Kings acquire O’Donnell

The Kings acquired defenseman Sean O’Donnell from the Ducks in exchange for a conditional draft selection in the next year’s NHL draft. The Kings play the Ducks at 7:30 p.m. tonight in a pre-season game at Staples Center.
Here’s the release from the Kings:

The Los Angeles Kings have acquired defenseman Sean O’Donnell from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a conditional draft selection in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Kings President/General Manager Dean Lombardi announced today.

O’Donnell, 36, is set to enter his 14th NHL season. He played for the Kings from 1994-2000, and in 932 career NHL regular season games with the Kings, Ducks, Phoenix Coyotes, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils and Minnesota Wild, the 6-3, 234-pound native of Ottawa has 177 points (27-150=177) and 1,558 penalty minutes. He has also played in 87 career NHL playoff games, and has 16 points (6-10=16) and 120 penalty minutes in post-season action.

O’Donnell has played the last two-and-one-half seasons with the Ducks, including the 2006-07 campaign when they won the Stanley Cup. He made his NHL debut with the Kings during the 1994-95 season and he played six seasons with the Kings. He played in 381 career games with the Kings, totaling 71 points (12-59=71) and 799 penalty minutes, and his 381 games played rank 10th on the Kings’ all-time list among defensemen and his 799 penalty minutes rank fifth among defensemen. He also played in eight playoff games with the Kings and had two points (both goals).

Today’s trade also marks the second trade between the Kings and the Ducks in this history of the two franchises. In February, the Kings traded goaltender Jean-Sebastien Aubin to Anaheim for a seventh-round choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Kings play the Ducks tonight in a preseason game at STAPLES Center beginning at 7:30 p.m. The game can be heard on KTLK 1150 AM. The Kings and Ducks then play each other again tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Honda Center beginning at 7:05 p.m. That game will also be broadcast on 1150 AM.

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  • jom

    Isn’t this the 3rd trade with the teams? Wasn’t there a trade on draft day that included Anaheim and Calgary?

  • Kngcussion

    See you next year Hickey.
    Guess that would prolly mean:
    JMFJ Greene
    Pressing Gauthier
    O’Donnell Doughty

  • john

    very nice.

  • Anonymous

    I like it!

  • diehardking

    Wow sexy pickup

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Sean!

  • txkingsfan

    Kukla’s Korner reports that the conditional pick states that if the King’s trade O’Donnell at the deadline, the Ducks will get a 2009 third round pick, but if he is not traded, the King’s owe the Ducks nothing. Basically, the Duck’s were dumping salary since O’Donnell is set to make $1.25 million this season and the Ducks needed to shed $1.22 million to get under the cap. Personally, I like O’Donnell’s presence and experience. He is not the best defencemen,not extremely mobile, nor is he going to score you a lot of points. But he will be fairly stable and is a big body in front of the net (6’3″ 235lbs). He is also another veteran with nearly 80 games of playoff experience, 14 seasons under his belt and has played in 5 different systems. He will be a good mentor for some of these kids.

  • SuperSonic420

    Welcome back OD!! This D may not be the best in the league just yet, but they are gonna put a hurt on the other teams, that is for sure!!

  • DellaNooch

    The Kings are officially over the cap floor now and the ducks will demote one player and get under the cap, this might have more to do with the Salary Cap then our missing link defenseman.

  • JonG

    Welcome back Sean! He’s just the type of veteran presence I was hoping we would acquire.

    Rich, do you expect Lombardi to make more moves or are we pretty much set for now?

  • wavesinair

    Poor Sean, from first to worst. Well at least he’s a King through and through…wait…that was Rob Blake (the better player, Captain… sure more expensive but we certainly can afford it). Oh well, welcome aboard Sean… and please try not to get too depressed! And don’t take it easy on your buddies down the freeway.

  • Scott

    I like the acquisition, but a third-round pick is a steep price. Rich, can you find out what the conditions are?

  • nayagamj

    i like this. i like this a lot

  • Duckhunter

    Will this be Doughty’s partner in crime?

    Brings more grit and toughness, can’t argue with that.

    How many fights tonight?

  • ciscoc

    Welcome back OD!

  • Andrew

    I’m surprised at how many people are liking this pick up. Odonnell was a consistent defensive liability when he was with us. Hopefully he can bring some leadership intangibles to our young D corps; sadly, I don’t see him doing anything to help our GAA.

  • metalmaster

    Kind of ironic Kings are picking up players Ducks no longer want or need just so they can hit the floor.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back you old SOD…

  • Quisp

    (#7 is a dogfight between Martinez, Harrold, Hickey, Piskula and Voynov; Harrold being, I guess the safe choice; but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hickey for 10 games. I think the O’Donnell trade favors everyone but Piskula, the others all being more mobile, although I haven’t seen Piskula in ages, so who knows, maybe he’s more mobile too…)

    O’Donnell, huh. Well, I am still pissed about that double-minor in the third period against St Louis in the playoffs, whenever that was. But other than that, sounds like a good pickup. Our D seems kinda snarly now.

  • Quisp

    Regarding O’Donnell’s defensive skills: I was a season ticket holder during O’Donnell’s entire first Kings run (well, until they went to Staples, anyway). I always thought he was gritty but a little worrisome, due to the odd lapses here or there. I wondered how smart he was. But I thought he aged well, maybe grew up, learned, got smarter, who knows. He certainly got much more responsible defensively, as his career +/- (+60-something, I think) attests. Sean is not a goal scorer, so +/- like that means more than it might for someone with an offensive upside, like, say Rob Blake (career -33).

  • ian

    He’s a better player than he was back then, it’s a good pick up for a number of reasons and if they trade him they’ll get that conditional pick back and maybe more.

    I’m still a little bitter about the double minor too Quisp way back when at the Forum but he had to do it, Courtnall ran Storr I believe is what set it off…

  • deadcatbounce

    Quisp, I remember that penalty against St. Louis, but don’t remember the circumstances. I think that he was coming back to defend the goalie, who had just gotten run at or something. I like Sean. He’s not the greatest defenseman, but he’s learned the game and isn’t as much of a liability as he was when he was a kid. Don’t think he’s too disappointed, as he got to stay local, and he never did sell his house in the South Bay. The Kings only deliver the 3rd-round pick if they move him at the deadline, so they essentially get him for free.

  • TweenerSongs

    Anyone who is ‘still unhappy’ about Odie’s penalties in the St. Louis series is off their rocker. You shouldn’t have been upset at the time, let alone years later.

    His play that night is what the Kings have lacked since. Somebody elbows your goaltender in the head — especially in the playoffs — and you go after them. Not only did he ‘go after’ Courtnall, but he beat him down & made him look silly. Not his fault that the Kings played pathetic defense after that incident. I mean, come on, how do you blame Odie for sticking up for his teammates? They are the ones who gave up a bunch of goals in a matter of minutes.

    This is a tremendous pickup for the Kings. Odie plays the game the right way, and will be an excellent role model for the young guys.

  • JonG

    Oh boy, do I remember that playoff game against St Louis. My son was born that afternoon (April 27, 1998), and I was so excited that the Kings were about to win a playoff game on the day of his birth. I think they were up 4-0 in the third period and then Geoff Courtnall ran Storr. Storr was obviously dazed but our coach (Larry Robinson?) kept him in the net. Jamie barely moved as the shots went in left and right.

    I’m really hazy on the details, but somehow I seem to recall a major penalty rather than a double minor. I completely forgot that it was O’Donnell.

  • JD

    I remember that game. Courtnall ran Storr real bad. Sean did his job by going after Courtnall. The good ol Don Koharski gave Sean a 5 min major. im not sure on this point, but i believe they scored 3 goals during that penalty. IMO the penalty was BS, but i agree with JonG that the coach needed to take Storr out of the game. He was clearly hurt..

  • KingFan4ever

    I have that game on tape somewhere… You can’t fault SOD for pummeling Courtnall. It was a cheap shot and just what the Blues needed to turn things around because they where being dominated. Clearly Storr was rattled and I can’t fully fault him for the collapse although the GTG was was in and out of his glove hand.

    I think Robinson should have stuck with Fiset who had a stellar season and was clearly the #1. He had a bad game 1 and was pulled in favor of Storr.

  • sd

    By the end of his tenure with the Kings, OD was one our most stable defensemen. Before that he was a turnover machine, but somehow he fixed those problems, became a poised, steady blueliner, and played with very few mistakes. Of course the Kings took quick advantage of that and left him exposed in the expansion draft. Brilliant!

    You are correct. It was a 5 minute major on OD for beating on that turtling wuss Courtnall. Koharski blew what should have been a charging call on Courtnall. OD should have just dropped the gloves and fought him, but instead he checked him to the ice and jumped on top to continue the beating. I can’t really blame OD though for that. After that, the Kings’ penalty kill played terribly, and Storr was dazed and confused.

    Even after all that though, I really blame Coach Robinson. After the 2nd goal, he should have either A. Pulled Storr or B. called a timeout or C. Both! That was about the worst game I’ve ever attended.

  • JDM

    About the St. Louis penalty, Koharski blew the call big time. At the very least some time should have been cancelled out by a penalty to Courtnall, if not a major penalty. That was one of the nastiest runs at a goalie I’ve ever seen, worse than Smyth on Labs. I was at that game. I’ve never heard a larger or louder group of people chanting a curse word in unison for what seemed like 5 straight minutes. I remember that play regularly during the season, and I’m never happy about it, but Sean did the right thing, 100%. Can’t be mad at him. The fact that there was no penalty on Courtnall (for the past two years I’ve been thinking it was Pronger for whatever reason… recent hatred changing the past in my head I guess), is completely obscene. It’s debatable whether a major was too harsh for O’Donnell, but it is undeniable that Courtnall deserve a penalty. Missing a clear run on the goalie like that is unacceptable.

    As far as the pickup goes, I love O’Donnell and am glad to have him back. He’s a great leader, a HUGE character player. He’ll be awesome in the locker room, back it up with determination on the ice (he’s definately slowing down ability-wise, but still no slouch), and stand up for the young players on the team. I’m so excited to see him, Greene and Johnson pound some skulls.

    I like that DL (and Murray from all the fights in the preseason!) seems to be taking cues from Paul Newman and the Chiefs!

    I wonder between him and Gauthier who is more likely to see some scratch time this season.

  • Quisp

    You know, all your recollections have refreshed my memory. I do remember being pissed that nothing was called on Courtnall. I wasn’t seriously MAD at SOD, so much as I was mad at that penalty. I agree with everything said about sticking up for your teammates. That’s what I like about O’Donnell. The O’Donnell penalty is for me like a junior version of McSorley’s stick. I didn’t blame Marty for that one, either; it’s the equipment guys job to swap out those sticks in the third period; at least it was when I was playing…

    And, yes, I am off my rocker. I still blame Don Cherry for the Bruin’s two-many-men penalty at the end of the third period of game seven of the semi-finals against Montreal in 1979, with the Bruins leading 3-2. Also, Mike “Super Toe” Lantree for his TWO missed field goals in the closing seconds of consecutive Michigan/Ohio State games in, I think, 1973 and 1974.

  • JonG

    Quisp –

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over the McSorley incident until the Kings actually win the Cup.

  • DellaNooch

    I still want to issue a beatdown to Courtnall…OD did the right thing, the ref blew it big time…Storr was diagnosed with a concussion after the game…Robinson should have pulled him.

  • JonG

    Quisp –

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over the McSorley incident until the Kings actually win the Cup.

  • cebukid

    Sean is a stay at home defenseman,do us all a favor and stay at home!

  • Paul

    I think this is a great deal. A team with OD, Clune, and Ivanans. Talk about tough to play against! The Kings may lose a ton of games this year, but at least it will be fun to watch. Still not buying tickets, but I’ll tune in to hear Bob & Jim call all those fights.

  • deadcatbounce

    It was that St. Louis game when I lost all respect for Larry Robinson as a coach. He was quoted as saying that he didn’t want to call a time out during the Blues major power play because he didn’t want to give them a rest. Hell, he should have been giving his own team a rest, let them gather their wits, and coach his own team, not the Blues!

  • JonG

    DellaNooch –

    A belated “thank you” for posting the Youtube link to Courtnall’s dastardly deed. I showed it to my son who got a kick out of seeing something that happened on the day he was born.

    As with most of the people who posted on this topic, I never blamed O’Donnell at all for what he did. If you’re up by four goals and someone runs your goalie in a playoff game, of course you go after the guy. I remember initially being furious at Courtnall, then being more furious at Koharski, and finally being even more furious with Larry Robinson.

    As a final recollection, I believe that game was about to have produced our first playoff victory since Game 1 of the ’93 Finals.

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