there is nothing to talk about in the sports world right now.

  • brianguy

    “Just a note of interest for all the blog readers, NHL Home Ice and the XM radio programs are now available online. This is great, and you don’t have to sit in the car to listen anymore.”

    this is cool.. I’ve never understand why they don’t put this channel (and some others) online. but especially because Home Ice is an exclusive channel under their control so they have no reason not to.

  • brianguy

    “(they pointed out that Gauthier signing makes no sense and that he couldn’t crack the lineup in Philly, etc). Also mentioned was the fact that Phoenix kicked our ass around,”

    no sense? why not…he’s a prospect / 2nd year pro who had 23 goals in Manchester last season (almost double his first pro year). you sign prospects, and hope they continue to develop and crack the big club. not rocket science. he’s 24. relax

    Phoenix beat us, yes but most of that was because we just couldn’t figure out Bryzgalov. look what we did to San Jose, and so what. just taking one divisional head-to-head matchup out of the context of a season doesn’t really mean anything. I’m glad they’re so impressed by Phoenix and their WIN NOW attitude. maybe it’ll even get them into the playoffs some time in the next few years.

    the point being, the Kings may not be aiming higher right this moment, but they’re realistic and know they can loot and pillage from other clubs and stockpile tons of ridiculous talent through the draft, and attain much higher goals 2-3 years from now. Phoenix definitely has attained a more interesting team in the last year to become a “bubble” team, but is one Bryz groin pull away from 11th place. and remember why Phoenix was drafting 5th overall in 2004, 8th overall in 2005, and 3rd overall in 2007, because they were actually worse than us and forced to start building young sooner. the Kings never picked higher than 11th until 2007 during the current rebuilding. we’re little more than a year away from where they are and with a super young team this year are targeted to finish low and draft high one more time. is it really that hard for broadcasters to get? oh well easy to kick when you’re down……

  • Kevco

    Second year in a row that I will miss the home opener! If I’m going to continue to buy season tickets the Kings are going to have to start checking with my work travel schedule 🙂

    I’m going to make a BIG sign for my son to take “WE DON’T MISS YOU ROB BLAKE”

    All that he said last year was fake. Regardless of what happened this year between he and DL, you can read it anyway you want, he could have gone to SJ last year and we could have got something for him then, now “we aint got sh*t”

    Thanks for nothing Rob Blake.

  • Buck Flake

    Anyone with me for a glass shattering BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???

  • JDM


    You’re getting your Gauthier’s mixed up. We signed Gabe Gauthier today, but XM is talking about Denis Gauthier whom we acquired from Philly. I believe he’s 31 or 32 or something like that… used to play regular minutes for Calgary but was in Philly’s AHL team as well.

  • Starlight

    I thought the league was going back to the old ways of always meeting all the teams? Or am I just imagining things because I want it to be true? 🙂 Seriously though, I know I read about it somewhere…

  • JDM

    I remembered reading the same thing starlight…

  • I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a little bit to find your site…but I book marked it. Would you mind if I but a link back to your site?