• Anonymous

    Finally, some good news.
    Just get O’sully signed DL by the end of the week and I’ll be happy.

  • BoltThrower

    I too see this as good news. Let’s get someone who isn’t so grossly overpriced, who’s leadership isn’t as questionable and who is more responsible in his own end. Schneider doesn’t fit any of these requirements IMO.

  • Jeff

    Have to agree with this move. I’m sure that there is someone who is better in the ‘room’ and more responsible in his own end. Not to mention, someone who is a little cheaper

  • Jonny

    Money isnt an issue./ I hope they don’t F theirselves here.

  • JB

    Unless anyone can legitimately say Schneider will be that one piece to deliver us into the playoffs then no he is not worth the money. I say go w/ a proven defensive zone specialist that can show the kids that it takes more than pure skills.

    I know anyone reading all the team assessments that are now floating out there on TSN and Yahoo may feel depressed but be realistic. Our best hope this season is the kids gel, put together a great effort each night and maybe are even competetive for a final playoff spot.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what TSN and Yahoo said about the Flyers last year and look what they did.

  • Earl Sleek

    I wonder what TSN and Yahoo said about the Flyers last year and look what they did.

    Uh, spent money?

    I kid. I don’t know if Schneider solves much for the Kings at all either. Had Lombardi shown a willingness to spend money elsewhere, Schneider might have been a nice fit. But if the plan is to sit on the wallet this year, Schneider’s not going to make this team a winner by himself.

    Hopefully Kopitar doesn’t let it get to him. Someday, Anze!

  • malachi crunch

    It’s all about money with this club and what they won’t spend. I find it pretty pathetic. This signing is a no brainer and he easily fits into a number 1/2 slot. Our D is going to look atrocious!

  • Smyttie

    It looks like Burke blinked first; I now realize that there is no way that DL will claim Schneider unless there was a realistic change that another team would have. Because waiving Schneider and sending him down to the minors doesn’t solve the Ducks cap issues; Schneider is in the 2nd year of a SPC signed after he turned 35; all but $100K of his salary still counts towards the Ducks salary, so they will STILL be above the cap. In addition, Tampa Bay is the only team with higher priority on the re-entry waivers than the Kings, and they don’t have the cap space to take on half of Schneider’s salary. Therefore, if Burke wants to trade him, Schneider will have to pass through reentry waivers, and the first team that can take him is…the Kings. Now, is Schneider worth $2.75M or so? I’m sure Lombardi & Murry are really focusing to see if Doughty can really play quality NHL minutes this season.

  • Tim

    For anyone who cares, here’s a clip from TSN on Lubo….


  • 28 KINGS

    “I wonder what TSN and Yahoo said about the Flyers last year and look what they did.”

    The Flyers had a bad year 2 seasons ago, nothing more. The Kings are a bad team, big difference.

  • Quisp

    I’m surprised and disappointed. I hear what many are saying about Schneider not being good in the room, being old, etc.. My “plan B” hope is that DL has his sights on someone less famous who is utterly solid defensively.

    What I don’t understand is, why would DL be inquiring about him via a trade, and then not want to pick him up off waivers? Of course, the only conclusion is…they are so impressed by both Teubert and Hickey at rookie camp that as of Monday they don’t need anyone else.

    That’s a joke, by the way.

  • Nick

    “I wonder what TSN and Yahoo said about the Flyers last year and look what they did.”

    I don’t know what they said but the year they had two years ago was due to a crapload of injuries and almost solely bad goaltending. They fixed their issues between the pipes, added a boatload of offense, and took off. Anyone not expecting them in the playoffs last year was kidding themselves.

  • Vicarious

    DL has shown some talent for player evaluation and, while I think its pretty clear Schneider is a very good player, who can really tell how good an on ice teacher he is except for them who played with him. I thought Schneider was a great player for the Kings back in the day but that salary is sure a lot to pay with this team now.

    So, I say Good move by DL. He was not being stampeded by what looked like Burke’s attempt to manipulate the situation by media rumors, then showed good self control by not jumping at a large contract not likely to improve the team all that much. Good show of patience and sense. No need to spend a lot of money now. Another suitable player will likely turn up cheaper.

    For the naysayers, take heart. Based on the law of averages, DL probably will screw up the next deal.

  • KingFan4ever

    I wouldn’t be surprised if ended up back in NY playing for either the Rangers or Islanders since he’s a NY native, although I think he has digs in Manhattan Beach just like every other hockey player in the west.

  • David

    hrmm… i see the thought process of kings management as he is definitely overpaid. but why would he want to take a huge paycut to play for the Kings? i would think he would rather take a paycut and play a “character role” on a cup contender. i would think a big paycheck would be one of the few things that gets him to come to LA.

  • JB

    Here you go for what was said about Flyers prior to last season http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=11206

    Big differences. 1- Flyers had dealt prior season for Biron who was a proven NHL goaltender. 2 They signed Briere in the summer prior to last seaon 3. They picked up Timmonen and Hartnell also in offseason 4. They were deep on defense.

    People do not go into this season thinking some miracle is going to happen. This season is about stregthening the young core so that in future years we can add pieces as we need them to help address playoff needs. Fortunately Brown has already committed. We need Kopitar, Sully and Johnson to develope that same feeling that this is their team for life and know that if they buy in the kids behind them will too.

  • Brian

    And another thing….Why are the tickets small this year? 2-1/2″ X 5-1/2″. The Ducks tickets I saw are still the nice big ones we had last year. 3″ X 7-1/2″.
    Think of the money they saved on card stock.

  • Model 62

    Quisp Said: “What I don’t understand is, why would DL be inquiring about him via a trade, and then not want to pick him up off waivers? Of course, the only conclusion is…they are so impressed by both Teubert and Hickey at rookie camp that as of Monday they don’t need anyone else.”

    Picking up the player off waivers handcuffs Lombardi at the trade deadline. Before the player could be traded, Lombardi would have to offer him first to every other team in the League that placed a claim during the original waiver period. If one of them bites, the Kings would receive in return the Waiver price (an administrative fee) and nothing more.

    A Schneider plucked from Waivers is much less attractive than a Schneider traded for fair and square.

    It is a wonderfully arcane system.

  • Quisp

    Model 62 —

    I didn’t know that.

  • Tompa

    Don’t forget the rookie game against the Coyotes starting soon! Check the Kings official site for a stream.

  • Anonymous

    Model 62…

    Good looks on the explanation…

    I still say we claim Schneider and try to be competitive this year. I can’t envision a blueline with 2-3 rookies on it.

    Andy Murray did a pretty good job bring Erik Johnson along last season. J was so good in St. Louis last year was because they had enough veterans on their back-end that he didn’t have to play in as many pressure situations…

    Who do the Kings turn to this year to help develop/protect their young guys like Doughty, Harrold and JJ?…. Gauthier and Preissing…doesn’t look pretty back there anyway you spin it…

    I think we need to pull the trigger & pick him up, no one knows where this team will be at when the deadline comes along…maybe we’ll be buyers and NOT SELLERS for once!

    Wishful thinking…i’m sure…

  • cristobal


    Thanks for posting that link with the Lubo clip. Lubo’s a great guy and a great defenseman. The part where Horcoff speaks to Lubo’s ability to hit the forwards breaking out of the zone with crisp and accurate passes is something LA will not see this year unless its from Doughty or Schneider. The Kings need someone like Schneider to break them out of the defensive zone. Unfortunately, our mixed up GM got Greene and then his carbon copy in Gauthier. Neither of these two can be counted on for going forward. If Stoll and Greene don’t fit in nicely, the trade will look as bad as the FA signings. Lets hope Doughty is a young god, or the defense as it stands today will make Kings fans wince.


  • Joseph

    “We need Kopitar, Sully and Johnson to develope that same feeling that this is their team for life and know that if they buy in the kids behind them will too.”

    Agreed, but if you were a Kings player would you trust AEG or anyone in management for that matter based on their track record so far?

    If you were Kopitar or Johnson and saw how DL treated Lubo by signing him to a long term deal and then trading him the day before his clause activated, how would you feel about remaining with such a “class” organization?

    If you were Sully and in the midst of a prolonged contract negotiation at this early stage of your career, how would you feel about staying here as opposed to fleeing to another squad when UFA status arrives?

    I’m a fan who can’t wait for AEG to call it a day and move on to bother the citizens of another city with their worthless claims of bringing championships year after year. Just imagine how the players feel; this is their career. Who in anyone’s right mind would want to play for these bums?

  • Billy

    Anyone know if Selanne is going to sign anywhere? I played in the same tournament as he did yesterday and he said he was thinking about signing with the Kings, but I don’t know if he was serious or not.

  • Duckhunter

    Kids are playing physical and with great tempo. They look really good competitive wise.

  • Brent

    cristobal: You’ve got to be kidding. What defenseman have you seen in a Kings uniform since Frantisek Kaberle that passes better than Jack Johnson? Jack is by far the best passer of the defense that I’ve seen. Who knows about the addtions, but NOT seeing a decent pass? I can’t agree with that.

  • Duckhunter

    I am excited. The kids are playing Phoenix with an edge and a little nastiness. How can you not like that. You get the feeling they’ve played together more than a couple days or weeks. They stand up for each other, better than the big boys do. That’s great to see!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    I saw the 3rd period of the Kings/Coyotes rookie game.

    Teubert & Doughty: WOW! Men among boys!

    Martin Jones: Not bad. I don’t think he’s NHL caliber, but he did stone Boedker & Turris on a couple of late chances.

    Simmonds & Moeller: Definitely look like future NHL players. Simmonds may be closer to playing then Moeller.

    My “dark horses” of the game: Alec Martinez & Dwight King. Those guys controlled much of the play in the middle of the 3rd period before the Kings took a few penalties.

    Solid effort by the Kings kids. Better then last year’s Kings team looked on a lot of nights.

  • Tim

    great show in phx! The future looks bright! Let’s hope they don’t rush this, let them learn the game, but most of all lets learn to play together.

    Season is just around the corner boys!

  • tired of waiting

    I am not sure about the waiver v.s. reentry waiver issue

    however if the kings were able to pick up Schneider on the cheap it would seem like a no brainer. He would help on the power play and frankly they currently only have two defenseman on the roster that have played over 80 games. That will be a joke and it is the type of joke that destroys and impedes development. They need Schneider not to make the playoffs but so they are not a joke this season.

    ps. I also find it interesting that Mr. “I dont want to rush the kids” is willing to send 2 possibly 3 young defensman to the slaughter.

  • Jonny

    What are you talking about pal?

  • nykingfan

    It seems to me that DL will not put in a claim for Schneider but will wait until he clears waivers….then he’ll try to sign him at a reasonable price. Nothing wrong with that.
    I understand the argument about getting a steady, stay at home defenseman…but we also could use a QB for the PP. I’m sure that Doughty or Hickey can be that guy, but its nice to have someone they can learn from.
    Lets be serious…Schneider is not a long term answer, but he can help out the PP and this will allow Murray to bring Doughty along slowly.

    From what I read, seems like great game by Bernier. Hopefully, he is the goods…if he is, that’s a HUGE piece for the future. If you have a true stopper between the pipes, everything else falls into place.

  • jet

    Model 62 – what other teams, that appear to be in playoff contention, would put a claim in on Schneider if he clears waivers? Habs? Would he want to take on a Canadian winter at this point of his career? The teams out of playoff contention in Feb would be unlikely to bring him in for 20 games. There is a good chance he would be tradeable.

  • Model 62


    Well, it’s moot now, since Schneider cleared. (I wonder how that makes a guy feel?)

    The Club doesn’t know going in what other teams are going to do. And no matter what, you’re stuck with the $5.675M (for 3/4ths the season). Seems risky — and pricey — for a guy who’s not going to be part of the plan and is unlikely to return much at the deadline, anyway.

    Now it looks like whoever winds up with Schneider’s contract will also wind up with a Ducks draft pick.

  • Quisp

    Model 62 —

    re draft pick:

    Why is that? Is it because Burke will trade Schneider and throw in a draft pick in order to dump the entire salary instead of having to pay half the salary if he’s picked up on re-entry waivers? Second question: does the rule restricting the trading of a player picked up on waivers also apply to re-entry?

    Clearly (and assuming I understand how this all works, which is a big assumption), it’s more of a DL-style move to try to trade for Schneider now with the pot sweetened with a pick (or two?) and then to move Schneider to a contender at the deadline for yet more picks. Then he’s paying $6MM for a useful rental plus two or more picks, which, again, sounds like DL to me. Also, it sounds like something that’s easy to rationalize to AEG (not that he needs to do this, of course). He’s basically buying draft picks at about a million a pop.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer KEITH CARNEY to Schneider, due to the fact that
    Carney is a bit more of a stay-at-home D-man.

    We already have (albeit young) puck-movers like JJ, Doughty, Preissing and Harrold, with Voinov and Hickey
    waiting in the wings.

    We need a steady, DEFENSE-FIRST type of vet.

    Carney fills that bill better than Schneids, IMO.

  • Quisp

    Another question:

    If a team trades for Schneider now, does he still have to go through the re-entry process? If so, wouldn’t Anaheim have to sweeten the pot even more (i.e. more picks), since the team getting Schneider in trade would almost certainly lose him on re-entry?

  • jet

    M62 – Your argument makes ggod sense.

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