FINAL: Kings 4, Avs 3 (SO)

Ted Purcell scored the only goal of the shootout, in the third round, and the Kings beat the Avalanche 4-3. Jonathan Quick stopped all three attempts in the shootout, while Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown failed before Purcell got the winner.

Kings move to 3-0 in the preseason.

The Kings outshot the Avs 41-19 and took only one minor penalty after the first period.

Erik Ersberg stopped 9 of 11 shots and Jonathan Quick stopped 7 of 8.

Jack Johnson played a game-high 29 minutes, 6 seconds.

Drew Doughty was plus-2. Tom Preissing and Davis Drewiske were minus-2.

As for potential injuries, Brian Boyle did not take a shift in the third period or overtime. No reason was given, so we’ll see what happened there.

Next game is Saturday against Colorado in Las Vegas…

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  • Shakes

    there should be some rule that every 2 preseason wins counts for 1 regular season win. or something.

  • Tim

    Frolov? Anyone… Bueller? Bueller?

    Serously…does anyone know if he’s just getting sometime off before vegas?

  • Beavis

    ESPN’s game summary lists Purcell as “Edward”….WTF?

  • Shakes

    Teddy Eddy.

  • Beavis

    Shakey Jakey

  • PaulCat1969

    Frolov has a mild groin strain.

  • crownme

    great now another injury? So right now we got Frolov, Boyle(maybe) and Clune… they should have one preseason game then get on with it. i hope we dont take any more injuries…glad to see us get a win

  • anonymous

    You guys are so reactionary! Calm down! Frolov has what is being reported as a lower injury, probably a mild groin strain, and he hasn’t been skating much in the past four days. Teddy Purcell’s real name is Edward Purcell, nickname Ted or Teddy. And let’s wait and see if there’s anything up with Boyle when it’s reported rather than insisting that the sky is falling. The Kings are 3-0 in preseason, so I guess that means they’ll win the Stanley Cup.

    BTW, it seems that with the strength of Kopitar and Brown, you could plug in another skilled forward like Moulson or Moller and they will be ok until the O’Sullivan thing is settled. Give Moller 10 games there before sending him back to Chilliwack. I think Moulson has been a steal ever since the Kings plucked him from Pittsburgh. He has good hands, has proved he can score in the NHL and he has a decent two-way game. I say he deserves a chance as much as Moller or Parse does on the left wing.

  • Anonymous

    beavis: teddy is his nick-name. real name is edward.

  • Anonymous

    Boyle is a cake eater….he doesn’t play nearly as hard as he can. i would be he was benched. Too many yrs in college…makes him to soft for the big time. Hopefully he will figure it out soon….compete ALL THE TIME or your gone.

  • JDM

    Nice to see a come-back win come from a largely rookie roster.

    With these preseason games I’m getting less and less worried about the D.

    Also, I hope Drewiske dominates the AHL this year. From the little I saw of him at camp, I think he’s got some serious game lurking within.

  • JonG

    It’s great to see JJ logging big minutes. Sure it’s only a preseason game, but it looks like the coaching staff is prepping him to play a lot during the season. I think he’s ready, and we need to limit the minutes of the rookie defensemen.

    I’m still hoping we grab another experienced D who can play a ton. Adrian Aucoin might be a good fit, although I never much cared for his play.

  • ryan oliver

    No Aucoin. Horrible in Chicago and not good in Calgary. JMFJ will be worn out by January, unless all he did this summer is workout. By the looks of him, thats probably all he did. With him playing this much, the D looks a little better. I wouldnt be surprised to see Doughty play 20 minutes a game either.

  • Paul

    Nice comeback win for the kids, even if it is preseason. It shows that they don’t stop playing even when they get down.

    Regarding Brian Boyle, I remember last season he didn’t look like he was playing, and yet he was very effective in his brief stint in L.A. I believe it’s partly due to his size. He just don’t look graceful, so a lot of people equate that to not trying.

    A couple of questions for Rich, and I realize this is kinda off topic…

    1: How are Calder, Ivanans, and Handzus looking in camp so far? I know we’re all focused in on the kids. I haven’t heard much about many of the veterans.

    2: I hate to bring up this name, but what ever happened with Dan Cloutier? Your last update on him was on July 31st when you reported that he had been bought out, but had filed a grievance. On he’s not shown as a King anymore. Was the grievance ever settled? Did he drop it? The reason I ask is I wonder if there is any cap impact for the Kings regarding Cloutier? Well, and because we haven’t heard anything. I personally believe he never got a fair chance from the Crawford coaching staff. Not saying he was good enough to start every night, but he should have gotten more of a chance to play considering the money the Kings had tied up in him.

  • nykingfan

    I realize this is only pre-season, but we’re coming off a God-awful season….I’ll take anything that looks like progress. They came back in the 3rd period on the road…that’s something that good teams do. I know its pre-season but…….

    As far as injuries….Frolov’s injury doesn’t sound serious, except for the fact that he’s coming off surgery over the summer for the same thing.
    Injuries are part of the sport. that’s why having depth is so important. I’d rather have them happen now than later on…How do you think the fans in St.Louis feel losing Johnson for the year?

  • Ruster

    Weeeeeeeeee are the Champions my friend!

  • Mark Beer

    a little known fact, which I think Richbrought up earlier, is that the Kings have not had a losing record since 1988.

    in the preseason, that is.

    btw, who the heck is Drewiske? this is the first I’ve heard of him.

  • Bob Bobson

    Sorry if I missed something but what happened to Loktionov and Voynov ?

  • Timoteo

    3rd row center ice last night. A couple of times Ivanans and Boyle were out at the same time, apparently foreshadowing the Lakers twin tower lineup for this year. Man are those guys big. The Kings overall roster looks bigger than I have seen in a long time. Doughty stood out the most. Very active skater, jumped up A LOT. Made some nice passes while skating hard through the neutral zone. Ersberg looked very bad on the 2nd goal, didn’t have a prayer on the first goal. Not showing the form he finished last season with as of yet. Kings were very flat in the first picked it up significantly in the 2nd and 3rd. Johnson put on a crushing hit at the offensive blue line in the 3rd and in OT deked the snot out of an Avs defender to get a scoring chance. At one point a woman near me cried out in anguish “That guy thinks he’s so badass!” “Who?” “Number 2!!” Referring to Greene who was being aggressive pinching along the boards when we were down and running over the winger in his way. The goal to start the 3rd was awful, horrible rebound control by the Avs goalie and horrible D zone coverage to let us skate in and jam it home. Lots of moans around me as I laughed at the gift. The Kopi Brownie goal was beautiful. Kopi sauces a pass to Brownie who takes a stride and slides it back to Kopi who pitchforks it in with his defender locked out of the play on his back and the goalie still looking at Brownie. Watching Moulson skating with Brown and Kopitar made the lack of O’Sullivan stand out rather starkly. No offense to Moulson, but O’Sullivan’s aggressive play at both ends, passing and speed with the puck were missed (I will be VERY disappointed if he is gone and would have to seriously question management if we lose him). Purcell put on a great move to score the only goal of the shootout as the final shooter of the 6. The first was painful but after that it was a fun game to watch and who can ask for more with OT and a shootout?

  • jet

    Andy Murray has got to have the worst luck in the world. I am not superstitious, but I might want to play for another team.

  • Paul

    Completely off topic here….

    Visnovsky happy to be an Oiler, and takes a couple of swipes at the Kings…