Another goalie?

Back from a few days away…hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Looks as though there will be yet another goalie in the training-camp mix for the Kings. The Calgary Sun reported today that 20-year-old goalie Marty Jones of the Western Hockey League’s Calgary Hitmen has been invited to Kings training camp. Jones had an 18-8-1 record and a 2.12 goals-against average last season.

Veteran goalie in su-Spence

With training camp just around the corner, we’ll start preparing here with some team preview stuff and, at some point soon, an in-depth Q&A with Dean Lombardi.

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  • EJ

    Can’t find gems unless you sift through a lot of dirt.

  • Aloysius

    with all due respect, I know we have our goalie issues but what about O’Sullivan?

    I think we have some good goalies in the pipe.

  • crownme

    cant wait till the DL interview! and for this season to start already!!

  • Crash

    Should be interesting to hear the spin DL places on this season as a reason to care.

  • anthony

    I’m also interested to hear DL’s spin on the season.
    Lately, they’ve been sounding more like excuses.

    It looks more and more like he’s building an expansion team instead of a contending team.

  • EJ

    Where did you guys get the idea that the Kings will be contending for anything this season??? It’s well known that these guys will compete, but likely not contend for anything.

  • Anonymous

    “It looks more and more like he’s building an expansion team instead of a contending team.”

    You have to start somewhere. Taylor and co never had the balls to do it right, just constant quick fixes.

  • Mike


    Will you be at the Breakfast with the GM&Coach this Saturday morning?

  • Dom

    The question to ask is: is it worth to be bad for yet another Season in order to really build this team and get a fair shot at Tavares??

    Yes, in my opinion, yes it is.

  • cristobal

    What’s the Vegas over/under on goalies in net for the Kings this season? I’ll take the over if its 6.

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