Ask Jim Fox, part 3

And now, the third part of the Jim Fox question-and-answer session…


Jeremy said:
I know you work for the PR department under the iron fist AEG ownership group, but should our expectations be to make the playoffs or just improve (.500 record)? I feel that our young D might be our wild card because their are talented enough to fool the rest of the pacific. I’m a big time pessimist, However, my personal opinion is that this team will make tremendous strides in a very young NHL, and hopefully finish 5th. Thoughts?

I think that the west is very difficult right now…especially the Pacific division…what I am looking for this year is improvement in the Goals Against Average, without sacrificing too much offense…anything is possible…I would certainly would hope that the Kings will be playing important games in March and April…talent is one thing…learning how to play for a common goal is another…playoffs, that is a huge goal right now…tough to do in the west…anything is possible…but as I mentioned earlier…unless the GAA gets better…


Anonymous said:
Can you please comment on what players/free agents feel about playing for the LA Kings? Is the So Cal market really “pathetic” for hockey as Mr Lowe stated? Do the younger players see LA just as a stepping stone to getting their feet wet and then moving on to a more traditional hockey market? Why did guys like Darryl Evans, Dave Taylor, Luc, and yourself amoung others enjoy playing in and sticking around LA? How likely is it to build a core of younger players that want to build something special here and not only stick around until we have a Stanley Cup but compete for it on a yearly basis?

As I have said before…until the Kings become playoff contenders, it will be difficult to attract free agents…but there will be a time, not too far off, where the Kings should be very attractive because of a strong, young, talented nucleus…

I think that Mr. Lowe’s comments were a little misguided…the Kings have not been in the playoffs for too long now, yet our fans support has been strong…when this team gets better, LA will be “the place to be”…I know Kevin Lowe was involved in his “debate” with Mr. Burke, but he may have gone a little over board…I can’t think of how that comment could be constructive to anyone involved in the NHL…

LA is not a “traditional” market when you compare it to Canadian teams, but our fans have been more than supportive and extremely loyal…the reason I stayed around here was because I love the Kings…there have been too many down times in our history, but I would love to be around when this turns around…I was at the Forum during the Miracle on Manchester, I was there in 1993 when the Kings went to the finals…I was there when Adam Deadmarsh scored to beat Detroit in overtime…these examples are not “winning the Stanley Cup”…I know that…but, I have been able to share many moments like this with Kings players and fans…there will be more to come…


CBGB said:
Can you tell us about the deals that DIDN’T go down. You already know about Frolov for Jack Johnson that Crow called off (he told DL he could “light a fire” under the guy… and he did) . Any more you can talk about (more likely in the past so you don’t get DL in trouble)?

Unfortunately, this is an area where I wouldn’t get into…discussing player trades or potential trades was a very difficult thing for me to handle as a player…funny how I did all that worrying and I never was traded…but it is not appropriate to go there…in all honesty, when I talk to Dean or any front office staff about things, it is usually deals with bigger picture things…Dean has never discussed potential trades with me and I’m glad he doesn’t…that would be inappropriate…if I am ever a member of a “hockey department staff” in the future, then I can get involved in those discussions…

On the other hand, I do hang around the room a lot during the season, and usually have a good feel about what’s happening…I’m not much into the rumors…maybe I have learned that all the time I spent worrying about trades etc. as a player was just time misspent…by talking about things that didn’t go down…sometimes that can be disrespectful to the players involved, and I don’t want to go there…sorry I couldn’t help you out with this one…


diehrdkingsfan38 said:
umm, ask jim how he feels about the current fan base, if its going up, down, and also what is his impression if the Kings will move anytime soon? I know its a random question, but i don’t want this team to leave L.A.!

The fan base seems to be “hanging in there”…I think that is all we can ask at this point…I know attendance has dropped a bit over the last few years, but the team’s record has everything to do with that…all things considered, Kings fans have been more than supportive and more than loyal…all I can think to say is thanks for hanging in there…when the prize finally arrives, it will be that much more special…
I haven’t heard about the Kings moving in a long, long time…it is a down time right now, but I don’t see the Kings going anywhere…


lunchboxap said:
Hey Jim,
Who do you feel should take the role of captaincy? since you have insider information, who is the leader of the locker room now? also, what do you do during the off-season? i know you love wine, but any vacations? by the way couple things
love the hair if the kings ever go far into the playoffs and you and Bob are still broadcasting the network better have you guys doing it haha

Thanks for the comments about Bob and I and I’ll pass your compliment on to my “hair guy”…Robin Felix…
Right now leaders are just starting to emerge…if I were to pick a captain, I would go with a “support” player right now…that would be Derek Armstrong…I know he is not considered an “impact” player, but I do think the younger guys can learn a lot from him…I wouldn’t be against one of the young guys taking over, but let’s take things one-step-at-a-time…I’m also old fashioned in this area…if anything, I’m for a players vote…let them pick the captain…


Irish Pat said:
Are you going to be busting out the plaid suit again this season (here’s hoping you are) and besides wine, what’s your favorite tipple (scotch, whiskey, vodka, etc.)?

Irish pat:
The “plaid suit” belongs to a friend of mine…it has been in their family for a long time…it is not the type of situation where you “just decide” to wear it…you have to just let it happen…it will make an appearance again…I just don’t know when…
Not much into the “other” drinks…still trying to figure out this “wine stuff”…


ken said:
Hi Jim
Loved watching you play back in the day. How many knee surgeries did you end up having? Does the knee still bother you? What do you think of Teddy Nolan as a head coach? Would he fit currently in the Kings plans?

Thanks for the comments about “back-in-the-day”…I ended up with 4 surgeries…2 on each knee…not ligament or cartilage stuff…problems with the kneecaps…still an issue but not too bad…I work our every day…usually “elliptical” machine…try to run every other day to keep the weight off…only run on treadmills…easier than the road…thanks for asking…

Teddy Nolan fits the bill as a teacher, but his history with General Managers brings a lot of “baggage”…just something that seems to come up in his past…he has proven he can lead a winning team and that should be the number one priority…but…


AmaysnKingsfan said:
Hey JIm first let me say I love the way you call on the games. One can tell you want the kings to win but you are still always honest. If the kings get a way with one you say they got a way with one and I love that. Not like Bryan hayward were the ducks can do no wrong. You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and I hope they but you right next to Bob Miller on what ever side of his you sit on during the game I got on to the kings when I was 11 during the whole gretzky era and have never known any kings CC but you and would have it no other way.
Anyway my question is are you buying in to Dean’s plan? Do you feel that we are actually building this team the way it should be and if so what about this time makes it different from all the other rebuilds the organization has gone though. and also how do you feel about the Lubo trade do you feel it was wrong to trade him before his no movement clause went in to affect? Do you think that other player care about such things and that it makes the kings look bad to any futre signees. Anyway Thanks for taking the time to do this when you should be out there golfing.

Thanks so much for the long time support and thanks for the kind compliments for Bob and I…
I believe that once you make the decision to “rebuild” you should go all the way…I know some people believe that you can go half way and still be successful…I don’t think there are many examples of that…having said that, with the free agency the way it is, when the Kings do get better, they will be in a better position to ‘get over the top’ quicker than in the past, when free agents were not as available…I do think it is different from the past…right now it is all about development and sticking with the young guys…the Kings have never done this to this extent before…the big challenge will come when the team improves over the next few years…the timing of going after “impact” free agents will become the top priority…can’t wait until the Kings get to that point…


Cup B4 I Die said:
Jim…Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I have season seats right behind your broadcasting area in section 318, I admire your enthusiasm for the sport of hockey and the Kings. Keep up the good work.
A quick diversion from the typical questions about the current Kings’ squad:FSN PrimeTicket re-played the Kings/Maple Leaf game 7 from 1993 last Saturday night. And I know we shouldn’t live in the past, but that game gives me the chills every time I watch it and hear the excitement in Bob’s voice.
-In one word, describe the atmosphere at Maple Leafs Garden for that game. And how was that view from the top of the arena in Toronto? …As a former player and i’m sure a big fan of the Kings, how do you contain yourself while broadcasting a game like that? I’m sure you had a big smile on your face while you were doing commentary following Gretzky’s 3rd goal. I think most of us would be jumping up and down if we were in your shoes. I did notice you were not as vocal during the 3rd period of that game, as I’m sure you were counting down the seconds like the rest of us.
-Ever talk to McSorely about his illegal stick?
-Can you sneak me into the broadcast booth when a Kings’ home game is not being broadcast and the booth is empty? Sorry, had to ask.

Cup B4 I Die:
Thanks for the kind words…and thanks for the support…please come by and say hi next season…
The atmosphere was as good as it gets…not only Toronto hoping for a Montreal-Toronto all Canadian final, but the entire country of Canada hoping and expecting it to happen…then there was the Gretzky factor…he took a lot of criticism back in Canada during the series but came up big at the end…then there was the intensity…I have been to a lot of playoff series, but I don’t remember a series that had more physicality than this series…it was very impressive how both teams maintained such a high level of play, along with how hard they played…
If you noticed a drop off in my talking in the 3rd…probably just reacting to the time and score…early in the game…it’s okay for the color guy to get his stuff in…as you get later into the 3rd…with a close game…let the play-by-play guy do his work…I think Mr. Robert Miller handles it pretty well…or it could have been that I was counting down the time…it sure did get close at the end…also, for the last 5 minutes or so, I was supposed to be making my way downstairs to handle locker room interviews…every time there was a close play and kept running back to the booth…I must have left the booth and then returned about 10 times in the last 5 minutes…
Like old players do…I have “joked” a bit with Marty…from time to time, but I have never had a serious conversation about the stick…I’m sure it’s something he doesn’t like talking about…
As far as using the broadcast booth…you’re on your own…just bring a microphone with you…maybe they’ll just let you in…

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  • oseone

    Hey Jim I seem to remember an incident between Bryan Murray and you a season or two ago that almost went to fist to cuffs.Do you think Terry Murray has anything to say about that. Might we expect the same type of coaching style from Terry.

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