FINAL: Ducks 2, Kings 1 (SO)

In the third consecutive overtime game for the Kings in the preseason, the Ducks won 2-1 in a shootout. Jason LaBarbera went the whole way in goal and stopped 30 of 31 shots in regulation. Chris Kunitz had the only goal in the shootout.

More notes and quotes from the locker room later, for those who want to stay up…

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  • ryan oliver

    I’ll stay up Rich. These long hours don’t go unnoticed.

  • Harry

    Rich, what do you think about Simmonds?
    Do you think he has a chance to make our squad in OCT?

    BTW, That brother man stepped up twice on the Anaheim sucks.

    Also, any updates on POS?

    Thanks for your time……..

    GO Kings GO!

  • Tom Hughes

    i thought it was a decent game. the ducks did not look that impressive, but they were also missing pronger, s neidermeyer, selane, and jiggy. simmonds gettin after at it and trying to beat the crap out of them was entertaining though. i’m still very anxious to get the real season under way though to see what these guys with the new coach are really gonna do…i really hope they prove everyone wrong!

  • pobo the hobo

    I have to say, out of all the d men that played tonight, voynov definitely impressed me the most. If he doesn’t make the team i will be suprised.

  • Voynov and Doughty really impressed me on defense. And Simmonds made something happen on every shift, including trash talking and getting Ducks off their game plan. Simmonds also showed great playmaking ability on the goal. Moulson had the goal but didn’t do much else. Stoll looked very solid defensively.

    Sadly, Moller was invisible with Kopitar and Brown, which made it hard for them to get in sync. Boyle and Purcell looked like they don’t belong in the NHL.

    And for all you Labarbera haters, he looked fantastic saving 30 of 31 with 3-4 huge, game-saving saves.

  • Kevco

    Wow, Labs really dominated again (not).
    Our D kept this game close. Doughty is the real deal! Stoll looked great too.

  • john

    we lost to the ducks and they were missing pronger jiggy neidermayer and selane?

    its gonna be a rough year for us.

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