Morning update

Just wanted everyone to know that Don Fulton will be at the press conference today for a full report on the hiring of Terry Murray.

Also, I got some loose, general information last night about Patrick O’Sullivan, and why a contract hasn’t gotten done yet. Seems as though it’s part of the bigger struggle between teams and agents/players regarding the value of younger players. Teams want long-term deals and agents want short-term deals, since salaries keep rising every year. It didn’t sound as though a lot of progress was being made, but it’s still only mid-July.

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  • Someone

    You’re awesome, Rich. I thought you were on vacation šŸ™‚ Too bad to hear O’Sullivan’s contract is not progressing. Hopefully it will get done and not cause long term friction.

    And thanks in advance to Don for filling in and giving me my fix.

  • steve

    why is it that Lombardi always seems to have the problems signing young players and no one else does. (remember Nabakov)Montreal had no problem signing Kostitsyn.

    I knew this was going to be a problem when Lombardi compared O’Sullivan to Backes. This is my concern with Lombardi- we will wait for these young guys to pan out and then he will lose them

  • mrbrett7

    So, if O’Sullivan end up being a career 40 point producer, and he’s signed long term for 4 million/season, you will be that same guy coming back complaining that he’s signed for too much money.

    I love people like you.

  • MDelaney

    I really hope we get O’Sullivan back. He was a good surprise to our team last year and he would be great to have back.

  • steve


    I am glad you love people “like me” But you are making assumptions without any insight as to what people “like me” I understand what it appears you are saying -you have concerns about signing young players to long term deals for big money-. However, that is the way the current CBA is working out. If you have followed Lombardi’s track record and know anything about Hockey you should be concerned. Look at Nabakov and Cammalari as two examples.

  • yesitscal

    Man, there’s going to be blood in the streets when the cap has to come down, which I think is inevitable. Corporations drive revenues in the NHL and the business climate in recent months has been, well, disastrous! Don’t know how Canada’s economy is doing right now, but I imagine it probably isn’t much better than ours. When the cap comes down and good players have to be thrown out into the streets and can’t be re-signed because every other team has their nose right up against the reduced ceiling then what’s going to happen???

  • voice of reason

    If this was Cammy people would rip him for being greedy. Since most of the people on this blog have decided they like Sully then any holdups in his contract negotiation are entirely the fault of Lombardi.

    Hopefully they can convince Sully to sign for something like 4 years. He’ll become a free agent as the team is really hitting its stride and would find himself in line for a big pay day. That is assuming he continues to progress as a player.

  • lblocal

    Rich, you’d figure things would start heating up, the moment you went “on vacation.” Keep doing what you’re doing.. We appreciate it.

    Question: with the success of the most despised Quacks.. And their young stars Getzlaf and Perry.. Is Deano is having difficulty swallowing the 5.35M over 5Y salary average,to a guy like O’sullivan; comparable to both, in age and performance?

    (Has the 2nd Tier Contract completely disintegrated with these type of deals going to young stars?)

    I give the Quacks credit; they know how to lock up their young stars, fan favorites in their community.

    And, they keep winning.

    Go KINGS Go!

  • Kingcussion

    mrbrett7 O’Sullivan is not a career 40 point producer. Please, please sign him, and sign him for as long as possible.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up Brett! Anyways I still find it pretty annoying that a deal for a player like O’Sullivan is taking this long to get ironed out. We all know if it was Lombardi’s choice everybody would be signed for a million dollars…Kopi included. Just get it done already. His contract should be right under Brown’s.

    We’re the only team in the league that seems to have problems re-signing players. We lost Cammi to this same problem. Mind you he wasn’t worth what he was asking for but a contract could have been ironed out this season with other comparable players.

    Long story short…teams like Detroit never have problems with the cap and they’re stacked. I’m tired of the excuses!

  • Someone

    I like Sully, but there is no way you can compare him to Getzlaf or Perry…(yet).

  • anthony

    Deano had no trouble signing Handzus for $4 Million a season.

    Now he’s finding it difficult to sign Sully for more money than what David Backes is receiving.

    This GM has issues.
    He should have signed him to a Brown like contract before the free agency began.

    I’m with Steve and Iblocal on this one.

  • Anonymous

    You people crack me up….you want DL to do the right thing the right way don’t you? Don’t fret so much…he’ll sign…he’ll sign. Geez one thing at a time…draft, coach, Dev camp, coach, Free Agency, coach, other signings….the guys got a full plate give him a break please. He has to answer to lots of people in a short amount of time. He’s a detailed guy…leave it….GEEEZ.

  • voice of reason

    Anthony, how are you certain that DL has issues? Don’t you think there is a slight chance that Sully’s side is at least somewhat responsible for holding this up?

    Face it, if this was Cammy instead of Sully you’d be ripping him to pieces.

  • Eric K

    rich just said that agents are looking for shorter contracts; i highly doubt sully wants to sign for 6 years at a salary of around $3 million, when there’s an excellent chance he’ll be worth a lot more within a couple years. just because we’re under the salary cap floor, doesn’t mean we should sign him for $20+ million over four years and forget about it. geez, everyone acts like Deano is GM in a computer game, and negotiating and making trades is easy and accomplished by clicking a mouse a couple of times.

    i don’t see Rich or the Kings panicking; i’m not panicking.

  • yesitscal

    O’Sullivan has had one good season–“one”! Let’s see what he does this coming season and next before you start throwing five or six million at him. That’s Kopitar money!

  • JDM

    Aaaahhhh…. since it seems no one bothered to read my post in the last thread about RFA’s, here’s the jist.

    Statements like this –

    “steve said:
    why is it that Lombardi always seems to have the problems signing young players and no one else does.”

    Are flat out wrong. Sure, Kostitsyn has a contract. But what about Bouchard? Clowe? Bouwmeester? Lehtonen was only signed yesterday. Pascal Leclaire?
    Detroit can’t resign Fillpula without forcing arbitration… why? Because he wants more money than Detroit is willing to pay. Hell, Detroit hasn’t even locked up Jimmy Howard.
    Carcillo, no contract. Vermette and Meszaros, no word on contracts for them, only trade speculations because Ottawa can’t sign their young studs! Wideman in Boston, no contract. Etc, etc.

    Yeah, really sounds like Lombardi is the only one having trouble. Even Rich, IN THIS FRIGGING THREAD, if you bothered to actually read it, cites the problem as TEAM’S and AGENTS, not the KINGS and SULLY’S AGENT! It’s a league wide phenomenon right now, and, RFA’s can’t go anywhere, they are still legally bound to their club until the club opts out on them.

    So pardon GM’s for not rushing to put a leash on the dog that is already locked in the house.

    And Lombardi is right in not comparing Sully to Getzlaugh and Perry. Those two guys… playoff points, cup winners. Longer tenured than Sully. Will Sully be just as good as them? I’m sure he will. Does having one stud season make him worth as much as them who have been consistently good for a few seasons? Of course not.

    You have to remember about players like Ryder. Hey, one great season… hey… no more great seasons. Imagine how pissed Montreal would have been if he had a 5 year 5 million buck contract? The Bruins may have been willing to sign him to $4mill as a UFA, but do you really think teams would have been lining up to give up good deals to trade for him if he has some monster contract? Sully is awesome, I’m in the front seat of the Sully band wagon, but the whole idea is to protect the future, which is unpredictable. At this stage in his career, as much as I LOVE how he plays the game, anything too far above 3-3.5 million is ludicrous for a player who has only played this well in 65-70 games.

    Really he should get a bonus laden contract. I wonder if there is the option to add a clause in to a contract that gives the player an option to renogotiate his price IF certain conditions are met (such as scoring so many points, or acheiving a certain +/- rating) for two seasons in a row. Something like, here’s your 4 year, 3 million dollar contract. If you finish in the plus for two seasons, and improve your point totals in each, then your salary becomes 5 million, but you also add a year on to the contract. Or something. Is that even plausible?

  • Eric K

    oh, and by the way, thanks to everyone here (whether i disagree with you or not) for being smart and knowing about the game of hockey and the Kings. i looked at the ESPN comments about the Murray hiring, and nobody there has a clue what they are talking about. i’m so glad this site exists…

  • anthony

    Voice of Reason,

    DL set himself up on this one, by giving up absurd salary’s to the like of Handzus, Cloutier, Blake, etc..

    Now that a young up and coming player with extraordinary potential wants a similar contract, DL cries “CHEAP”.

    I’d rather pay Sully $4 Million, instead of Handzus.
    Would you not agree.

    And you’re right, I would have ripped Lord Cammi if he’d done this. I just can’t stand him.

  • Nick

    There are vast differences between the cases of Handzus/Cloutier/Blake and O’Sullivan. Comparing them is like comparing apples and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

  • andre norway

    hey Anthony!!! shut up. handzuz, beacball and blakie is all veteran players. handzuz got 4 mill on his merit as a player- after the 1 year its too much money- but if he rebound to the player he was with philly the money is okey. the same with beachball- if he had been healthy and played like he did in vancouver it would have been a bargain and blake , he got 6 mill because of his merits.
    regarding cammy he got what he deserved, a kick in the butt out of LA. I dont think sully is worth 4mill after 1 GOOD season, I think that a salary around 2-2,5 mill and rising each season would be fare, something like brownies contract.
    cant wait until the season starts, see u guys on oct 12.


  • mrbrett7

    I don’t think he will be a career 40 point scorer, but just as Dustin Penner before him, Cammy before him, and countless others…answer the question, what do you do when those players DO TURN INTO CAREER 40 POINT SCORER’S, and you stuck overpaying them by 2 million/season, and then all of a sudden, the cap comes down 5 million in the next year.

    It’s called thinking ahead…try it sometime.

  • Anonymous

    ….O’Sullivan is no doubt thinking “hey, you’re right. Just because I had one good season in the NHL doesn’t mean I’m ready to sign a long-term contract at $5 million a season. Ok, so fine then…..sign me to a one year deal and let me prove to you what I’m worth…” But, Lombardi doesn’t want that either, likely because he already KNOWS O’Sullivan’s value is only going to increase.

    Dean Lombardi is a GM who wants his cake smothered with frosting, ice cream and a piece of the pie, too.

    He just can’t have it both ways. Either the kid is worth signing now to a money contract long-term, OR let him sign a short-term deal and show you what he can do. I don’t blame O’Sullivan or his agent for pushing this issue. I think Lombardi is just being an a$$clown.