Goalie update

Jason LaBarbera and Erik Ersberg are scheduled to be the two goalies tonight, with LaBarbera possible to play the entire game. As I missed this weekend, LaBarbera is slotted to start the season opener against San Jose, so it will be interesting to see how minutes are split for the rest of the preseason. I’m heading out to tonight’s game, so I’ll be able to get updates later tonight on all sorts of topics.

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  • JD A

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to tonight’s game and I actually wanted to win. Damnit, let’s hope Labs finally finds his game. I’m glad he’s in the best shape of his career, now let’s see if it has an actual positive effect for once. Hmmm, all this time I thought it were the love handles those rebounds bounced off of…

  • KingFan4ever

    Where as before I’d give Barbs the benefit of the doubt, this I feel is his last chance to prove himself. According to the LA Times, TM has already named Barbs #1.

    Barbs has shown he can play but inconsistency and rebound control have been his biggest issues. Sure the guys playing in front of him have a lot to do with his GAA but at some point I hope he knows his tenure is on the line. Hopefully TM’s efforts to control the puck and limit opponent’s chances translate to better play from Barbs.

    I also give him a lot of credit for losing some weight and working on his conditioning in the off season. He looked shaky against Phoenix. Let’s see if he’s any better tonight…

  • Kenneth

    Give Barbs a chance. Last year he showed that when he was healthy (PRE-RYAN SMYTH SPEAR)…and that if he got the reps… he can be dominant.

    He’s never gone into the season as the #1 before…give it some time.

    If he does show that he is really that bad… then go ahead and go with Ersberg.

    But for now, I’m okay with him as my goalie.

  • Jeff

    I’m not sure that I would choose Jason as the number 1 but I’m glad that TM made a decision on his guy. I don’t like a rotating #1 goalie. JLB now has to step up or risk being banished to the minors. If JLB struggles and Bernier plays decent, I can see him being called up as the #1

  • MS

    I believe the team staff knows the difference between the lack of D goals and bad goals allowed by the goalie.

    The latter of the two are the ones they’ll be gauging his play time on.

    Although I’m not a Babs supporter, I do hope he pulls his head out for the teams sake.

  • Kevco

    Dominant? In what league. I went to 35+ games last year, sure he had a few good games but never did he dominate anything.
    I saw him in Las Vegas Saturday, he was not good.
    And he was the #1 last year, out of shape and all.
    I hope he is better this year but let’s be realistic about last season.

  • Quisp

    I would like to say up front that I think Jason LaBarbera is not a great goalie, and I don’t think he’s even the best goalie we have (I prefer Bernier, Ersberg and Quick. Also, Taylor and Zatkoff. Jones? I don’t know, maybe I like him, too.) But. There are a few good reasons to play him now, and none is about tanking the season.

    (1) He has the most NHL experience. This will allow TM to focus on the defensive system in front of of “Labs.” In a counter-intuitive way, it might actually calm things down a bit.

    (2) It allows Bernier to get some starts in Manchester where (relatively) few people are dissecting his every save.

    (3) It’s likely that LaBarbera is going to be moving on from the Kings in the next year. It would be preferable to trade him and get something more in return than a conditional pick. Therefore, give him some games and hope he redeems himself. Chances are excellent that his numbers will be better than last year’s, so by definition his stock will have risen.

    (4) …then you bring in Bernier.

  • Kenneth

    Yes DOMINANT. I think Kings fans try their best to remember the WORST rather than the best because Barbs was…

    “Named NHL’s No. 1 Star of the Week Oct. 29…Had four-game winning streak that lasted from Oct. 19 through Oct. 27, allowing only four goals on 110 shots (.964 save percentage)”

    Remained decent until Ryan “Crybaby” Smyth speared him 12/1/08.

  • Marc Nathan

    3) It’s likely that LaBarbera is going to be moving on from the Kings in the next year. It would be preferable to trade him and get something more in return than a conditional pick.

    Yeah, 29 NHL teams are lining up waiting to give something up for a chance to have Jason LaBarbera as part of their goaltending tandem.

    I just spit up in my mouth.

  • Kyle

    Quisp–Agree 100% with your perspective on this one. I’m still also willing to hope that Barbs regains the form he had in Oct. of last year. And, even if the D melts down in front of him as they all learn Murray’s system, I think he’s got the mental strength to handle it. That’s a big plus for the team as a whole.

  • wavesinair

    Kenneth said: “Named NHL’s No. 1 Star of the Week Oct. 29”

    Good dig. I forgot about that. Consistency is crucial and he has yet to prove he can be. Hopefully he will but I doubt it.

  • Bobby

    Quisp is 100% right on this one.

  • deadcatbounce

    Friends, this is why Jason LaBarbera was a career minor leaguer until the Kings picked him off the NYR scrap heap, where he couldn’t even win a spot when they had a black hole in their net.

  • Jonny

    Im a laBarbera fan.. I’m not sure why anymore, but I was furious when the job got handed to Garon and Cloutier a couple years back. Ive been to 2 preseason games, and he looks terrible. Why isnt Ersberg getting more of a chance? I read all over the place that Ranford and the staff were utterly impressed with Ersberg at Goalie camp… strange.

  • PRMan

    Ersberg has had a nasty virus…

  • Paul

    The bottom line is the if the Kings intend to climb out of the cellar this year, they need decent goaltending and decent defense. I personally don’t think any defense can play good in front of LaBarbara because of all the fat rebounds he gives up. As long as he’s in net, the Kings will struggle, unless he figures out how to stop AND hold the puck. What did we all marvel at last year? Ersberg and Bernier making saves and holding the puck. When the team knows the goalie has their back, they’ll play better in front of him. You just can’t play defense if you’ve got one eye on your goalie watching to see which direction the rebound goes.

    Glad I haven’t bought tickets to this year’s Kings team. It’s going to be a LONG year. At least there’s NHL Center Ice.

  • BobMillersHair
  • Kings acquire O’Donnell from Ducks – switch locker rooms and play against the old team tonight.

  • BS!

    Sean O’Donnell is now a King.

  • Anonymous

    Sean O’Donnel traded to Kings!!!

  • Duckhunter

    Kings got Sean O’Donnell from the Ducks according to THN.

  • Anonymous

    While I like O’Donnell, I think we paid too much for him with the conditional 3rd round pick.

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