Lombardi, on rumors

Somebody felt compelled to ask about my very favorite topic, the wild trade rumors of this summer. I could go into a long rant about the importance of following credible sources, but here’s what Lombardi had to say…

“They had a report… They’re going to trade Kopitar to Chicago for Khabibulin, so they can get to the floor. Now, somebody actually wrote that in a quote-unquote credible newspaper, which then set off bells and whistles. That is so ludicrous. When I look at that, I say, at least I’m sitting in this seat and I know how stupid that is. But somebody writes it. I’m thinking, what in the world is on the front page? Do the important things in the world follow the same thing? Because, boy, that’s pretty scary, to think that somebody who is supposed to be credible would throw that out there. When I see that, that’s just playing the public, throwing that crap so they can get a reaction. I laugh it off, but then I think, does that happen in the other sections of the newspaper? But anyway, that’s absurd, don’t worry about that.”

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  • yesitscal

    I first read about the Kopitar rumor in the Calagary Sun and just figured that it must have been a slow news day in Alberta…

    Of course, some of the best trades are the ones you don’t make.

  • 11

    I saw those rumors and all my friends were freaking out. But Kopitar for Gerber or the Bulin wall come on now. I had to assure them if we were trading Kopitar to Chicago we were getting Kane and Toews.

  • Anze

    It better be absurd, Dean, unless you like unemployment and want to be the most hated man in Kings history.