K.C. wants Kings’ best

There’s a lengthy story in the Kansas City Star this morning about the Kings’ preseason game there, focusing on how many of the Kings’ veterans — that being a relative term, of course — will play in that game. The Kings also have a preseason game at Staples Center the same night.

“We have no concern about it,” Paul McGannon, president of NHL21, who is helping promote the game, told the paper. “They are bringing their best players. We went over that before we scheduled the game.

Seems as though Luc Robitaille has made assurances to the K.C. folks that they will get the Kings’ best. Sort of makes you wonder who is making these decisions.

Kings not bringing full squad to KC for NHL exhibition

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  • ranole

    Thats fine by me. I want to see the prospects play here when I go. I can see the “veterans” 82 other times during the year.

  • anthony

    Maybe Kansas City is expecting to get a little taste of what they’re gonna get in the future.
    Do they know something we don’t know.

  • Bobby

    I think this is a good idea. Gets twice as many people skating letting the coaches/scouts see more people in a real game situation. With the # of prospects the Kings have they should consider skating 3 teams.

  • wavesinair

    Tina Turner and the Kings?!?! Hey AEG, it’s 2008, not 1988!!! You might want to reconsider who’s running your promotions department. But then again, KC is about 20 years behind the times. JK. Instead of trying to use the Kings to sell the NHL in KC, maybe AEG should try selling the Kings to the people of Los Angeles.

  • Jayrew

    I’m with Anthony. It’s been a fear for a lot of us Kings loyals. Why else would thye give KC the real team, and give us the scraps???? and dont tell me b/c they are trying to show us the future. AEG can’t sleep knowing they have a brand new, stae-of-the-art arena w/out a tenant.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Lieweke and AEG decided to sell the Ontario Reign to the people of LA. And ice girls. Maybe the Kings can send the ice girls to Kansas City rather than unnecessarily travel tiring out the players.

    Buy hey, things are improving! Kansas City is a lot closer to Los Angeles than Austria, where the Kings went last year. I think one could argue that trip effected the Kings adversely last season, at least for the first few months even.

  • Paul

    Make no mistake about it folks. The clear fact that this team is not only refusing to spend money on UFAs from other teams, but apparently isn’t in a hurry to spend money on it’s own RFAs is a clear sign.

    Take that sign and add to it that the Kings are playing in an AEG building in KC for an exhibition game, and you should be seeing red flags.

    It seems clear to me that the AEG group doesn’t believe it can win in L.A., doesn’t believe it can build a fan base in L.A., and doesn’t believe it wants to keep the Kings in the Staples Center.

    Every time I hear Garry Bettman or some other NHL big whig asked about expansion, they always say that a team relocating is much more plausible in the near future. Conventional wisdom is that the teams they had in mind were Nashville, Columbus, or one of the Florida teams. At this point, I’d put my money on the Kansas City Kings being the team they’re really thinking about.

    Guess it’s time to go back to being a Ranger fan.

  • john

    Sadly enough, I don’t think I could root for another team besides the Kings, if they move I’ll probably be done with hockey.

  • anthony

    I agree with Paul, Ananymous, & Jayrew.

    AEG already has tenants at the Staples Center.
    Lakers & Clippers. The money will still come.
    They need tenants in Kansas City. So far that state of the art arena in K.C. is empty. And they’re gonna fill it up.
    Add that to the fact that PIECE of GARBAGE Gary Bettman is campaigning for a K.C. team – amounts to the end of the L.A. Kings.

    OH $H_t!
    There goes my beloved team.

  • yesitscal

    NHL hockey already failed in KC and will fail again.

  • Jayrew

    Keep trippin Paul and Anthony. The clock is about to strike midnight on us Kings faithfuls. How many years do you guys see the kings in LA? I see about 2 at THE MOST. When the team is ready to peak, they’ll ship it off to KC so they can sell tix at an alarmingly fast rate. It’s just what happens in Pro Sports. Look at the sonice, Rams. THose cases were always over new stadiums needing to be built, but this is also over a new arena, isnt it???? and what does ansutch care if kings fans are pissed off? He can build an empire!

  • cristobal

    Let’s show them the Bloody door already. Let AEG put the icing on the cake and take the team. I would urge all Kings fans to stay away from the Staples center and watch the boys from home. Two games on one night is a fookin’ joke. How is Murray supposed to control his players and see what’s going on with them, YOUTUBE? This is another disgrace in a long list of questionable AEG actions. Think about it. Do people go to London to visit the O2 arena? Absolutely not, they go because it’s got thousands of years of history and tons of sights to see. I’m telling you all, Leiweke is the devil. I don’t think Big Phil even knows what’s going on. He’s a puppet with money.
    I’m thinking about becoming a Ducks fan, or just not watching hockey until the playoffs. First the damn Rams, now this. I guess LA is deservedly cursed, we stole the Lakers, the Rams, the Clippers, and the Dodgers (plus the Raiders for a short stint). Hell, where did USC and UCLA come from?

  • Deano

    Kansas City is a DUMP!!!!!!!!!! They will be lucky if 8 of those hicks show up to watch a sport they dont like anyways…….fricken DUMP!!!!!!!

  • Marc Nathan

    Either way, neither squad is getting any real veteran defensemen… LOL…

  • Anonymous

    With the logic many of you are putting out there, the Kings’ playing in the AEG-owned O2 last fall would indicate they likewise plan on moving to London. Hence, the split squads.

    C’mon, take a deep breath, fellas. The Kings aren’t going anywhere. No one knows why the NFL doesn’t have a team in LA. No matter what the conspiracy theorists think, the NHL would love nothing more than the Kings to succeed in LA. I know Bettman is an idiot, but he’s no George W. Bush.

  • JDM

    If the Kings move I will flip out.

    I’ll have to get Center Ice and pretend I’m a Philly or Pittsburg fan. No way I could switch to being a Duck or a Shark or a Yote. It’s Kings or nothing.

    I wonder if any significant part of the L.A. population will even care if the Kings leave.

    Cristobal – I hate AEG too, but I can’t endorse sitting back and letting them take the team. Not that there is much any of us could do about it… I want to do terrible, terrible things to Leiweke and Anshitz

  • cristobal

    JDM – Would you rather buy their ice-girls and rebuilds and still lose them? We’d be doing more of a service to the NHL and Hockey if we helped make AEG a failure. It’s bigger than the Kings. They need to be shown the door.

  • JDM

    Yes, AEG needs to not own a hockey team or hockey property. Sadly I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    Ice girls don’t bother me at all, that one I really don’t understand the hate for.

    All I personally care about is being able to go watch the Kings play year in and year out, whether they win or lose. I hope to be able to do that until the day I die, and I refuse to do it Kansas City or Anaheim.

    Ideally something will be uncovered and Bettman, as big of a fool as he is, will be forced to suspend AEG the way he did Samuelli. My perfect world, AEG goes to Kansas City, the Kings stay here.

  • Jayrew

    Dude, Cristobal, If youre a die hard then you won’t sit back and let a team move to a SHI* hole like KC. I dont care what service it will do for the NHL i want to watch my fu*kin Kings. One day believe it or not, we have to win a cup. Right?

  • Eric K

    OK, everyone calm down. you’re starting to make me believe all this hysteria, and i do NOT want to panic until there’s major evidence that a move is in the works.

    cristobal, take it easy. MLB plays split-squad games during spring training all the time. if anything, it might benefit our younger guys if they can’t rely on Kopitar or D.B. for a game.

    and yes, i am concerned about AEG’s motives. but this could be much, much worse. let’s not freak out yet.

  • Quisp

    You guys really need to stop working yourselves up into a froth.

    As much as I am hesitant to encourage this thread by commenting on it, I have to say this: Cristobal — if you think that AEG is planning to move the team to KC, I don’t think you’re punishing them by not going to the games here at Staples. Obviously, if you’re right about AEG’s motives, an empty Staples Center is just what they want.

    Anyway, if you’re not going to games, what’s the difference. Just get Center Ice and root for the Kansas City Kings. Maybe that’s just the thing the team needs; no more free agents signing on just to live at the beach. Hey, this plan is just evil enough to work…

  • Anonymous

    I still do not believe that the NHL would allow the Kings to move out of the second-largest market in North America for Kansas City, who someone quite accurately described already. I can understand AEG wanting to hold an event in their arena, but I think it’s much more likely that another franchise would move before L.A.

  • Jayrew


    Why wouldnt they, the NFL did it, and they’re surviving quite nicely w/out LA.

  • mrk

    I never did believe this big hoopla about the Kings moving to Kansas. It’s very suspicious though. The motives are there. It’d be hard to root for Kansas. Oh well… Once a Kings fan, always a Kings fan. I’d die before I root for the quacks.


    Reading between the lines of the article, it says AEG is making a TON of money by having Tina Turner rehearsing for 10 days and playing two concerts. Blocking out dates like that with no paying customers is not cheap. Arenas make much more money on concerts and other one offs than they do on sports tennants. I hope that AEG doesn’t move the Kings but it doesn’t sound like they have a real pressing need to move the team to Kansas City either.

  • JDM

    The NFL is why I’m scared. However, reverse logic could be applied – the NFL is large enough in the west to survive without L.A… the NHL on the other hand, OWES its west coast interest specifically to Gretzky and the Kings.

  • anthony

    Quisp & Mrk

    If these red flags don’t indicate a move, what do you make of it.

    I, personally, wouldn’t trust AEG as far as I can throw them. To them it’s all about $$$$$$, not success.

  • gumlegs

    Its very important for us to put on a great show in Kansas City, Robitaille said. We owe it to Kansas City.”
    Its a shame AEG does not feel the same way about Los Angeles.

  • 28 KINGS

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    There is no way the team is moving. AEG would lose more money moving them to KC. How many years would it take try to establish a new fanbase to fill the seats? If you think 10k for a game in the staples center looks empty, how about 5k a night in KC. Also, that leaves another 41 open dates that NEED to be filled at Staples. Who’s going to fill in those guaranteed revenue generating days the Kings provide?

  • Arron

    Some of you need to relax a little.

    The NHL is having a pre-season game here in Winnipeg between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Calgary Flames and they are promising that they are brining the “best” players. The NHL does not need to sell hockey here and there is no way that the NHL will return to Winnipeg either.

    It is a pre-season game that means absolutely nothing. The Kings are not moving to KC, just like the Coyotes are not coming back to Winnipeg. So like I said earlier…just relax.

  • cristobal

    Guys, AEG has been detrimental to the league and hockey. They were tight with their money before the Cap, and they pushed it through with their complaints about losses. Why do profiteers buy sports clubs?
    I am a kings fan, but I’m a hockey fan first. When the post season starts I watch. People can call me a bandwagon, or fair weather fan, but I like to watch good hockey. And that includes the Olympics, World Cup, and WJC’s when they’re on. I don’t like anything that AEG has brought to the table with their ownership. They are on the Board of Governors and cannot hide the fact that they support Bettman, whom every Hockey fan wants gone. I make the question over and over, but I’ll ask it again: why does a multi-billionaire care if the team is profitable? AEG’s idea of entertainment is nuts.
    Look up what they’re doing with MLS. Salary caps and third rate quality teams.
    The NHL couldn’t care less about wether the fans want the team to move or not. They didn’t with Hartford, Minnesota, Winnipeg, or Quebec. They want to expand the fan-base and a new team in a new market is their (betmann’s and aeg’s) idea of moving forward.
    And, not to put anyone posting here down, but there ARE many tepid hockey fans going to LA games every night they play. I’ve seen it. They wouldn’t know an icing call from an offsides. And, they don’t know a sniper from a grinder.

  • Quisp

    Anthony —

    To answer your question, I don’t necessarily make anything of it. It’s sort of like diagnosing yourself with diseases using google. You can plug in whatever symptoms you think you have, and you’re always going to come up with cancer or AIDS or hantavirus, because the symptoms for everything are “flu-like symptoms.” However, those are also the symptoms of the flu. You can take a bunch of possibly meaningless events or observations and make a narrative out of them. It’s human nature for the mind to go to the most catastrophic possibility first. But it just doesn’t mean anything.

    To go back to my disease analogy: people become convinced they have this disease or that one, but they can only select from the diseases they know about, when it’s just as likely to be something they’ve never heard of, and astronomically more likely to be something non-fatal.

    Just as it’s far more likely that you’re going to die in your bathtub than by getting in an airplane, it’s far more likely the explanation for whatever Kings’ related thing is utterly mundane and uninteresting.

    Cristobal, re tepid hockey fans:

    You want as many tepid hockey fans as you can get your hands on. It’s called introducing people to the game. It’s the game’s job to get them hooked.


    Again, you don’t see the owners of The Forum or the Sports Arena clammoring for a sports tennant to be “an anchor”. They both lost their tennants and are chugging along, making their money elsewhere. Much like Sprint Center, the Forum has Janet Jackson rehearsing for her upcoming tour. A lot of concerts rehearse at the Sports Arena as well. There are other purposes for an arena! Heck, I even enjoy the NFL comparison because I can tell how desperate LA is to build a football stadium for an NFL team or upgrade the Colesium. It’s not just about sports folks.

  • vicarious

    The Kings are playing in LA next year and let’s enjoy the season. They’ll have a young team and we can root for the kids. As a fan, all I can really ask for is players who try hard–and last year’s team was disappointing but they did try hard and finished pretty good (to lose stamkos oh well I’m glad we got daughty and he looks like a stud player).

    Kings leaving? Wouldn’t surprise me with this management team. AEG management? These continuing stupid marketing gimmicks and AEG\Lieweke brain farts are rather annoying so thanks for letting me vent and know I’m not the only one annoyed at this continuing stupidity. Announcing “ice girls” when important players are not signed? Gimme a break. Keep your ice girls and give me a rebate on my tickets.

    (PS The kings are ahead of Lieweke’s Galaxy team. Although the Galaxy signed Beckham (a stud who plays his heart out),apparently the Galaxy lacks enough players for them to scrimmage at practice. Pray God Lieweke does not interfere with the Kings again)

  • RumpPump

    The Kings play 1 preseson game at home this year-1! How many other NHL teams are playing a barnstormer-like pre-season schedule? It’s as though they are auditioning for other places to play, whoever has the highest attendance wins. And they haven’t even met the floor yet meaning the NHL will not allow them to play regular season games. The organization is a complete joke right now. The defense looks like an expansion team, the goalies look the same as always and they have 1 great forward line. This is clearly a tank job for Tavares. Congrats Lombardi on taking the Kings and succesfuly moving them backwards in the standings for 3 straight seasons. Good luck scouting in northern Canada next season cause this will be your last GM job in the NHL.

  • anthony

    Here Here RumpPump,

    You said it perfectly.
    Especially about DL’s last job as GM.

  • cristobal

    RumpPump – Some great comments and I feel your anger, i have it too. It’s one thing to rebuild, yet another to toss the team to the wolves in order to get high draft picks. He finds good players at no. 2 and no. 3 overall because all the scouting is done for him.

    I have to say, however, that your screen name is downright vulgarity defined Were you a fan of the Butthole Surfers or something?

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