Roster moves

Hello, everyone. Back and (not quite) refreshed from a very long day of air travel to see that the Kings made quite a few roster moves today. Off to Manchester are Jonathan Bernier, Drew Bagnall, Trevor Lewis, Justin Azevedo, Andrew Campbell, Paul Crosty, Vladimir Dravecky, Gabe Gauthier, Bud Holloway, Josh Kidd, Brady Murray, Marty Murray, Scott Parse, Daniel Taylor, Eric Werner and Jeff Zatkoff. Also, Mike D’Orazio got returned to Owen Sound of the OHL.

That leaves the Kings with 36 players in camp, and most of the hard decisions have yet to be made. The two most notable names on the above list are probably Jonathan Bernier and Gabe Gauthier. I’m sure Bernier considers the move a disappointment, as this camp didn’t go quite the same as last year’s, but Bernier’s (undisclosed) leg injury clearly set him back and made it much easier for the Kings to make the move they probably wanted to make all along. Gauthier will almost certainly be in the NHL at some point this season, but it looks like the Kings wanted to give Manchester a bit of a running start.

It’s good to get back at it, and I’m going to try to get Dean Lombardi on the phone tomorrow to update us on these situations — O’Sullivan, veteran defenseman — that still haven’t been resolved since I left!

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  • CBGB

    As him if his (or Phil Anschutz’) foresight into the dreadful economy had any impact on his decision to gut the team and have payroll at a minimum.

    Also please ask he he checks the waiver wire – would be curious to know his thoughts on if he’s looking to pick up a “filler” or two (like Ryan Flinn perhaps?)

  • ryan oliver

    I thought Bernier would have been one of the last cuts, but since I live about 3000 miles from training camp, I’ll take the coaching staff’s word that last year’s camp was better. Glad Hickey, Doughty, Boyle, Moulson and Purcell are still there. hope they all make it.

  • mrk

    Glad to hear Moller’s still on the line up.

  • Tom Hughes

    somebody punch labarbs in the knee so we can see bernier!!

  • Tom Hughes

    sorry if that was mean, no disrespect to labarbs, but i figure why don’t we just go for the entire team of players less than 25 years old

  • JDM

    I figure Bernier was sent down because of the ‘injury’ more than poor play. If he’s too injured to play in games, then he’s better off getting involved in the additional camp in Manchester. Two camps are after all, better than one.

    I think his injury is almost a blessing in disguise of sorts. Means he didn’t play crappy and get sent down (hurting his confidence). It means he didn’t play lights out and get screwed out of a job (hurting his like for the Kings).

    If anything it means he’ll be frustrated, and in my opinion, people with real greatness and competativeness within them, which Bernier needs if he’s EVER going to be the # 1 here, always turn frustration into an increase in effort which in turns leads to better ability, then to more confidence, and finally to greatness.

    Bernier belongs in Manchester. We all WANT him on the Kings. He belongs in Manchester. And don’t worry, I’ll bet we still see him for 5-10 games this season at the VERY least.

  • pobo the hobo

    I just finished reading the 87 comments from the previous post and I am so glad that there are some kings fans that aren’t complete morons like the people on LGK.

    Thank you Rich and everyone on here for recovering my faith in Kings fans.

  • BringBackKingston

    Has DL increased his participation in the contract talks? From past interviews it seems that Soloman (sp?) was conducting all or just about all of the negotiations with POS’s side. I’m curious to find out the degree of DL’s participation as this drags on.

    Are the two sides even talking on a regular basis?

  • Dallas

    It is good to see that the Kings are taking there time with Bernier. I would rather have him spend some time in the minors and play behind some “lesser” talent, than get shell shocked by playing in front of a young defense in the NHL. I hope to see him if the Kings fall out of a playoff race and start the season here next year with a more experienced team(maybe just one rookie d-man).

  • mask0425la


    Not sure if you saw it, TB has placed Michel Ouellet on waivers today. The guy seems very compatible to O’Sullivan (at least on paper) while making only $1.3 Mil'Sullivan/

    Any interest from DL by any chance? The Kings would be the first in line to get him.

    Thanks in advance!

  • King Khabi?


    Please find out if Khabs is going to become a Kings once he goes on re-entry waivers please. $3.375 a year never looked so good for a #1 goalie!!

  • Paul

    Glad you’re back Rich. Hope you had a good trip.

    The first question to ask Lombardi is “have you claimed Khabibulin off waivers?”

    IF the Kings do pick up Khabibulin, where does that leave LaBarbara?

    Then again, this is Lombardi. I doubt he’ll claim Khabibulin so it’s probably a mute point.

  • aj

    hey Rich,
    I have a question for you. Lombardi stresses the need to build from within and have players with the kings logo tattooed on their ass, exactly what benefit have we been able to reap from this so far? If we lose Sully, that’ll be two home grown talents we’ve lost becuase of our inability to re-sign them when they come to fruition. I don’t see how that’s any different then acquiring players do trade. It’s not like our homegrown players are offering us hometown discounts or something…

  • MikeinTn

    I hate to say it as much as I would love to see Bernier on the kings this season the team prob made the right move sending him down to Manchester again. Let the kid win and get into the playoffs down there and prepare for the playoff hunt in the big league next year(wishful thinking but I still hang on to a fool’s hope).

    Let’s face it, no disrespect to Labs but we all know he is going to get injured at some point; that train is never late and hopefully Ersberg can continue his level of play from last season.

    I don’t know about you guys but last year even though the Kings finished almost dead last in the league, I watched so many games last season that the Kings really had a shot to win or come back to win. I’m just hoping this year we win a lot more of those games.

  • Anonymous

    Make that a second for Flinn coming here…

    I don’t know when POS is going to sign…but if he doesn’t do it by this weekend…DL better trade him while the paperwork gets ice cold…

  • Anonymous

    “Gauthier will almost certainly be in the NHL at some point this season”

    Huh? Really? Are you mixing him up with Dennis Gauthier?

  • nykingfan

    Tom Hughes

    That was pretty funny…you won’t find many people disagreeing with you.

    Too bad about Bernier, but like others have said, it’s probably best for him. I think we’ll se him in LA before the year is out and I suspect he’ll be playing regularly at that point.
    Less than 2 weeks before the regular season and the Kings have some interesting decisions to make with all positions. I’m excited to see what the final roster will look like.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait for the season to start.
    I have one thought…why doesn’t the NHL network show exhibition games? What the hell is wrong with that network? The NFL network shows every exhibition game..on tape during the week. I realize they can’t do that, but show some games…I’m tired of seeing the classic games and the other BS they put on. They don’t even have a studio show going during the pre season to discuss the teams and roster situations. What a waste of a channel..leave it to Bettman to screw up an easy thing.

  • Paul

    According to Hockey This Morning on XM radio, Terry Murray has said that LaBarbara would be the starting goalie to open the season.

    Guess we’re going after John Tavares.

    Ta-Var-Es! Ta-Var-Es!

  • ReggieMoto

    “somebody punch labarbs in the knee so we can see bernier!!”

    Yes, seriously, some rookie teammate of Labarbera’s should rise up and do what must be done. Put a serious hurting on one of the team’s most experienced netminders so that a young, injured rookie can get called up and ripped to shreds behind a young, rookie defense.

    If that’s not one of the most sensible ideas to come from this group of commenters in some time, I don’t really know what is.

    p.s.: I don’t believe it was a joke, either. I think the poster(s) is(are) serious.

  • Kevco

    Is POS even in town yet? Last report was that he was not. If not, why? Is he at least working out with someone, somewhere? Who would we rather see for this season, a out of shape POS who is un-happy with his deal or a wornout D-man that DL picks up?

  • MS
  • Ciccarelli


    The NHL network does show exhibition games. I’ve watched Edmonton v. Florida, Phily’s last game at the Spectrum, and Montreal v. Ottawa in the past week.

    Today they are showing the Ranger’s game in europe. They have a few more slated this week. They’ve mostly been at 3:30 am pst, but you just have to look around the schedule.

    Also, the Traverse City prospects tournament was cool! Saw Bogosian, Brunnstrom, and a host of other up-and-comers.

  • jet

    Rich – I know you were only gone for two weeks , but it felt like a month.

  • Anonymous

    I would also love any update on the POS situation, Rich. Anyway love the style of hockey that Murray is introducing. With this style even KOPITAR may become a lot more physical all-round player. With Stoll around KOPI will certainly benefit and improve his own FO numbers (even though they aren’t as poor as may think.

    Murray said that 2 of the 3 guys of each line will be more or less fixed for the next couple of games and training.
    I would love it if simmonds and moller made the team and hope the lines will end up something like:

    (3 legit scoring lines and 1 enforcer, heavy banging line)

    Preissing-Harrold/7th defensemen Hickey or Voinov if no UFA D is signed.

    Labarbera/Quick (Ersberg and Bernier being called up due to injury or bad form of #1 or #2)

  • JonG

    Nykingfan –

    I just got the NHL Network and I too am very disappointed in its programming. Watching the Hurricanes and Oilers revisit their Stanley Cup snorefest hardly makes for classic hockey. Even worse was seeing Chris Pronger spending a day with the Stanley Cup last summer.

    They did broadcast one rookie game a couple of weeks ago, but otherwise there is very little interesting programming. I understand they broadcast a great nightly highlights show during the season, so I’m not giving up on it yet.

    I far prefer NHL Center Ice, which is a godsend.

  • BS!

    NHL Network may not have the best programs, but it does have it’s shows. For instance, last season, they followed the Blues around during the prospect evaluation process showing everything from the combine to the debates between the scouts, Andy Murray, and their GM, and finally to draft day where you saw the GM swing deals throughout the draft.

    Also, they have a show called “Classic Series” and the Kings-Detroit and Kings-Avs series are shown every now and then. Last night I watched the Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup victory vs Vancouver.

    The channel definitely isn’t the best, but I’ll take it. Plus I can flip it on during the season and get highlights every night.

  • Tom Hughes

    I was pretty stoked to see the classic Kings-Flames games that were on the NHL network though. I can’t believe how much the game has changed in the past 10-15 years; seein Kelly Hrudey divin around with hardly any pads on

  • Anonymous

    Rich please don’t ask Lombardi if he anticipated the financial meltdown and cut the payroll as a result. That would probably guarantee you never get taken seriously again.

  • JDM

    Speaking of goaltenders, Helene Elliot reporter that Murray has designated LaBarbera as the number 1 goalie to start the season and that Erbserg and Quick are battling it out for back-up, with Quick impressing him more it seems at this point.

  • wavesinair

    JDM, yes, Helene scooped Rich. Bummer. Nice article though. Ersberg apparently was sick and is just now “catching up” so Quick took advantage of that and performed well enough to catch Murray’s eye. I love the competition right now between the goalies. I really would love to know more about it. Clearly, there is a TON of pressure on JLB to perform, which may account for his being anointed top stopper… ie letting him relax a little and find his groove knowing he’s starting. Looks to be another goalie merry-go-round this season I’m afraid to say.

  • Marc Nathan

    Honestly. Gabe Gauthier? You’ll see Brady Murray before you see Gauthier…

  • JDM

    waves, Rich is allowed to take a vacation and consequently throw Helene a bone with a scoop once in a while 😉

    I agree with what you say though. I’m really kind of disturbed. God I hope Labs can prove himself. I was really hoping for Ersberg to get the nod.

  • Irish Pat

    I have to post this portion of an article from EJ Hradek at regarding future free agents. Hradek lays out the players pros and cons and he has former GM Jay Feaster chide in with a “keep ’em or ship ’em” response. Below is Feaster’s response to whether the Kings should keep or ship JMFJ:

    Keep ’em or ship ’em?: Keep ’em. When I was GM in Tampa, one of our interview questions the year at Johnson’s draft was “Tell us something you fear.” A lot of players said “Spiders, snakes, heights, etc.” One player didn’t miss a beat and answered, “Jack Johnson!”

  • Ciccarelli

    NHL network has shown close to one exhibition game per day plus about 8-10 games from the Traverse City Rookie Tournament a couple weeks ago.

    Today they have the Rangers v. Bern from Europe. Red Wings later this week.

    It could be better, but its better than nothing.

  • wavesinair

    Oh Ersberg will get the nod… so will Quick and Bernier and maybe even Martin “the Hitman” Jones! Apparently he’s playing quite well. I see any and all of these guys playing because the human body isn’t capable of withstanding the kind of punishment it will encounter when our non-existent defense collapses night after night. Each goalie will get his turn at getting pummeled and embarrassed. Not even JMFJ at his very best will be able to stop the onslaught.

  • 5 4 Fighting


    The NHL network has been showing preseason games, most of the time they come on at 3:00 AM though. They have not shown any Kings preseason games. Bummer. I really wish they would have shown the game in Vegas.

    Looking forward to this season. It sounds like we are going to be playing tough and standing up for each other. If we play like that teams won’t want to play us. We will have a better season than the last couple.
    Go Kings!

    BTY, Glad to have you back Rich. We’ve been going through serious withdrawls while you were out. I even went to LGK just to get by.

  • nykingfan

    I don’t have much confidence in Barbs either. Since Bernier was sent down, I was hoping it would be Quick and Ersberg. How does this all play out if the Kings get Khalibulin? Does that mean Quick gets sent down? That would be a huge problem because who’s getting the playing time down there?

    I’m still in a wait and see mode with the Kings defense. Sometimes the system they play can help out the D a lot.

  • Anonymous

    d also love any update on the POS situation, Rich. Anyway love the style of hockey that Murray is introducing. With this style even KOPITAR may become a lot more physical all-round player. With Stoll around KOPI will certainly benefit and improve his own FO numbers (even though they aren’t as poor as may think.

    Murray said that 2 of the 3 guys of each line will be more or less fixed for the next couple of games and training.
    I would love it if simmonds and moller made the team and hope the lines will end up something like:

    (3 legit scoring lines and 1 enforcer, heavy banging line)

    Preissing-Harrold/7th defensemen Hickey or Voinov if no UFA D is signed.

    Labarbera/Quick (Ersberg and Bernier being called up due to injury or bad form of #1 or #2)

  • nykingfan

    regarding the HHL network…why would the games be shown at 3am PST and 6am EST? Who can watch these games? I know back here in NY, there are no games being televised by the local networks, except for 1 or 2 Rangers games. Since there is no local coverage of Kings games, why not show a game or 2 live?

    I saw that Blues draft show and really enjoyed it. During the season the network is fine..especially the highlite show, but I’m desperate for some hockey now and figured that of all places, the NHL netowrk would be the place..I’m just comparing it to what the NFL network gives its fans and it isn’t even close.
    I want some live programming..I can understand during the summer showing the old classic series. I enjoyed watching the Kings/Maple Leafs series, but once pre season starts, there’s no excuse for not showing live shows.

  • wavesinair

    Rich, on a side note regarding the blog. I’m sure you know this but in case you don’t, some posts are showing up much later and further up the page so that there are many posts ‘buried’ and not in line with the other comments. It actually really breaks up the flow of the blog and can be a bit confusing. Once a comment appears, no other comment should come before it. Ya know? It should be technically possible to have each post appear in the order of when the submit button was pushed. FYI

  • wavesinair

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Rich, you are no longer allowed to ever take any time off. Ever. 🙂

  • JonG

    I guess I could watch the live games at 3AM, but then I’d be too tired to read Rich’s blog all day at work.

  • JonG

    I guess I could watch the live games at 3AM, but then I’d be too tired to read Rich’s blog all day at work.

  • Quisp

    Rich –

    I would like to second what wavesinair said. I guess this is for your “tech” people.

    What I have noticed is that (1) sometimes comments appear to get “stuck in the pipe” and don’t post for several hours, at which point a bunch of comments post-simultaneously. (2) at the same time, other comments post normally; so there appears to be a sequence to the “conversation” and then all of the sudden, several comments are “inserted” throughout the thread, making it seem like people were commenting on things they weren’t commenting on; I frequently scroll down to the last comment I read (to pick up where I left off), not realizing that several comments have magically appeared above where I left off. This has the effect of making me feel INSANE. (3) I have noticed that the number of comments a post says it has on the main page is frequently not the same as the number it has once you arrive at the post’s linked page. As a result, if you just check the main page to see what comments have arrived, you’ll see nothing new (same number of comments). But if you drill down, you’ll see new comments. (4) Is there a way to make the content of the site less informative and/or interesting? I have noticed a drop-off in productivity at the “office” as a result.


  • wavesinair

    “This has the effect of making me feel INSANE.”

    Easily the funniest thing you’ve ever posted. And I second that feeling as well.

  • JDM

    Quisp and waves, if I’m not mistaken this delayed post thing happens because if you comment anonymous or don’t sign in before leaving the comment, they are held for approval by Rich. Basically I think its that he has to push a button when he gets around to it then they all get put in at once and reshuffled so that the original time the person hit submit is ordered properly.

    Just like this post won’t show up for a bit because I’m not signed in.

    Rich would have to take off that restrictions or have them post by approval not by time written. Sitting around all day to approve our mad ravings is too much to ask, even of a workhorse like Rich.

  • JonG

    Quisp –

    With regard to your third point, if you hit the Refresh key on the main page it should update the comment count. Same thing on any of the linked pages.

  • Quisp

    JonG, re refresh:

    It doesn’t appear to be “refresh” related. There’s a delay in the “syncing” of the pages.

  • petey

    I really can’t wait until this LaBarbera experiment is over. I’m still dumbfounded how they could let Garon walk for nothing and keep LaBarbera over him. Was he a whole lot better than LaBarbera? Not by a landslide, but he was better. Instead they keep a goalie that can’t control 90% of his rebounds, and his lateral movement is pathetic.
    Being down in the minors will be good for Bernier. He’ll play tons, and be in the NHL in no time. I give the LaBarbera “#1 NHL goalie…..again” experiment to last 20 games, 25 max. This guy is not a #1 goalie in the NHL. He’s a marginal backup, and a solid AHL goalie. That’s it.
    With the veteran d-man thingy, it looks like Hickey and Martinez are fighting it out for a spot and that veteran d-man might not be needed. There will be ups & downs, but it will be fun to watch all these young d-men grow together.
    Oh yeah, O’Sullivan sign damnit!

  • wavesinair

    “They are held for approval by Rich.”

    I was thinking this was the problem, but I ruled it out because I thought that Rich did NOT hold particular posts for approval. I remember him saying he didn’t have the time to monitor posts. Why hold them if he isn’t monitoring them? But it really does account for everything. So if that is the problem, then the simplest solution is that everyone must be signed in before posting. I know that Rich didn’t want to do that before, but I think there’s enough of a following now to where that won’t matter. Or, just have all approved posts appear at the time of approval, like you said. Any other solutions?

  • Quisp

    Rich will of course be able to clear this up, but I don’t think it’s an approval issue. Okay, I will amend that. The comments that are getting stuck in the pipe might be due to an approval issue, but the other stuff, specifically that the front page says one number of comments and the linked page says another, can’t be an approval issue. It’s obviously a programming/code-related/web-design issue.

  • wavesinair

    That is probably true Quisp but I’m not nearly as concerned with the number being perfectly accurate as I am when and where new posts appear (although they could very easily be related). I usually tab a thread and just hit refresh and new posts appear at the bottom when they appear. But when new post are appearing further up, that just doesn’t make any kind of sense and, as you say, makes me feel INSANE.

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