Doughty’s chances

The OHL website did a story today about some of the league’s top prospects and their chances of making NHL rosters this season. Here’s what Kings assistant general manager Ron Hextall had to say about defenseman Drew Doughty, the Kings’ No. 2 overall pick.

“His understanding of the game is tremendous. He’s got to learn how to be a pro, but it looks like he has the chance to be a really elite player. We have spots available, so we will see where he’s at. We’re not going to promise anything either way, but he’ll have a chance to come in and earn a job.”

Here’s the full story… (oops, the link works now…)

NHL calling for OHL stars

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  • VQ

    working link please!

  • anthony



  • Jet
  • yesitscal

    This guy has huge upside, but I wonder what his impact will be this season? He’ll make the team by default because there aren’t enough bodies without him.

  • Jayrew

    I can see it already, Drew Doughty named captain of the Kansas City Kings. Do you think they’ll keep the naming rights? or rename them something like…the monarchs

  • Mike

    I would like to see the following defensive line combos:


    I am not worried about Doughty making the jump to the NHL, I think Johnson and Doughty would make a great pair and should log a ton of ice time. The other two pairs have me worried.

  • simonsez

    “Oh, it would be great, Doughty said. Rob Blake was one of my favorite defensemen when I was growing up, when I was younger.”

    Is this an old quote, or did Doughnuts not get the memo??

  • petey

    Simonsez, I believe those comments from the players were from interviews at the draft.

  • What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    It’s an old quote–I read that quote somewhere else before the Rob Blake signing.

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