Crawford gets TV gig


Former Kings coach Marc Crawford has been hired by CBC to be a game analyst on its Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts.

“I couldn’t be more excited to begin my second tenure with Hockey Night in Canada,” said the 47-year-old Crawford. “I’ve coached from coast to coast in this country and I have a deep respect for the place that hockey holds in the hearts of Canadians. I relish the opportunity to be a part of the Saturday night tradition.”

Here’s the story from the Vancouver Sun…

Hockey Night hires ex-Canucks coach Crawford

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  • anthony

    Now hopefully he’ll do something about his crusty hair.

  • VisionQuest

    good hire. good move for Marc to take some time off from coaching. the fact that there are no headcoaching jobs helps.

  • Aaron

    Love the title of the article.

    “Hockey Night hires ex-Canucks coach Crawford”

  • Anonymous

    Although most of us, myself included, were critical of “Crow” for the way in which he handled the team over the past two years, one has to admit he’s a pretty articulate, well spoken guy — much more so than your average coach. Being a “talking head” will suit him very well. I wish him and his family the best.

  • john

    Hope he has fun there, more fun than he probably had here anyway!

  • 24diving

    I wonder how many times a night he’ll have to be bleeped. Think he’ll yell at the other announcers like he does with players? So glad he’s gone, but good luck to him.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully they know that he doesn’t work many hours….and that he will only put in just a little extra time to get better…at anything. And he will blame it all on someone else…and if he screws up he’d say there is nothing else he could do to get better.

  • teach

    I wish Crawford the best! He was a great guy, and despite what some may have thought, he was great at talking hockey.

  • Goon Squad

    “he doesn’t work many hours….”

    Say what? Where did you get that idea? Lombardi said the opposite several times.

  • Anonymous

    nikto said:

    Crawford never instituted any perceptible
    system that I could make out. Also, he isn’t much of a “teaching” coach–He works best with lots of prime stars like in Colorado.:)

    He really wasn’t suitable for the kind of
    young squad we have now.

    I have a good feeling about what MURRAY will
    bring to the team.

    A breath of fresh air, perhaps?