Murray, on developing defensemen

Here’s what Terry Murray had to say about how he plans to help develop the Kings’ young defensemen…

MURRAY: Mark Hardy is now back with the L.A. Kings, working with us. He was a defenseman for years and a good coach. It’s now our job, to work with the young guys, develop their individual skillS, through small groups on the ice, video sessions, communication and small-group meetings, and to put that team in place. One thing they need to know… If you’re going to be a good defenseman in this league, you can only play as well as the team structure that’s in place.

You have to have help from your forwards. It takes five guys on the ice, six guys with the goalie, to play well in the defensive part of the game. That’s the plan and that’s the style that we have to have in place. That’s the philosophy that we have to have all these young guys and the veterans buy into, that they’re going to play hard for each other. When that foundation is there, then you see the young guys, their true talent and their abilities will start to come out. Then you’ll see much better hockey players, individually, as the season goes on, because of the structure that’s going to be laid down in training camp.

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