Doughty signed

The Kings have signed defenseman Drew Doughty, the No. 2 pick in June’s entry draft, to a standard three-year entry-level contract. The bigger money comes from potential bonuses that also count against the salary cap. Here’s the release…


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Kings have agreed to terms on three-year entry-level contract with defenseman Drew Doughty, the club’s first-round selection (second overall) in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Kings President/General Manager Dean Lombardi announced Monday. Per club policy, terms of the agreement were not announced.

Doughty, 18, played in 58 regular season games this past season for Guelph of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and recorded 50 points (13-37=50) and 68 penalty minutes. His 50 points ranked third overall on Guelph and tied for ninth among OHL defensemen, and he ranked third on Guelph with nine power-play goals. In 10 playoff games, the 6-0, 219-pound blue-liner from London, Ontario, had nine points (3-6=9) and 14 penalty minutes.

Doughty was one of four 2008 draft-eligible players to help Team Canada win a gold medal at the 2008 World Junior Championships. He was named Top Defenseman of the tournament after recording four assists in seven games. Doughty became just the fifth Canadian defenseman to have won the award and the first to win the award before being drafted into the NHL. He also recently took part in Canada’s National Junior Team Development camp in Ottawa and the Kings’ annual Development Camp in El Segundo.

Doughty was named as an alternate captain for the 2008 OHL All-Star Classic and also participated in the 2007 OHL All-Star Classic. He was voted Best Offensive Defenseman in the 2007 and 2008 OHL Coaches Poll and named to the OHL All-Rookie Team in 2005-06. He represented Canada at the 2007 IIHF World Under-18 Championships and the 2006 IIHF World Under-17 Championships.

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  • yesitscal

    One signing down! Let’s hope that the RFA’s that still need attention get inked soon! Good luck, Drew!

  • JDM

    Just as I said in another thread I was starting to worry, we are rewarded with SOMETHING! Expected, but nonetheless pleasant to hear.

    “first to win the award before being drafted into the NHL” That’s very cool. The kid certain;y has enough accolades. I hope he makes the team and builds some mental toughness, not has it destroyed like many worry.

    He has nothing left to learn in Guelph or the OHL, why send him back?

  • Pat McGroyn

    Thanks for the update, Rich! I really appreciate your commitment to bring us the latest Kings’ news as it happens.

  • Anonymous

    triplcrown said:

    Now that he’s signed, he can go on and have a
    Ray Bourque-type rookie season.

    Wouldn’t that be sweet?

    Not that my hopes are high or anything.

    But hey, I’d take a Gary Suter-like rookie season.

    I’m flexible.


  • Mike


    Hope you can answer this. With the fact that Richardson, Stoll and Sully are all represented by Newport, could that be a reason why the negotiations have taken so long? As adamant as DL has been about responding with offer sheets to other teams, he sure is leaving himself vulnerable for one.

  • Irish Pat

    I like how Anthony and cristobal don’t comment when Lombardi does something right. Although I’m sure they’ll be asking why O’Sullivan and Stoll aren’t signed and how this is a sign of the apocalypse or whatever crybaby thing it is this week.

  • cristobal

    Per club policy, terms of the agreement were not announced. – we don’t deserve to know?

    Irish Pat, give me time. I’m not disappointed by this news, i’m content. The signing of your first overall draft pick is not Lombardi doing something right, however. I don’t know of anyone (GM) anywhere who wouldn’t sign their first overall pick.

    Lombardi may be trying to disturb the rest of the league, however, by delaying the singing since the process of contracting new draftees is like a domino effect. the rest are going to start being signed as well.

    I give him great credit (lombardi) for not making a meal out of this signing, however. It shows that he may start attempting to make a smaller splash himself, and let the players he signs make the waves.

  • Chuck

    At least someone signed, it’s about time….

    Thanks for the good work Rich! Keep it up!!!

  • JDM

    cristobal said:

    “I give him great credit (lombardi) for not making a meal out of this signing, however. It shows that he may start attempting to make a smaller splash himself, and let the players he signs make the waves.”

    Not sure what you mean here. How else could a signing go down in which Lombardi made a ‘big splash?’

  • Duckhunter

    Alright, here we go. Couple more and our future will look bright. Keep it rolling Deano

  • cristobal

    JDM – “Lombardi’s Warning” is what I mean by making a big splash. It’s rhetoric and its pointless. There is no reason for Lombardi to be in the media other than these signings. If he’s making the right decisions as GM, the players will make a “big splash” both on the ice and in the papers, proving his (Lombardi’s) success.

    Also, why keep the numbers from us? He wasn’t averse to letting Cammalleri take the hits on his personality, commitment, and supposed greed. Why not let us judge whether he’s doing right by the other players who’ve already made sacrafices for this team like Kopitar.

    Did Lombardi sign Kopitar’s contract, or was that in place prior to his hiring?

  • JDM

    Gotcha –

    Not sure who signed Kopi’s contract, but I don’t think is was DL.

    It is the policy of virtually every club not to release the terms of a contract. They can’t keep it secret forever and we’ll probably know in a few days. Nearly every signing I see if followed by “per club policy…etc, etc.”

    The cammy situation turned ugly fast, let’s hope and pray there are no more negotiations that go that route…

  • Tim

    Does anyone have any idea how the “other” left handed d-man will be? Are they really going to give Hickey a shot? Don’t get me wrong it would be awesome if he could come in and play, but I still think he has a couple more years to go… So, Deano wanted one more left handed shot on the blue line.

    Without using the “name” (McKee) that Rich gave us, who else would make a good “fit”?

    Just a thought… Rich, what’s your opinion?

  • cristobal

    Is there anyone out there who’s seen Doughty, Hickey, Lewis or the others we’re depending on play much? If so, could you describe what you know about the player and how much you’ve seen?

  • anthony

    Well that’s nice.
    But its also a No Brainer.
    Obviously an entry level contract has its limit.
    No doubt, DL signed Doughty to $875.000 plus bonuses.
    Which should come out to about $2.15 Mil/year, depending upon how well he does a season.

    I’m glad DL didn’t struggle with this No Brainer.
    Lets put him to the test and see what he does with Sully & Stoll.

  • brianguy

    good news… cross one (albeit a fairly easy one) off the list.

    it’s the normal entry contract expect that incentives would bring him to rookie cap… for rookies this is usually like, win the Calder, but often include games played, goals or points recorded and sometimes even average minutes played.

  • cristobal

    Is there any way that Lombardi, if he wanted to, could add bonuses to Kopitars contract right now? He’s obviously not greedy (kopitar) but wouldn’t it be better to do right by him if possible. Gordie Howe was disrespected in his day by management and it would be better not to be guilty of similar offenses.

  • JDM

    You can’t renogotiate contracts as far as I understand. Also, did you read the Kopitar interview link cristobal from a few days ago? Someone else linked it up on the story before this one as well. Kopitar specifically says he doesn’t really care about the bonuses or his entry level deal. He knows he’ll make a bundle more, and he cares much more about winning and enjoying the game than money.

  • cristobal

    JDM – yeah, that was a great article and i said then that i love kopitar even more for it. I just think that if it were possible, it’d be great to really give him what he deserves. He’s incredible in his attitude. I know he doesn’t care, but i don’t want him to start to realize that he’s not only being underpaid, he’s being taken advantage of. I don’t know who his agent is, but other agents are going to try and get to him, they could really do a number on him with this contracts weaknesses.

  • typicaljs

    The money isn’t announced as part of the club’s policy, not DL’s. We will find out how much, just not through DL and kings staff…at least publicly. It’s been that way forever, there has never been a contract amount publicly announced by the kings, it may be common knowledge a week or two after the contract is signed, but the kings don’t go around advertising how much they resigned their players for.

    And boy am I gonna be laughing when Teubert and Voinov get signed both before Stoll or Osullivan and people on here start to worry. I don’t see why people weren’t bitching for Doughty to sign before patty-O. Now that you guys have made the it’s a no brainer contract argument, do you now understand why it’s taking so long for Stoll and Osullivan’s contracts ? Osullivan’s is as much of a thinker as there is in the entire league. And hey if they make a mistake with this contract all you people with perfect hindsight are going to be saying why didn’t they take more time thinking about it before they gave Patty-o his contract. Just some food for thought for those of you thinking Osullivans contract status with the kings is in question.

  • Paul

    It’s about time they signed SOMEONE! Now let’s see how many guys it takes to get to the salary floor.

    Also, apparently the Kings only play one home game the whole preseason? They have a game in KC? Another in Salt Lake? Is this a precursor to moving the team out of LA?

  • cristobal

    typicaljs – really this whole club policy thing should be abandoned. there’s no point in trying to keep secrets or just not be upfront. We who are being asked to be patient and still buy tickets deserve to be leveled with.

    The last part of you’re post is confusing to me. What are you trying to say? Are you sarcastic, facetious, serious, or what? O’Sullivan a thinker? do you mean on the ice or in terms of knowing the business end? I don’t think anyone on here wants the players alienated like Cammalleri was or lost to higher paying teams the way Cammalleri was. But as fans, there’s nothing we can do but wait, watch, hope, pray and make our decisions based on what happens. If we want to follow other teams, we can. Until now, we haven’t.

  • petey

    Cristobal, are you clueless or just looking for a reason to harp on Lombardi? Every press release for a Kings signing is always , “As per club policy, terms of the agreement were not disclosed.” This has gone back to the Taylor days.
    You’ve just proven that you will ***** about anything the Kings do, be it good or bad, cause you will always fine fault in everything they do.

  • cristobal

    Hi petey, how are you? you’re spot on. i agree with all you say. looking forward to hearing your opinions in the future as you enlighten me continually. can i come to your house and hang out? I love you, i think.

  • cristobal

    there seems to be no problem being forthright about ticket price increases and season seat contracts. why continue with this policy?

  • JDM

    I think it’s kind of a non-issue cristobal. What would it change to announce the salaries?

  • Hockeywood

    I’m confused. Does it really matter that we find out the salary a couple of days later? Do you really think management is sitting around saying, “Don’t forget not to tell anyone what we signed you for because we want to drive cristobal mad?”

  • Anon

    Gee, I wonder why Cristobal doesn’t have a job…

  • Hockeywood

    I just got a Quarter Pounder meal at McDonalds but per Blog policy, I am unable to disclose how much it cost, sorry.

  • Duckhunter

    I have to say that I’m the most liberal, open minded, free spirited individual that you’ll ever come across, and truly believe everyone has a right to speak their mind, but cristobal you’re even wearing me down. It’s sad, because in between all the rhetoric you post, there’s some good thoughts and ideas. Your, I know everything mentality makes all your relevant points become irrelevant, because nobody will listen anymore. For a while I thought you just liked to debate certain ideologies, but I’m beginning to think you just like stirring the shit a little, to get a rise. I know this is sad, but I come to this site because it’s my true hobby outside the real world. I visit this site to get away from life’s bullshit. Call it my “Happy Place”. You for some reason like to bring a negative and antagonistic point of view to this place. Please don’t bring the bullshit here, leave it outside. Keep this a place where Kings fans can enjoy the news updates and each others point of views in a light-hearted, nonconfrontational way.

  • kingskicka$$

    Ha! That was a good one Hockeywood. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Anthony and Cristobal

    Maybe you should give The Secret a try. Personally, I havent seen it, but Ive heard good things. I’m beginning to think that your negativity is directly affecting the negotiations of our beloved Kings.

  • Hockeywood

    kingskicka$$ said: “Maybe you should give The Secret a try.”

    My wife did give “The Secret” a try. It is a lot about positive thinking. She got a new job that makes more than I do but unfortunately…..due to Hockeywood family policy, I can’t disclose how much that is. Sorry, again, cristobal.

  • cristobal

    Its funny how everyone wants to address only my comments.

    petey – “Cristobal, are you clueless or just looking for a reason to harp on Lombardi? Every press release for a Kings signing is always , “As per club policy, terms of the agreement were not disclosed.” This has gone back to the Taylor days.
    You’ve just proven that you will ***** about anything the Kings do, be it good or bad, cause you will always fine fault in everything they do.”

    Duckhunter, you’re actually posting curse words, something I have yet to do, and telling me I’m ruining the site. Again, if you want good articles with no posts Gann Matsuda’s site is available. Why not post there and ignore me?

    Is there a law against criticizing the Kings in AEG-land? Small wonder they continue to flounder as they have nobody to answer to.

    JDM- I agree, it is a non-issue, that’s the reason I don’t understand why they’d announce the signing of a player and not disclose the contract. What’s the point. We all would like to know how to measure and compare what other signings are going to expect or demand. But really, I won’t bring it up again, unless someone like petey comes along and addresses me on it.

    Sorry to keep you all reading….

  • Anonymous

    RIGHT ON DUCKHUNTER…Really those guys are so very negative. It’s one thing if they knew what they were talking about…but one cannot even learn anything from them.

  • mrk

    Now I’d like to see Teubert signed. I’m real excited about this guy, though all the hype I hear ’bout him is exclusively from this site.

  • cristobal

    cristobal said:
    Is there anyone out there who’s seen Doughty, Hickey, Lewis or the others we’re depending on play much? If so, could you describe what you know about the player and how much you’ve seen?

    August 11, 2008 3:08 PM

    What a disgraceful waste of time my posts are…

  • JDM

    People – opinions don’t bite.

    I think severe backlash is more of a problem. I’ve been debating cristobal for over a week now, on a ton of topics, and we strikingly disagree on most of them, but it has never been derogatory in any capacity. Sometimes he can harp on an issue too much, but really…. so what.

    I get more frustrated reading responses to anthony and cristobal that read like declarations and denouncements by the Inquisition. It always goes both ways, sh*t stirrers are always being fed more sh*t to stir, circle of life.

    Hockeywood…………. that was pretty damn funny.

    “The Secret” – the soft, touchy feely version of “What the Bleep Do We Know” which is practically scientific theory in action proving Buddhist beliefs.

    Duckhunter, you know I love you brother, but read carefully and hopefully you’ll see what I see, that when engaged in a non-insulting way cristobal debates fairly, not quite ‘light-heartedly,’ but certainly not the always short, speculative and apolyptic postings of anthony. From where I sit, people get personally offended by some views that starkly counter their own, and tend to fire back with something along the lines of “what are you, f****ing stupid?”

    Cristobal – my final word on the ‘club policy’ subject, I just see it as business ettiquette. Pomp and circumstance. Not ‘right’ or ‘important,’ but also not hurting anyone. As someone mentioned earlier, all terms are disclosed by some party at some point. We’ll probably see Doughty’s numbers in a few days.

    Everyone – feverish debate is a marvelous thing which should never turn personal.


    Chill out.

  • cristobal

    Anon – let me guess, you’re probably a real estate agent or a mortgage broker. One of the guys carrying our country through the tuff times with all your hard work.

  • cristobal
  • JDM

    cristobal said:
    Is there anyone out there who’s seen Doughty, Hickey, Lewis or the others we’re depending on play much? If so, could you describe what you know about the player and how much you’ve seen?

    Only at the prospects camp – minus Hickey of course. Doughty and Lewis exhibited ‘hockey sense’ beyond the rest of the group. Tuebert reads the play insanely well. Simmonds is one of the hardest workers I’ve seen and reminds me of Theo Fluery with his energy level. Moller has really soft, quick hands and tries to cut to the net a lot. Voinov looked very calm and solid, nothing flashy, likes to move the puck. Doughty rushes up the ice incredibly. Zatkoff is really solid, Quick is smart, Rowat shows potential but looks a little nervous, Bagnall is huge and loves to pound people. Doughty, again, hits harder than he looks like he can. Holloway has awesome offensive instincts. Meckler’s got a great shot. Roe works his butt off. Azevedo showed me nothing really. Westgarth could use to skate better. Campbell is going to be good, tall, sees the ice well and smart positionally. Martinez is another solid defenseman.
    Wudrick shows promise but needs to learn to read the play better.

    Obviously these are all somewhat premature and only based on very limited and non-league-competative terms.

    However, in terms of readiness, Doughty looked like a man among boys and seems ready. Teubert looks damn close and already has the size, even though he could fill out a little more. Lewis could handle 4th line duty, but with some development will be better than that. The rest have tons of potential but need some seasoning to be sure.

  • cristobal

    JDM – Just my opinion. Don’t know or want to about the “Secret”, but “what the bleep do we know” was a load with not much genuine science on display. i personally know someone who was in a cult near santa cruz when younger (today they he’s a physicist an former child prodigy) and he tells me supposed experts on that movie are basically cult leaders, especially the freaky woman who claims to have PHD-level qualifications. Perhaps there is a connection to hockey, however, as most here seem to unquestioningly support their GM like scientologists following L. Ron.

  • Yesitscal

    Hey, everybody! Didn’t you see the other thread where Cristobal said that negative attention is beter than no attention at all? Dude’s got some major emotional issues and I, for one, will no longer address his posts because that, to him, is worse than acknowledging him, even if it’s to point out that he’s a clown. If Cristobal had a job, do you think he’d tell us how much he made? It’s every NHL club’s policy not to release salary information to the press, not just the Kings. Anyone care to guess how much Cristobal’s parents give him for allowance so he doesn’t have to work?

  • cristobal

    JDM – so in your opinion Lewis is really promising? I hope so because if he’s really got some skill to go with the reported speed he could be a great asset. Some of the names i’ve never even heard of, but it’s a little disappointing to hear that Azevedo didn’t impress you. If its just the youth and he can’t shine, he’s likely never going to stand up. Not to bring him up again, but did you see Tukonen at any of these? I’d like to know your honest impression if you did.

    I like hearing that about Doughty and am almost getting excited. Once burned, twice shy with this team, but 2nd overall in a really deep year speaks volumes about what knowledgeable people think of him. Too bad we don’t really get to see Jr’s or the international youth championships here very often. A couple years ago the us u18 championships was on when O’sullivan and johnson were playing. That’s the time Johnson dropped the canadian with the elbow at the end of the game. I don’t remember who the player was right now, though.
    BTW, thanks for the scouting report, i really like to hear it.

  • JDM

    Can’t say I’m knowledgable enough to appreciate real physics when I see it, but I follow buddhist philosophy as much as I can and I like that it reinforced thousand year old ideas in entirely new ways. Didn’t know about any cults…

  • JDM

    Only saw Tuk in his few games with the Kings. I don’t think that Lewis will be a huge scoring threat, but he looks to be a great Belanger replacement for the 3rd line. Hopefully he’s as good on faceoffs.

  • cristobal

    Here’s some indication about what Kings ownership understands about sports:;_ylt=AsZLDYcmuSu_iwa4Ljq5zocHNgU6?slug=ro-galaxy081108&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  • cristobal

    “If Cristobal had a job, do you think he’d tell us how much he made? It’s every NHL club’s policy not to release salary information to the press, not just the Kings. Anyone care to guess how much Cristobal’s parents give him for allowance so he doesn’t have to work?” – yesitscal

    you’re a class act my friend.

  • tomaindenver


    As a Kings fan in Denver, you are the first site I visit for Kings information. Thanks so much for putting in obviously much more than 40 hours per week on the club.


  • jediknight329


    what is the problem with the clock???????????

  • cristobal

    Jediknight – i have one hundred and twenty problems with that clock. and the slave labor that fashioned it.

  • Duckhunter

    cristobal, I will apologize to you for the way I delivered my message. And I will apologize to you and everyone for my choice of words. Let me try and explain where I’m coming from. I have no problem at all with your opinions, matter of fact I agree with you on a number of things. I guess what I have a problem with is the constant negativity and criticism of everything that is reported. Doesn’t matter the topic or story they’ve done it wrong and you have a better way. At some point cristobal, you have to take a step back, and ask yourself why are people responding to me in the manner they are. JDM talks about the circle of life. If you are negative and constantly criticize, the same will come back. If you hold conversations with respect like you do with JDM, I can almost guarantee you the same respect will come back your way. There’s definitely a circle of life, it just depends on what circle you jump on.

  • JDM

    so how bout that Doughty huh…

  • Duckhunter

    Point taken JDM. I’m done with it.

    Let me tell you and cristobal and whoever gives a hoot how I became a Kings fan. By accident really. In 93 my boss was hired to open up a new distribution center for Coke. He took me with him to be a supervisor. In the process we purchased almost a million dollars worth of Toyota forklifts. My bosses name is Denault, who happens to be French-Canadian, who happened to be born and raised in Montreal. Toyota happened to be a big sponsor at the Forum, so part of the kickback my boss wanted was seats to a Cup game. 4 tickets were hand delivered to our facility. He asked me if I wanted to go. I said no. A bunch of my friends were having a big party for the game. I was 22 at the time, so chasing skirts and drinking beers was more desirable to me. It’s funny because the only reason I went, was because my mom pretty much insisted I go. She said, “if the big boss asks you to go, you go.” Sad thing was I didn’t care about the game. We went to some girlie bars and got to the game in the 2nd period, three sheets to the wind. Of course everything changed once we got there. The energy and the atmosphere at the Forum was beyond description. It turned out to be one of the most exciting nights of my life. Before that night I new nothing about hockey. Since that night I’ve been a Kings fan.

    Fast forward to I think 2003. My daughter and wife liked the Angels so we purchased season tickets. I needed some excitement so I bought 2 seats to the Kings figuring neither my daughter or wife would go to a game. Tried many times to get my daughter to sit down and watch a game with me on t.v. but was never successful. Opening night came, and I talked her into going. I’ll never forget, she was eight at the time, and during the 3rd she looked at me and said, “dad I can’t clap anymore my hands hurt to much.” Thats how much fun we were having. Lets just say she hasn’t missed many games in the past 5 years. The Kings have become our quality time together. Many priceless moments.

    cristobal, you asked the other day Forum or Staples? They both bring a smile to my face.

  • yesitscal

    jediknight329, forget the Kings clock and get the Red Wings clock instead. I’m sure the NHL contracts Red Wings merchandise to be made in the USA.

  • Sam


    Any word on Doughty’s bonuses yet?

    Also, there’s a rumor on hfboards that Stoll has agreed a 4 year, $14 million contract. Have you heard anything on this?

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Tito Jackson

    The bashing here has become pretty lame and its getting more difficult to read the Kings related comment.
    Don’t ruin this site folks. Plenty of other boards to fluff up your feathers and impress the chickens.

  • ryan oliver

    Exactly Tito, these comments are bringing down this site. Go to LGK if you want your opinion heard

  • andre norway

    I agree with you tito jackson, to much bashing back and forth and who can we blame???? anthony and cristobal.So guys why dont we just stop comment what they are saying and if we do. Do it with class and fact and dont use the F word that we all want to use sometimes. Doughty signed a 3 year entry level contract around 875 000$ and with full bonuses he will get around 1 100 000$ pr year. If Stoll has agreed on a 4 year deal that will be great but Im sure somone will bash DL because he signed Stoll before sully and then he sucks.

  • MarkE

    DL constant rant about salary cap space in the future is just that a RANT. Not only do we have plenty of cap space this year but for the next 3yr, not including the cap will probably rise. (see link below).

    Kings have only 17Mil(37Mil avail) & 12Mil(42Mil avail) in committed salary after this yr. DL know that if the Kings have another horrendous season he better not have a huge financial loss for AEG, and he might still be able to keep his job. A GM has to make decision based on winning to be successful NOT worrying about being fired. AEG has seen DL be wrong on just about every free agent signing. Only Dodgers GM Ned has made more mistakes the Deano. But as we have seen with the Dodger, one good move and everyone gets amnesia.

  • cristobal


    I’m in agreement with you about the situation for Lombardi. All we need to do is look across town to the Galaxy to see what confusion AEG breeds. They just brought in Gullit from Europe, paid him well and cannot give him any talent because of their salary cap and the way Lalas spent it. Although they’re marketing like a machine, the embarrassment of calling themselves the premier MLS team painted them into the corner of now firing Lalas. You may not give a s–t about soccer, but its the business practices of AEG when involved in sports that are the issue.

  • JDM

    Nice story Duckhunter, a first experience being the finals!

    Young girls get into hockey so intensley… my dad and I took my sister to her first game when she was around 8 as well. Its so funny that they get so into the excitement that they yell and cheer for EVERYTHING. Every pass, every turn over, every check large or small warrants the same high level of intensity from them!

    I read that Stoll rumor… don’t know what to think, except I hope it’s true.

  • Anonymous

    Cristobal, buddy, pal…it’s club policy for about 75% of the league to not disclose contract terms…look around dude. It’s not just AEG and the Kings.

    Furthermore, when you did have a job, did you know what others were making? It’s pretty important for clubs to keep salaries a secret. You don’t want everyone to know what your players are making, regardless of the fact they will eventually find out.

  • cristobal

    Duckhunter – no need for apology, just want to bury this hatchet. i’m sure i’ll irritate again as i am strongly opinionated. I guess that comes from feeling like a schm*ck ever few years when the team is torn apart again. I really am tired of the AEG circus and the meddling. Also tired of seeing Ian Lapperiere go to colorado and then score two goals against the kings in his first game against, or Craig Conroy go to Calgary and score two goals against the Kings in his first game against, or this guy or that guy leave and go on to play for real clubs that have a modicum of pride in the club. Isn’t that what everyone wants? This team needs to be a place of pride and they are so far from it. Everyone says that’s what Lombardi is building but all i’ve seen is backpedalling and near last place finishes. There’s no pride in that. Also, i hate to see a career king like taylor leave for Dallas while AEG employs hundreds in the marketing department and sales department. Real hockey fans will stick by the club and new one’s will come because of the excitement of the game, not for a 120 dollar wall clock. Another thing that i feel is a source of shame is that bimbo they have doing player interviews and all that other crap. I shouldn’t name-call, but its humiliating.

    So don’t apologize, but i would also ask that you read the comments of others who are attacking me and take issue with them. I have no problem arguing and even insulting each other if that other is able to not get too upset. I had a bit of tit for tat with nykingsfan and regret it as i think he’s a good guy and i didn’t want to upset him. also, i think he’s older than i thought. a guy like yesitscal i imagine is a dumb young kid and i like to make them think about things. as it turns out, i think he’s actually older than me and maybe by a few years. he, again, came after me out of nowhere really, so if you want to go after people who are petty and immature, go after him, or at least include him.

    as for those who are going to start complaining about this post, i say again, you should have skipped it. If you don’t like what i say, don’t read my posts.

    btw, good story about first kings game and your take on the forum/staples thing.


  • Anonymous


    It’s hard to avoid your posts when you clog up the comments section with you “keen insights.” Stop arguing with everybody here and try to get along. If you can’t do that then please at least lay off the crystal meth.

  • cristobal

    Anonymous – here we go, you just can’t help yourself, can you? neither can I.

    As far as releasing terms of contracts. I dont’ care what the rest of the league does. this ownership and management group has jerked around their own fans and we deserve to know what the contracts are for. where’s the harm in changing policy. In my line of work there is no salary cap (or salaries) and i don’t have to disclose it to a league. Nobody care’s anyway because i’m not in an industry that has time to worry about others hourly pay thanks to the influx of cheap labor and the american willingness to throw their neighbors under the bus. But I’m glad you’re concerned for my well being and my employment. As far as my take on the contract terms, if you don’t think its an issue, why argue it with me. is it because you have “keen insights” you need to share?

    as far as my meth problem, that’s my business and i can snort til i drop. isn’t that what you want? As for your revealing screen-name, how am i supposed to know what posts are yours and which aren’t? If you want to argue, set up a screen name and we can indulge ourselves.

  • Accurate data on NHL player salaries for all teams are readily available from a number of websites. A google search will provide the info in a matter of seconds.

    The reason that the information is available is that the NHLPA releases it. They do so because it is to their advantage — they use the info in negotiations to set market rates. The owners can choose to withhold the data, but their decision is irrelevant.

    BTW, why not just skip reading posts from people you don’t like instead of calling for censorship?

  • BallPointHammer

    I’m glad the Kings signed Drew Doughty.

    His salary information will be known shortly. Just like the other 1200 or so players signed by the 30 NHL teams.

    AEG is like a non-entity to me. Going on about them is pointless because, like the 29 other NHL team owners, they’re filthy rich, conform to the league’s basic requirements and try to lose as little money as possible.

    Positive thinking, an optimistic attitude and behaving with dignity and respect for oneself and others confirms the immense power we all have within us. The opposite confirms the opposite.

  • yaknow88

    Glad he’s signed, but dont rush these kids if they are not ready!

  • cristobal

    ballpointhammer – i respect your opinion about AEG and i hope you respect mine. I know that nondisclosure is a fairly common practice, but I don’t like AEG for a number of reasons and disagree that they are like the rest of the clubs in the league. They’ve done more to make hockey an organization of ‘franchises’ than i care for. Their ability to manage the sports side of their businesses i find highly questionable. I understand your point on thinking positive, but being a critic doesn’t mean that i’m entirely negative, does it? Maybe in your opinion it does, but I will continue to criticize the Corporation and the figurehead that controls it because i want more for the Kings and more for Hockey in general.

  • cristobal

    “The Ontario Reign of the ECHL, proud affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings, announced today that they have signed C Jon Francisco and LW Chris Curran to the 2008-09 Reign roster. PER CLUB POLICY, TERMS OF THE DEALS WERE NOT DISCLOSED. I sure hope this doesn’t upset Cristobal”

    Anonymous – glad to see you’re concerned about my stress levels but i’ve never even heard of the Reign and couldn’t care less. glad to see AEG is spending their money where it counts, however, instead of on Kopitar. it makes good business sense.

  • BallPointHammer

    If I’m understanding correctly, the Kings are now a self contained entity that exists within AEG. AEG owns everything, sets the budget and pays everybody. All they have to do is stay out of the way. DL runs the hockey team. Period. As far as becoming a top team, this arrangement seems like what the hockey people would want.

    I’m all for criticism. It’s incessant negativity that is tiresome.

    How about this – we fans come up with a petition/letter to present to Dean Lombardi and AEG outlining the kind of team and franchise we want the Kings to be.

  • cristobal

    BallpointHammer – we can enter into a discussion about AEG and what they stand for if you want. I see them as a negative force. Kinda like the ‘dark side.’ Not only because of what i’ve seen with the kings, but in all their dealing with sports. if you want to defend them, i would love to listen and debate. I think the airing of ideas is good for everyone. But if you just want to call me negative without addressing the issues i raise, its a waste of time. Kinda like me wasting my time responding to people that want to insult me and spark a tit for tat. I know i shouldn’t and its becoming boring to me, too. So i’ll work on my ability to let comments from people i feel are ignorant and close minded, but i can make no promises. Sometimes its fun because some people deserve it. Just watch what will happen to this post directed to you. Someone will have to chime in…or maybe a miracle will occur. We’ll see.


  • BallPointHammer

    I’m not defending AEG. I don’t know that much about their empire other than they own the Kings and Staples Center.

    I’d rather have the Kings owned by someone who is a true hockey fan, a true Kings fan and who calls Los Angeles home.

    As far as hockey operations go, I just want, and think we now have, finally, a set up where our top hockey guy, Dean Lombardi, is the individual in control of the hockey team. I support what he is doing and how he is doing it. This upcoming season should be very interesting and exciting.

    Also, I don’t equate ‘criticism’ and ‘negativity’. And, I believe everyone has a right to express their views.

  • cristobal

    BallpointHammer – How about a “Kings Supporters Union” that gets thousands of signatures requesting that AEG sell the team? Lombardi can stay, just get AEG out of the Kings business.

    I don’t know if you’re still saying I’m negative, but if you are, that’s your right. I kinda equate it with being critical of the government. I know many people don’t understand why some people continually criticize our government, but the critics don’t understand why those people don’t raise a cry about the issues dragging this country down.


    PS – if you want to check out how AEG is doing with their main soccer team, the LA Galaxy, you might be surprised at the parallels. Just fired the GM and the newly hired coach walked out.

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