“News” udpates

To answer a couple questions… There’s nothing new on the Patrick O’Sullivan front, and if there’s a Kings-Schneider trade to be made, it’s not imminent. There was the potential for a deal a few days ago, but there’s nothing brewing at this point. Some type of trade for a defenseman is almost certain to happen, but it’s unlikely to happen before the middle of next week.

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  • Thanks again Rich for all your hard work and dedication this summer. Hmmmm middle of next week ya say???? Let the rumor-mill open for business. Please let it be McKee or similar style of play…

  • Anonymous

    Just as long as the King don’t trade Armstrong. It would suck. He’s the best set up man they have, unselfish with the puck and always looking for the open man with the scoring opportunity. Besides, his salary is less than Schneider’s. Let’s not help the Ducks get Salami back on their team.

  • Not Impressed

    Do you think its possible the Kings might trade O’Sullivan and someone for Marian Gaborik? It does happen once in a while when two teams can’t sign their players, a trade is made and so are the contracts.

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