Something you’ll probably see soon

The Minnesota Wild announced its single-game ticket pricing today, and it includes “Premium pricing” for 12 of the 41 home games. For games against Anaheim, Boston, Colorado, Dallas, Detroit, Montreal, N.Y. Islanders, Nashville Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Toronto, prices will increase by a range of $5 to $20.

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  • Nick

    Well, at least we are getting ice girls right….

  • socalking

    I don’t know how it will go over in Minni, but that would be a bad idea in the LA market

  • Model 62

    The Kings already offer seat discounts for the Blue Jackets and Predators and so on. Charging less for less popular opponents is not that different from charging more for more popular clubs.

    Other teams probably offer similar discounts when the Kings skate into town. Maybe the Kings should, too!

  • lakingzfan

    are U kidding me? How can anyone justify raising ticket prices more than they already are? The fans have had to eat enough of the NHL’s poor management decisions on inflated long term contracts. To me, this is just another way to gouge the fans. despite all this, I doubt it affects whether I go to a game, but it may discourage the average fan.

  • Matt George

    I love this trend.

    Gas prices are high.

    Housing is in a slump.

    Economy weakening.

    HEY let’s raise ticket prices!

    No way AEG is THAT stupid!

    oh snap!

  • BringBackKingston

    all games are created equal.
    or is it that some games are more equal than others…

    wait till there is premium pricing for playoff tickets. like if your team sucks and has to face Detroit in the first round you have to pay more than if your faced LA in the first round.

  • 34YearKingsFan

    What is premium about the Islanders, Lightning, and Maple Leafs??

  • mrk

    I’m actually surprised that AEG hasn’t done that yet.

    It doesn’t matter how high the ticket prices are. People will still go to the games. No matter how bad the economy is, there are still people out there that will still make ridiculous amount of money… I wish I was one of ’em.

  • yesitscal

    Nashville?! Boston?! Toronto?! Who’s running things out there? Are they going to let fans in for free when the Kings come to town?

  • JDM

    And then there are poor suckers like me who will spend every disposable dime on going to hockey games. Luckily once in a while I can convince my girlfriend that a Kings game is a date…

  • Duckhunter

    Well I guess my decision to get front row seats this year was a good one. That of course being my couch, surrounded by a few snacks and drinks, sitting in front of my big screen, at the cost of 0 dollars.

    The rise in ticket prices, $30 parking, and $4 a gallon gas prices(live 40 miles away) pretty much determined my seats this year. All is well though, at least I get to listen to Miller and Fox!!

  • Tim

    I heard that Duckhunter! I to am in the OC and will only make a few games this year. No mini pack.. maybe just watching them over here at the honda center, if I can get tix!

    The NHL is BLOWING it with the lack of coverage on NBC… what do they cover.. College Football, Golf?, currling, “Xtrem” sports, Sunday night football,… you meant to tell me that everything else they cover is more popular then hockey. Someone in the NHL marketing office has got there head so far up there tail end it kills me! Sure there NFL on sunday, but what about sat??? Seriously… EVERYONE wants to watch College Football all day???

    Sorry, got off track a little… I agree with you Duckhunter!

  • Kevco

    As much as we complain I’m shocked that I have already sold several extra pair of my weeknight games for more than cost on Stub Hub! I post them early, hoping for some fan of the visiting team being stupid enough to pay, and they do!

  • guidedbyvoices

    Are they gonna throw the doors open to the public at the end of march/beginning of april when teams that sell off players come through town? Will people really pay to go see the Kings vs. St. Louis in April or march with prices at current levels? and concessions as high as they are? Why not walk past staples and spread some of that money down on skid row. Maybe those richies can actually help someone change their life instead of funding the ice-girls.

  • KingsQueen949

    This is a great article that was published yesterday. It refers to baseball but you can apply it to any professional sport.

    Pricing is going way beyond the “fan”‘s grips and pretty soon anyone attending a professional sporting event will be Suits who are there more for schmoozing than the enjoyment of the game. It’s sick!

  • BBanzai

    Its a shame, but not unexpected. A single ticket in the upper 300 was 18.50 when Staples 1st opened for the Kings. Every year they have upped it $1.00-$1.50 per ticket in that range. Only time there wasnt an increase was after lockout year in 04. Just means less games i can afford, last year i only was able to go opening day, probably same again this year with even less money. Do they still have $10 seats avail on nights if you show up just before game time??

  • Jordan


  • old time hockey

    I can’t believe our beloved boys aren’t a Premium ticket!

    This isn’t as big a deal in SoCal where there’s only two teams within 300 miles, but here in DC, they packaged all the east cost teams together in packs. Want to drive down from Pittsburgh to be a drunk jackass at the Pens game? Well, you’ll need to buy the Rangers, Flyers, and Buffalo seats as well. (Buffalo is a long way, but their fans are monumental jackasses, so its a preventative measure.) Ironically, about 80% of the fan base is from somewhere else and its amazing how many Red Wings and other jerseys pop up from season ticket holders. We also get a good crowd from the Embassy when any of Northern Dominion teams show up.

    Maybe all Ducks games should be bundled with Columbus games to keep the Ducks fans away. Just a thought…

  • nykingfan

    Its pretty sad that sports is pricing the average fan out of arena. The greed is unbelievable.
    The problem is you can only soak the public so much before the backlash hits..and if the economy continues going bad, sports WILL take a major hit. The sports industry thinks that it’s immune to an economic downturn. That’s the same thing the mortgage industry thought. For some crazy reason, the powers to be never thought the housing market would ever have a downturn.

    Professional sports are living on the corporate dollar. Whether its naming rights, luxury boxes, etc. At some point, if a corporation is bleeding red, they will have to decide that the luxury box is something they can no longer justify to their board.
    It becomes a trickle down thing and eventually leads to advertising dollar shrinking and less tv revenue.

  • Lazarus

    Phoenix has been doing something similar for a few years now except it’s just for one team. Whenever the Red Wings roll into town the prices are 10-20$ more expensive and any special deals that may apply do not for Red Wings games at arena.

  • fan b4 gretzky

    to the anonymous what the average fan is saying is that we have had enough if aeg wants to raise the price of tickets great. but put a team in front of us that is worth paying for. dont get me wrong i beleive in this rebuild but stay the course and right this ship maybe pull a big move or two bottom line is a winning team sells tickets

  • Mbar

    For what it’s worth, AEG has already implemented this type of pricing scheme with the Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS) so they are aware of the idea.

    For certain Galaxy games that are sure to sell out (opener, 4th of July, rivalry games vs. Chivas, etc ) they bump the ticket prices up 10-20%. However, season ticket holders like myself do not pay extra.


    (I dream of an AEG free Los Angeles)

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