Drew Doughty interview


Here’s the interview with defenseman Drew Doughty from rookie camp a few days ago…

(On how things were going in rookie camp…)
“We had a lot of emphasis on the D-zone coverage, just making sure that we had the new systems done right. (Terry Murray) has kind of changed the systems here from how they used to run them, so we really emphasized D-zone coverage. I think, in the scrimmage, it paid off.”

(On what management said about his chances of making the team…)
“They haven’t really told me much at all. I just came into camp and I really want to have a spot on this team. I’m going to work my hardest to do that. I’m going to play the best I can and hopefully if I do that, things will come to me.”

(On what he, specifically, was trying to develop in camp…)
“I’m just trying to learn a lot. I know the guys who are here, the older guys, and they’re all great players. To learn from them is just a great thing. I love sitting on the bench, watching the other guys play, just to see what they do. That helps me a lot, I think, just to watch the older guys play. I think I learned a lot.”

(On some of the big hits he delivered in camp…)
“It’s something I try to bring a lot. I definitely never give up an opportunity to make a big hit. I love doing it, I think it can change the momentum of the game. it gives your team a little momentum under your belts and I just enjoy doing it. Hopefully if I do play for the L.A. Kings this year, I’ll continue doing it.”

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  • Shakes

    who are these “older guys” he speaks of…

  • Lance

    Hickey of course šŸ™‚

  • I think in the long run, he’ll make all of us forget that we missed out on Stamkos.

  • Supersnail the Return

    Who misses Stamkos?

  • jc_9

    I’m glad we didn’t get the #1 overall. We didn’t need another forward.

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  • The lakers are definitely one of my favorite teams. i can never wait to see what happens with them next