• old time hockey

    I kind of like how they used the nicknames instead of the first names. Amusing.

  • Irish Pat

    I thought the Switzerland photo and caption for it was pretty funny. I’ll have to Tivo the Price is Right in November. It looks like they had fun.

  • ryan oliver

    Good for the Kings getting the name out there, especially on a national show. I’ll have to remember to tune in.

  • David

    This is despicable! Armstrong, Brown & Calder are all married men with kids. I wonder what their wives think of the boat picture?

    What’s next for them? An appearance at the Playboy Mansion?

    To think that the Kings actually pay employees in their public relations / marketing department to come up with this stuff. I’d fire the entire staff!

  • Anonymous

    are you serious??? Hopefully that was a bit sarcastic and if not lighten up man…it’s a game show. Or would you rather see Ducks players on a huge name game show like the Price is Right?

  • Anonymous

    The Ducks belong on The Gong Show…so long as they put paper bags on their heads and tell bad jokes…

  • Marc Nathan

    …and somewhere in the Santa Clarita Valley, a young boy’s wet dream has come true šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous


    haha, yeah, the season definitely needs to start.

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