Moller interview

Here’s my interview with Oscar Moller from after today’s practice. Moller is definitely making a strong impression. I asked a team official today if Moller was going to make the team, and he said of Moller, “He’s making it tough on us.” If you’re a young player fighting for a roster spot, that’s what you want to hear… For those who need updates on tonight’s game against Colorado, I’ll do my best to provide live updates throughout the game. It is available on 1150-AM, with the audio also streamed on the Kings’ site. Here’s Oscar…


Question: By all accounts, you’ve had a really good training camp. How do you feel about the way things have gone so far?

MOLLER: “I feel pretty good. I’ve been here for almost two weeks now and I’ve been working really hard on the new system and getting to know the new coaching staff. It feels really good right now but I just have to keep working.”

Question: Can you talk about your comfort level in training camp this year, versus last year? Is it pretty significant?

MOLLER: “Yeah, I think so. I know most of the guys here, the players, so it feels comfortable to go out on the ice and give my best every day.”

Question: Is there anything in particular that feels much easier?

MOLLER: “It’s off-the-ice stuff too, like when you work out. You feel comfortable when you’re in the gym because you know all the guys and you’re not afraid to talk to them and stuff like that.”

Question: Have they talked to you at all, as far as your chances of making the team?

MOLLER: “No, not really. They just told me that I’ve been playing pretty good and that I’ve got to try to keep it up and be consistent.”

Question: It’s an obvious question, but I’m guessing it’s your goal to stay?

MOLLER: “Oh yeah. Obviously, yeah. That’s my goal for this year, but we’ll see.”

Question: Because of your age situation, and having to go back to junior if you don’t make the Kings, does that increase your motivation level even more?

MOLLER: “Yeah, I think that’s been motivating me a little more. I know I can play at this level, so it would be better to stick here than go back there.”

Question: Is there anyone in particular here who you think you’re playing well with?

MOLLER: “I’ve been playing really good with Wayne Simmonds and David Meckler. When I was up with the AHL team in April of last year, I played with David a little bit and we seem to play good together, so I like it.”

Question: How do you feel like your game has evolved over the last 12 months or so?

MOLLER: “I’ve been working on my skating, so I think I’ve become a little quicker and faster. I think my puck protection has become better and my shot has gotten quicker, I think.”

Question: Tell me about the goal you scored (Monday) night.

MOLLER: “It was on the power play and I was on the half-wall. I passed it down to David and he tried to stuff it. I just went through to the net and just ended up on the weak side there and just grabbed the puck out and shot on the backhand. I was really happy.”

Question: There’s a lot of talk about all the young talent in the organization. Do you see that when you’re out on the ice with these other guys?

MOLLER: “For sure. There’s a lot of good young guys out there who are going to play in this league. So I think the future here looks really bright.”

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