Schneider on waivers

Since he’s a potential Kings target, I mention that the Ducks have placed defenseman Mathieu Schneider on waivers. We’ll see what happens with that over the next 24 hours. I’ll try to get any reaction from the Kings.

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  • Josh

    No Doubt in my mind he will be a King

  • Anonymous

    I hope not. As many have said that he doesn’t provide leadership nor is in his better years. We have enough offensive d-men as it is. Let the kids roll with it!!

  • Jonny

    In this organization, theres always room for doubt…. lets see what happens.

  • Tim

    Just like last time…. Phx will get him!

  • Anonymous

    Other then the money what do we have to lose. What do you guys think pair him with Johnson on the #1 D-line?

    Or…..Schneider w/ Doughty or Pressing on the second line??

  • sticks

    Kings should have the second pick…I think the teams get to pick in order from last to first so Tampa would have the first choice and the Kings second.

    Tampa would be a good fit but but do they have any cap room?

    I think the Kings pick him up.

  • SuperSonic420

    From everything i am hearing, its sounds like Dean’s main target is for a defensive d-man. Knowing his track record, I wouldnt be surprised if Deano did not put in a claim for him until he passes re-entry waviers. That way he can get a guy hes not high on at a cheaper rate and make the ducks pay half the tab for the year. That would really stick it to Burky! I think Burke is also a lil gun shy about handing over Schneider to the Kings thinking Dean will just trade him to another divisional foe at the deadline, so there ya go.

  • Micah

    Well I heard there is other interest in Schneider (Vancouver?? can’t remember), so if Dean wants to make a play, he shouldn’t wait for M.S. to pass through re-entry waivers.

  • Paul

    I just don’t get why the Kings would have interest in Schneider. He’s 39 years old. He’s way down the backside of his career. 3 years ago he could put points up, but I doubt he could even get 30 this year. And everyone agrees he wouldn’t contribute much in the locker room.

    The Kings need defense from their blue line, not offense. Go get someone who can keep the puck out of the net, not put it in.

  • KingFan4ever

    Schneider’s not the same player the last time he was with the Kings but he still put up respectable numbers last year and can really give the PP a boost. DL better snatch him quick…

  • Brian

    Take him. He may not be the best, but he is a left shot, has experience & it will only be for one year. And now it won’t cost us a draft pick.

  • jet

    Seems like he would want to stay home for now and then be moved to a contender for the playoff run.

  • petey

    SuperSonic, the Kings would not be able to deal Schneider until they put him on waivers first. Any player claimed off waivers cannot be dealt the same year unless that player has been offered to every other team through waivers.
    Paul, he’s 36, not 39.

  • Al

    Since the Kings were 2nd to last overall, wouldn’t they get 2nd crack at him after Tampa? And does that work the same on re-entry. Or if Tampa and the Kings pass on him and expect him to be there for re-entry can another team come back within the 24 hour period and claim him, once they had passed on him if Tampa and the Kings do let him go by. I hope that made sense.

  • Quisp

    Tim —

    Unless I don’t understand how waivers work, the order is determined by the final regular season standings (until the season starts, when it’s whatever the standings are when the player is put on waivers). Therefore, the Kings can have him if Tampa doesn’t want him.

    Supersonic —

    DL wouldn’t have been talking to Anaheim about Schneider if he didn’t think he would fit. Therefore, I’m not so sure about DL’s recent comment about wanting to go more defensive. It may be true. It may be true given the price for Schneider on that particular day. It may be subterfuge.

    In any case, waiting for Schneider to clear waivers would be a bit of a gamble, wouldn’t it? If DL wants Schneider, he wants him. The 6 million for one year isn’t going to be a problem. I would be surprised if Schneider would not get selected on waivers the first time and then would not be selected by Tampa Bay on re-entry at the bargain price. And of course, in order for Anaheim to do what it wants to do, it needs to get rid of Schneider’s salary against the cap. Burke might be willing to pay the salary and keep Schneider in the minors just to achieve that. (I believe I am right that if he’s in the minors they have to pay his salary but it doesn’t count against the cap; am I right about this?). Also there’s no guarantee that the re-entry situation would play out before the season starts, which would also not be good for the Kings, if DL was waiting for re-entry to nab him.

    Anyway, I think the only reason for DL not to take Schneider now is if he doesn’t want him, period. Any other strategy would be too clever by half.

  • Duckhunter

    There has to be better value out there for the money and our needs.

  • Smyttie

    petey, that’s not quite true. Here’s the rules for trading a player claimed off of waivers:

    13.20(b) A Player who has been acquired by Waiver claim shall not be Traded to another Club until the termination of Playoffs of the season in which he was acquired unless he is first offered on the same terms to the Club(s) that entered a claim when Waivers were requested originally and the offer has been refused.

  • Nick

    I have a feeling that the Kings may pass on Scheidner. Reading the comments posted early about his leadersip or lack there of makes me hesitant. Lombardi doesn’t want guys coming here for weather, why would he take a guy making 5.75 million who only wants to come here so he doesn’t have to move his family…?

  • LB

    Rich, are you going to have any more info from the Rookie Camp, such as player quotes?

  • Smyttie

    Al, Tim:

    Both waivers work this way: When a player is put on waivers, there is a time period for any club interested to submit a claim to that player to the NHL office. In the case where more than a single club submits a claim either the current season standings are used to determine priority or the previous seasons standings. It’s not like the NHL goes to each club in turn and asks if they want the player. So no, another team cannot first say no, then after all the other teams pass come back and say yeah, we’ll take him.

  • Quisp

    As far as whether Schneider is the best option right now for the Kings, that’s likely to be something DL is in a position to perceive, and we, as fans — not being privy to all the positioning and dancing that’s going on around the league right now — are not.

    One thing I’m curious about though. In his negotiations with O’Sullivan, it seems to me that POS’s agent has DL over a barrel as long as DL needs POS’s salary to get him to the cap floor. Question #1: Am I right about this? Question #2: If this is the case, is it not also the case that DL improves his negotiating position with POS by picking up Schneider at his full salary?

  • tantrum4


    We don’t REALLY need Sully’s salary to get us over the floor. According to this we are currently at $38,876,283 for cap payroll, which is only a couple million below the cap floor. Dean could just sign some free agent that hasn’t signed anywhere yet for about $2 million and we’re over the floor. I don’t think Sully’s agent has a ton of leverage in regards to that scenario.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    This smells like the Sean Burke situation to me. We are going to take Schneider (Tampa can’t afford now) and then we will trade a minimally valuable prospect to Anaheim for a low pick, or swap picks with Anaheim gettting the higher rated prospect

  • brianguy

    Tampa isn’t in the running, so that leaves it for the Kings to decide… then the other teams. big number, but I say yes. Kings need this bridge player

  • MasterAL99

    Why would he want to come to LA for a reason other than money and the beach? Dude ain’t young. If LA signs him, he will be traded by the trade deadline. Is it even worth it for LA to sign him for 4 mil or whatever he would want? Should have kept Lubo. Losing Lubo is going to hurt us most. What up with extending a player to a long term deal and then trading his arse before the contract kicks in? This 40 mil dollar budget is garbage. This is LA, not Winnipeg. The good news is, I’ll probably get tickets for 20 percent of face value on Craigslist this season. That being said, I look forward to watching the young studs to develop this year.


  • Tim

    Quisp and Snyttie,

    Thanks for the breakdown on how waivers work. I come from the hockey biz, and know I don’t know everything, but I do know how most of these things work. I was just really trying to be sarcastic. Sorry I should’ve thrown in some text lingo like “j/k, or :)”.

    Back to Schneider, I would take him for half the price, like (SuperSonic420) said I feel that DL will be going after a stay at home left handed d-men and around the lower to mid 30 age range.

    Thanks fellas!

  • Not Impressed

    With Blake and Visnovsky done, who is going to quaterback the power-play? You can’t put that kind of responsibility on an 18 year old. Get Schneinder for that and DD can learn from him.
    Besides, the way TM is talking, the whole team will be playing with defense in mind this year, so I think the defensemen will be ok with the forwards playing better D.

  • Quisp

    tantrum4 —

    You speak the truth re those numbers. I did notice, however, that the site includes Lewis, G. Gauthier and Zeiler against the cap, none of whom are likely to make it; also Bernier, who I think will make it but conventional wisdom says he will not. The list does not include Purcell, who I think will make it. Another issue is Armstrong, who I think stands a chance of being traded, put on waivers (and therefore getting picked up, or alternatively starting the season in Manchester (presumably DL needs to keep this available as an option — Armstrong is not likely [in my utterly uninformed back-seat-driverish opinion] to start the season as anything other than the 13th/14th forward). DL of course is the keeper of all the real numbers and I’m quite sure he has his eye on this particular ball (there are bonuses and so forth that I gather count against the cap, and I don’t know what they are or how much difference they make finally; I would assume we’re talking about one or two million, but who knows).

  • Paul
  • Duckhunter

    Quisp your points on O’Sulls leverage makes sense and very well could be possible. Either way, I think DL will reach the floor with ease. DL has put himself in to good a situation(money wise) to just throw it at Schneider for 6 million a year, for a one year rental. There has to be better options out there, that fits our needs for def. and leadership and longevity, for a more reasonable or equal price. These are just my thoughts, and you know better than most, I don’t know much and don’t pretend to (too?) From the outside, in, it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fit with what DL’s been doing all summer. If there’s no other options, than bring him in, but I think DL has many options in which he can exploit. Again, I don’t know this for sure, it’s just a guess.

  • JDM

    I’m really torn on Schneider now. One the one hand I definately think he would definately make our defense more offensively capable, as far as defensively however, I don’t think he adds quite as much. We need both. Ultimately I wanted a locker room guy who can eat decent minutes instead of a purely on ice performer, which it seems Schneider ultimately is having heard like the rest of you knocks against his leadership abilities. Then again, one of Gauthier’s biggest praises and one of the reasons I think DL picked him up is that he’s like Armstrong in that he is much more valuable in the locker room than on the ice. So maybe that balances out the mentoring thing and makes it more useful to pick up a strictly lead by performance type player. If we could pick up Schneider and then sign Hedican cheap that would be great, but now we are taking spots away from rookies, so if these guys are only to here to help out the young’ins then what good is it if they take that roster spot? Damnit… I just don’t know anymore.

    Based off my indeciviness, I’m going to accept and be content with whatever DL chooses. I’m fine if we get him, I’m fine if we pass (with the contigency that a different vet dman is picked up later).

  • tantrum4

    Quisp –

    You know what else? I looked at the list also and it has Doughty listed making $3,75,000 per season! ha,ha…well I guess we’re farther from the floor than I thought!

  • OCPiker

    Quisp said:
    “tantrum4 —

    You speak the truth re those numbers. I did notice, however, that the site includes Lewis, G. Gauthier and Zeiler against the cap, none of whom are likely to make it; also Bernier, who I think will make it but conventional wisdom says he will not….”

    Well here’s the problem with hockeybuzz. It’s not the most reliable site out there. By my count, the Kings are sitting somewhere around $34-35 mil if you include Boyle and Purcell. I left out Drew Doughty because 1) he’s penciled in but not a definite yes for making the roster, and 2) his bonuses are really unknown. the CBA allows his salary to max out at $875k, but his bonuses could raise his cap number, which i’m guessing will be around $2 mil (just a guess). so assuming he does make the team and my numbers are right, the Kings will probably sit around a cap number $37 mil.

    Quisp –

    “You know what else? I looked at the list also and it has Doughty listed making $3,75,000 per season! ha,ha…well I guess we’re farther from the floor than I thought!”

    Well yes and no. They’re probably including all his performance bonuses also. The CBA allows the max player salary

  • san diego kings fan

    That is what he makes IF he hits all his bonuses. I think the max base rookie salary is something like 875,000, but they can be seriously bonus laden. The odds of Doughty making ALL his bonuses is pretty slim, but that sould be his cap hit if he did.

  • Smyttie

    RE: Doughty and his bonuses. Because of the NHLPA’s option to terminate the CBA after this season, all the bonuses have to be counted as part of the cap hit for this season. Therefore, all of Doughty’s potential bonuses are counted as part of the cap salary. Now, we have a pretty good idea of what the maximum that Doughty could impact the cap is: $875K base salary + 10% of that as signing bonus. Add $850K of Exhibit 5 “A” bonuses and $2M Exhibit 5 “B” bonuses, for a grand total of $3.81M maximum cap hit.

  • John P

    Not gonna claim him off waivers. Simple reason $$$$$$$$, AEG has the Kings on a tight budget and his salary will not fit, I wish this was not true, but watch and see what happens.

  • OB Randy

    I think paying $5.75M for Schneider (not being a defensive d-man, 39 years old, and limited locker room benefit) is too much, considering DL still has some other free agent D-Men still available who could be signed at a more reasonable price (see Rich’s list). In addtion, he could still trade for one (e.g. McKee in St.L). But I think, waiting for reentry waiver, and possibly getting Schneider at half that amount and sticking the other half of the bill to the quacks (ha!) without having to give up any assets is compelling to me (Oh the thought of Burke writing that monthly check :). If some other team picks him up now, oh well… no sweat to the Kings … again, DL has other options.