• Shakes

    i guess i was just watching weird clips on Prime Ticket about this….and it used to be annoying because at the time on our cable system Prime Ticket only came after 6pm…before that was some weird Financial News Channel…

  • mrk

    Hey, Bob Miller had three more strands of hair!

  • historyguy

    Oh my gosh…I remember that Financial news channel!!! It always used to piss me off, because I’d set a tape to record a Kings game, and I’d have half an hour of financial news before they’d switch over to the game!

  • cristobal

    historyguy – are you rich today because of it? maybe they should always mix sports with economic education. that way we could go to games and actually buy an adult beverage or two.

  • Dan H.

    Did it make anyone else crazy in the SI clip that the guy in the road jersey with 99 on the back supposedly Gretz was a righty and obviously 50 pounds heavier than Gretz ever was?