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The Kings are still looking at a trade as their best option to add a defenseman, but should they shift their focus to the free-agent route, the names they’re looking at would include Jassen Cullimore, Bret Hedican, Keith Carney, Marek Malik and Nolan Pratt. They would also take another look at Danny Markov and perhaps even Aaron Miller. Keep in mind, though, that a trade is still far more likely. These are just names that would be considered.

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  • Irish Pat

    Ha, it’ll be Markov! I was waiting for a former Flyer to pop up. Kidding aside, I hope it’s Schneider because he’ll end up bringing back the most return at the trade deadline and he would be a good tutor for Doughty if he makes the team. Otherwise, McKee, Hedican or Sydor.

  • Rich,

    Now this is funny. Eklund has quoted your blog in the Kings search for another defenseman. However, he quotes an UN-NAMED LA source and quotes your word for word. How hard would it be to mention your name?

    From Eklund:
    A lot going on today, but so far the most solid is the fact that the LA Kings are shopping for a veteran d-man. You need to look no further than what they did last year when they signed Brad Stuart and moved him at the deadline to know what they are thinking here…

    According to an LA source: “Anaheim’s Mathieu Schneider is the one the Kings are seriously considering. Other names under consideration would be San Jose’s Kyle McLaren, Florida’s Karlis Skrastins, Nashville’s Greg de Vries, St. Louis’ Jay McKee and Pittsburgh’s Darryl Sydor. There’s one more name out there that might surface as a real option in the next couple days, but as always these talks are pretty fluid.”

  • Rich Hammond

    Tells you everything you need to know about that site.

  • PolarBearOne

    Well, you know, Bret Hedican and Kristi Yamaguchi DO want to settle down on the West Coast. Sooooo, doesn’t it make all the sense in the world to have Bretty-poo work close to home and family?????????????????

    (Blake) DeWitt Deano!!!

  • Lou

    I have gone to that “other site” from time to time, but when i saw that he just copied and pasted Rich’s whole blog submission, that irritated me to no end. That’s called plagerism. It tells me a lot about his work ethic on that site. They used to have an excellent kings blogger who would use Rich’s stuff but always gave credit where credit was due. It really is to bad, cause I hate plagerizers!

  • KingsCast Hockey Podcast

    We all knew that Eklund was a fraud. But I thought he just made everything up. Now we know he ALSO scours blogs and posts them as his “sources”.

    I replied to that thread on Hockeybuzz. We’ll see how long it takes me to get A) banned or B) my post deleted.

    Now what will happen is the Kings will trade for one of the players Rich mentioned and then take credit for it because of his “sources” at the Los Angeles Kings.

  • Anonymous

    Schneider, Plesae.

  • Chris

    I have now lost the little remaining respect I had for that BS site. What a joke!! This Eklund guy doesn’t have “sources,” he searches the internet all day looking for news bites from other sites and claims he has a “source” with a certain team. He is truly a fiction writer.
    And Lou, I have to disagree. That site has never had a good Kings blogger. Only pedantic, wandering emptiness.

    Thanks for all you do Rich! I might as well make this site my homepage.

  • KingsCast Hockey Podcast

    It would be interesting to go back (and, no, I am not volunteering for this project) see how many times Eklund has lifted Rich’s blogs as his LA source.

  • Evan Westing


  • Tadite

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for all the work on the blog. Thought you should know that “Eklund” used you as a “LA Source” then stole your information without a source.…8&blogger_id=1

    Guy is famous for making up rumors. Looks like he is not above just stealing them when they are real….

  • Eric K

    Eklund is absolute trash… no wonder he won’t even use his own name.

    Rich, thanks for the hard work, as usual.

  • Eric K

    god, i hope this is true.

    “According to a league source the LA Kings and center Patrick OSullivan are on the verge of agreeing to a 4 year deal.The deal is believed to be worth close to $4.25 million per season. Expect an official announcement later in the week. O’Sullivan was previously seeking up to $5 million per season.”

    not sure how much there is to this rumor out of Pittsburgh, but it’s certainly more legit than Eklund (who apparently is CERTAIN Sully is headed to Toronto). i have many names to propose for this anonymous blogger, but i don’t think they’re printable.

  • Ryan

    It’s about time some of you people saw reality. Dwayne Klessel (AKA Eklund) is a complete fake who makes good money by catering to the uneducated hockey fans. This then creates a bashing debate among educated hockey fans and creates a lot of interest to his site.

    Dwayne Klessel should stick to his folk music and leave hockey alone!

  • KingsCast Hockey Podcast

    XM 204 is a big sponsor of Hockeybuzz. You can email the show at to express your discontent.

  • Eklund that publicly apologized to Rich. Wow.

  • Bob Bobson

    Why give something up in a trade ? Or is the hope we Dean can squeeze a pick or prospect from a team in return for taking salary off their hands ?

  • Rich Hammond

    This situation has been resolved to my satisfaction. Thanks to everyone, as always, for your great support.

  • greg

    This is completely pointless.

    Between Visnovsky and Blake the Kings have lost between 43 and 47 minutes of ice time per night. (Not to mention the loss of Brad Stuart)

    That’s out of 120 minutes per night.

    Lombardi has replaced those minutes with Denis Gauthier, who played himself out of the league and Matt Greene, who’s a bottom pairing 16 minute defenseman.

    Lombardi can’t simply sign the kind of minutes he needs to replace. The Kings already had Jack Johnson playing 20 minutes a night last season.

    Lombardi has to be in the market for a big minute defenseman. He has to be. Not only that, he has to trade for a big minute defenseman and sign a veteran!

    1. TRADE
    2. Johnson
    3. Preissing
    4. UFA
    5. Gauthier
    6. Doughty
    7. Harrold

    God forbid a defenseman get injured. As of right now this has got to be the least experienced and worst group of defensemen the NHL has seen in a long, long time.

  • Carla Muller

    Thanks Rich for everything that you do. I was proud to cite you for anything I learned from you, Don Fulton or Matthew Kredell when I was the Kings’ blogger on Hockey Buzz.

  • WhoThePuck

    Hey Rich,
    In Calgary and just purchased The Hockey News Yearbook and discovered you wrote the LA Kings piece. Good job. Branching out we see. Watchout Daily News don’t mess around with Rich. I’m thinking Olberman from local ABC to ESPN to MSNBC; Rich to ESPN the Magazine then Wall Street Journal.
    That rag went for $10 by the way; hope they paid you well they are just sticking it to the fans.

  • Shutout

    If the Kings are going to play a young goaltender this season, they better sign an all star defenseman to help with the team GAA. Nobody on this list is talented enough to really make a difference. Last year they were bullied in front of the net and did not clear rebounds. Let’s hope they get this problem resolved so we have something to cheer about this season.

  • ryan oliver

    WhoThePuck, Rich has been doing the Hockey News for years. Always great articles, and you know he had something to do with getting Kopitar in the top 50. No-one on the east coast has probably even herad the name. And great to see Ecklund with the appology. Rich is the man

  • CiscoC

    Rich Hammond >>>>>>> Olberman

    Rich is objective, checks his facts, and has an audience.

  • jet

    Greg – I agree with you regarding brining in someone who can play in a first pairing situation until the trade deadline. My choice would be Aucoin if we do not have to give up too much. But, I think it would be better to give Piskula or Martinez a shot at the 3rd or 4th pairing position. We are unlikely to contend given the strength of our division this year, so we might as well give the experience to some one who will stay.
    I also believe the young prospects will be more motivated to improve if they see the Kings giving opportunities to young guys.
    I think the Kings are becoming the team prospects want to be drafted by with their commitment to signing and developing players along with the opportunities at Manchester and LA. Again, I preach patience.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Kudos, Rich. I think you have handled this whole plagerism incident with so much class, and have proved yourself to be more than a Exceptional Professional Journalist. We Kings fans are very lucky to have you covering the beat for us, and always bringing us “just the facts.”

    Thank you, sir…

  • MarkE

    As much as I’m no longer a Blake fan, for all this talk about getting to the cap bottom with the likes of Schneider for 5-6 mil. or anyone else for a year. Why didn’t Lamebardo resign Blake, especially with the respect we now see he had from the Kings players for another year. Now he’s scrambling for an veteran defenseman with leadership for the young guys…ROB BLAKE!

  • jediknight329


    i guess you did not see any of the comments by management about cohesion and chemistry in the locker room. blake was hurting the team. we will get to the cap floor without adding anyone else to the team. when sully and richardson are re-signed and the nhl squad is finalized we will be above the floor. adding a vet d-man is more for mentoring and protecting the goalies.

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