• kingskicka$$

    That bastard DL! There he goes, screwing things up again!!!! HA!

  • cristobal

    great move, signing one of your first round picks. DL’s really starting to catch on…

  • ainthony

    Dumbardi strikes again. Im a douche.

  • Deano

    Let the arse whoopin begin!!!

  • Zak

    awesome, great news.

    I am eager to see what the DL haters have to say, what creative DL bashes will they come up with this time?

    And Anthony, why is DL dumb for signing Tuebert? Are you going to complain once DL gets Sully and Stoll signed?

  • JDM

    Line em up, knock em down. Keep em coming DL!

  • BallPointHammer

    Another good move by Dean Lombardi. His signing of our draft choices at age 18 or 19 (Kopitar, Bernier, Lewis, Hickey, Moller, Simmonds, Doughty, Teubert, Voinov, Loktionov) shows the Kings commitment to them and their commitment to the Kings.

  • mrk


  • Duckhunter

    That makes our top 4 signed, right? I feel good about that. Only a few more to go.

    ainthony, your to hard on yourself!!

    JDM, you’ve been quiet lately, hope everything is good.

  • KingsFanInRI

    Hmmm, Rich had to run out of town all of a sudden…. is he headed for Dayton??????

  • Paul

    Good news that they’re starting to sign kids. Now let’s get Stoll & O’Sullivan signed alredy!

    On a vaguely related note, various reports have D Andrej Meszaros from Ottawa signing an offer sheet with an unnamed team and reportedly he’s not close to making a deal with the Sens. Any chance the unnamed team could be the Kings? He’d certainly fit the Kings mold, and the Kings need to add salary.

  • Joe Dirt

    I dont get it, you guys are commending a guy for something that shouldve been done reotinely ???

  • brianguy

    nope… I’m sure it’s KC

  • Anonymous

    The only signings I care about right now are (1) O’Sullivan and (2) Stoll.

    Until I hear that those guys are signed, any other signing will not mean much to me.

  • jediknight329

    hello everyone…

    this may not be the best place for this entry, but i just read a short blurb (even though its 4 days old) that lauri tukonen signed with a hockey club in finland. i guess the stars did not like what they saw either and let him walk. i think its strange to trade a prospect for another and then let him sign a contract with a euro team.

    does anyone know why? all of those tukonen lovers out there will have to wait a while for lauri to exact his revenge on the kings.

    i think again it shows that lombardi sees something that we, the hockey novists, don’t see. i am looking forward to the breakfast with the gm on saturday. hope all of you lombardi/murray haters/lovers are ready with your questions!

    anyway, i just got back from the ucla – tennessee game. holy crap what a football game.

    go kings… go bruins!

  • Anonymous

    jediknight… great post. not just for the tukonen thing… i was at the game too, and it was incredible. i’ve never heard the Rose Bowl that loud.

    also, for those who didn’t hear, Meszaros was traded to Tampa Bay, so cross that name off the list.

    someone give me some news! i’m going into withdrawal!

  • Paul

    Tukonen’s talent was always touted to be very good, but if I remember correctly the knock on him was poor work ethic. And a prospect trying to break into the NHL, even with a poor team like the Kings, will have a tough time making it if he doesn’t work hard and it shows on the ice.

  • ryan oliver

    jedi, it was probably a prospect dump on both teams. Or, Tuk was probably home sick and figured he could make more in Finland then what he was making in the AHL

  • cristobal

    jediknight – Its funny that Tukonen signed in Finland already. Has Dallas even had a camp yet? If they didn’t like him, lets hope its just part one of me eating my words about Lombardi.

    Speaking of that, what’s this GM’s breakfast you’re talking about? Some season ticket holder thing?


  • JDM


    My understanding is that its one of the few or several times that season ticket holders can go at ask DL questions directly. Like a Q & A at a news conference, but with Bagels.

  • jediknight329


    yes it is. this is one of the “perks” we season tix holders are afforded for the many nickels and dimes we throw at the team each year.

    twice a year we get to head down to the kings training facility in el segundo and have “breakfast” with lombardi and the coaches. they serve a ton of food (for free) and you can then ask questions of the panel – normally lombardi, hextall and the head coach. it was crawford a few times, but now it will be murray. it is actually a nice event to attend. lombardi and the coaches are very accessible to the public.

    after an event like this, most (not all) people are more comfortable with the decisions that are made. and you feel a little better about the team. but, you also get a sense of how long it will take before we are truly contenders.

    if you can get past most of the “lombardi-ese” you can pick up some real solid info on his thought process and who he feels are the key players on the team. he usually goes over the teams depth chart. this is quite interesting and if you get a chance to study it, you will actually see who will be signed, for how long and where fa’s fit into the mix. some of those absent from the depth chart last year are no longer on the team. he never mentions anything, but it was there in black and white.

    hope that helped.

  • Duckhunter

    Jediknight, I to went to the UCLA game. I have 10 more years of being a USC fan than a Kings fan. Reason I’m saying that is because I’ve never said anything good about UCLA, but that was a great game. If anybody finds out I went to the UCLA game, I’d be in big trouble. Reasons I went was because the ticket was free, they were playing Tenn. and Craft, the quarterback played at my college last year. I was glad to see him make a big comeback in the second half. So to all you true UCLA fans congrats, that’s the only time you’ll here me say that.

    Sorry for the non hockey post.

  • jediknight329


    go kings…

    another brief non-hockey post. i do some contract work at mt. sac twice a year. it’s a great jc. i was just there this past week.

    go mounties…

    go kings!!!

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