Murray, on his first month

OK, here’s the first part of today’s interview with Terry Murray, who was gracious with his time and sat down with me for well over an hour. I tried to incorporate as many reader questions/topics as possible, but understand that the questions that were very player-specific will be better answered after the first week of training camp or so.

We’ll start off general here, with Murray talking about what his first month as Kings coach has been like…


Question: Can you talk a little bit about what the last month has been like for you?

MURRAY: The time has been very busy. Right from the first contact with Dean, and setting up an interview and flying out to do the interview, to two or three times traveling back and forth, it’s a process. It’s getting organized and situated, getting into a situation where you’ve got a real good feel for what’s going on and what the direction is that we want to head into as an organization. As you know, Dean, he’s very thorough and there’s a lot of meetings going on and it’s great. There’s great communication, so there’s no gray area between what’s happening down here in the coach’s office and the direction of the team. Along with that, we’re looking for a place to live. That’s taking up time also, but it’s fun. I’m really excited about what’s going on and this opportunity and I’m looking forward to getting started in training camp and getting to see and meet the players.


Question: I’m not sure what the exact timing has been on all of this. Have you had a chance to see any of the prospects play in person?

MURRAY: Yeah, the prospects camp that just happened last week, I was here. There were some forwards and four defensemen and it was nice to be able to sit upstairs and watch these young guys and see what they do on the ice. I love what they’re doing, as far as the development process in concerned. When these guys get into training camp, it’s going to give them a little bit of a leg up as far as what’s going on. It’s always hard for them, coming in as a young player and trying to feel comfortable and impressing the coaches and showing that they belong or where they belong. I think this gives them a nice little advantage. They know, through practice and through communication, where we’re headed. It was a great opportunity for me to meet them and also be a part of the process here, as far as sharing information about what my philosophy is and what my system is and what I’m looking to do here, especially in the early part of training camp. That part of it should make them feel a lot more comfortable coming in as young players. There are positions open, as you know, and we want these young guys to come in and be successful and play the best they can from the first day.


Question: Here in July and August, you have players living all over the world. Has it been easy to reach out to them and get to know them, or will that happen more next month?

MURRAY: That’s going to start happening real soon. There are a few players here. (Dustin Brown) is here, Calder has been around, Frolov has been around, so I’ve been able to talk to and meet those players. Other players I need to contact by phone, and that’s going to happen from now until the start of training camp. Also, there are going to be more players coming in as we get closer to the start of training camp too. We have very few married players who have kids that are old enough to get started in school, but they will be coming in over the next week. It will be a great opportunity for all of us, with the new coaches — me, and Mark (Hardy) coming back — to get to know these guys and start to share the information, as to what we expect and where we’re headed in training camp.

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  • anthony

    Not to rain on this glorious occasion, but if Terry Murray is the next coming of Al Arbour or Scotty Bowman, why didn’t Dumbo hire him instead of Marc Crawford 2 years ago.

    If memory serves me correct, Murray was still the Asst. coach of Philly and very much available.

    Maybe just another write off added to the list of Dumbo mistakes. You know – Blake, Handzus, McCauley, Cloutier, Nagy, Calder, Thornton. Not to mention the Coaches and the scouts he’s fired b/c for not agreeing with him.

  • JonG

    Now I know why Murray was hired. He used Dean’s favorite word (“process”) three times when answering the first two questions.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the interview.

  • Baumgartner22

    this is great! thanks rich.

  • Anonymous

    Rich, I know you won’t post this….but seriously, you gotta do something about these idiots like Anthony and Cristobal. They just pollute what you are trying to do and if I want read negative opionions, there are other websites for that. I’m not saying that everyone has to be kissing the KING’s collective asses, but this is just ridiculous.

  • cristobal

    Anthony – Blake and Thornton were not mistakes. The team is and was horrible, but those 2 did not make the team worse. If you think Blake is washed up I think he’ll prove you wrong in San Jose. You probably know i’m no fan of Lombardi so far, but just like with young defensemen, maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes. All we can do as fans is hope so because he’ll only be gone if the team continues on its losing track. Just like Alexei Lalas.

  • kyle

    Oh for goodness sakes Anthony. Can’t you read a damn post without responding with a knee-jerk Lombardi sucks response?
    And BTW Al Arbour was no obvious coaching legend in the making when the Islanders hired him after two-plus years behind the bench in St. Louis. His W-L was 42-40. Of course if the internet existed back then you’d probably have blasted Bill Torrey for hiring Arbour in ’73 b/c he wasn’t the second coming of Toe Blake or Dick Irvin.

  • anthony

    Are some of you guys related to DL.
    This sudden “coming the rescue” thing. My Goodness
    I’m just stating an opinion on a GM whose had 2 horrible seasons.
    If things turn around, and I hope they do, I’ll have no problem eating my words.

  • Steve-O

    Patience Anthony, Patience.
    Lets see what Murray does.

    LOL, some people here need a change of diaper.
    No reason to cry over a negative comment.

  • EJ

    Steve-O said: “LOL, some people here need a change of diaper. No reason to cry over a negative comment.”

    Steve-O, it’s only about the 20th time we’ve seen Anthony’s lame comment about why DL didn’t hire Murray two years ago. How many times do we have to sift through his pile of same old s#*@? Everyone here knows how he feels about EVERYTHING related to the Kings.

    Rich, thanks for posting the interview so quickly.

  • yesitscal

    Thanks for the info, Rich and Terry! Haven’t gotten to the rest of the threads yet, but will do so shortly. Really do hope that everything comes together this season.

  • Captain Material

    “…if Terry Murray is the next coming of Al Arbour or Scotty Bowman…”

    Ah…who said he was? Are you just making this stuff up so you can complain about something? Seriously, how do you justify that kind of response to this post? If your motivation isn’t to just provoke and be generally a jerk, you should really take a moment and exam your behavior.

    And I think it’s great you list DL’s mistakes. Look over that list and tell me one of those that matters beyond a year or two. I think it’s wonderful if what DL is getting wrong are the temporary patches while he’s getting the long term stuff right.

    I know you are more concerned about how the team finishes in the standing today, but fortunately the organization seems to finally be looking at a longer view on success even if some fans are clueless on historical perspective and addressing the root cause of why we’ve never built a sustained winner here in LA.

    Yeah, that one year experiment on Nagy has really crippled this team for season to come. DL should be fired!

  • JDM

    “Coaches and the scouts he’s fired b/c for not agreeing with him”

    To pile it on…

    You can’t be angry that he hired Crawford in the first place AND angry that Crawford and his coaching staff were fired. Matter of deduction, one of those was the right thing to do… I think we all know which.

    As for scouts, from the minute he got here he said he was going to reorganize the Kings in a big way from the inside out. How is coming in knowing there are people in mind he wants to hire as scouts and staff turn into firing people who don’t agree with him?

    I don’t mind negative comments. I do mind contradictory ones.

  • I’ve gotta give my 3 cents…i know it’s the middle of summer so in the absence of game responses we have complaints about management/AEG/God….but it is a turn-off to some degree to keep on whining over and over again. At some point i know we all spend good money/time to support the team but it’s supposed to be for fun…

  • cristobal

    Shakes – do you realize you’re the first person on this thread to bring up AEG?

  • Anonymous

    Well I will say DL has done poorly this off season by not locking up Sully or Stoll yet. Yes it may be coming but when we have this much cap space and players that will be in our core, you lock them up and not nickle and dime them or you will have another Cammi situation.

    Everything said by DL and now Terry sounds great yes, but let’s see how it pans out. If we aren’t in the playoffs in 2 years, then we need to do something drastic. But until then let’s see how things go. DL did say it will take about 3-4 yrs to be competitive so let’s at least give him that.

  • cristobal

    Anonymous – In all seriousness, what drastic measures would “we” be capable of in 2-4 years if the Kings aren’t competitive? Riots in the streets?

    Why do we have to bend over now? Why isn’t there a demand that there be improvements now rather than hopeful promises for the future? Why is it deemed offensive to criticize the owners, repeatedly? I can guarantee, AEG will not make a dime off me this year, but i’ll still root for the Kings, Lombardi, Murray, and my favorite player Anze Kopitar.