Meckler signs

The Kings have signed forward David Meckler to a standard three-year, entry-level contract. Meckler got strong reviews at the development camp. A 21-year-old Illinois native, Meckler had 23 goals and 13 assists in 76 games for Manchester last season.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s good news.
    During the scrimmage, he was the player that impressed me the most.
    He’s very quick and smart with puck.

    How much.
    Can somebody inform me the salarys for
    -Gauthier (ugh)


  • Kingcussion

    Yeah, he looked pretty good during prospect camp. Glad that he was signed. Still holding my breath for O’Sully…

  • JDM

    Anonymous, Ersberg is getting 700K if he makes the NHL roster. I think ‘standard’ entry level contracts are 4 or 575K? I’m probably off a little.

  • brianguy

    it seems like we’re signing all of our best prospects to entry contracts for $875000 per year. last year this was $850000. something tells me this is the max…

    I think the term “standard” entry deal generally applies to duration and other terms, but can be for much less money. like JDM said it seems to be normally the 4-5 range I’ll try to get an exact figure if possible.

    re: maximum… sure enough, page 24-25 of the CBA says that 875k is the max for 2007 and 2008 (draft year), goes up to 900k for 2009-2010, and it’s $925k for 2011.

    also, signing bonus may not exceed 10%, which counts against the above limits and team salary cap.

    all undrafted players are, by bylaws, bound by two-way deals. the maximum minor league compensation (native currency) is currently $65k, going up to 70k by 2011.

  • anthony

    How come Ersberg is getting paid this year from last year.

  • JDM

    It is strange anthony that Ersberg has a smaller deal this year than last. It could be due to his inconsistent AHL play. Perhaps they had expected more out of him last year with the Monarchs and that was a bargaining chip for management, seeing as how insistent they were on him having a two-way contract meaning they wholly expect him to play some games down there.

  • Mike