Aye aye, captain

The Kings will soon announce their choices for captain and alternate captains, possibly as soon as Tuesday, I would think. Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar are the two names that seem to be coming up for captain, and the conventional wisdom is that Jarret Stoll will be an alternate. I have some thoughts on this, but I want to get yours first. Out of those two, who do you think would be a better captain? Feel free to comment also and explain your thoughts…

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  • CUP4LA

    Dustin is the obvious choice. He is already one of the “senior” members of the team in terms of service time. His play speaks for itself. Additionally, he has committed to sticking around long term.

  • Anonymous

    Dustin Brown has a slight edge. Anze does not have the leadership skills needed to be a good captain. He does not take control on the ice, does not acknowledge the fans and is not an “all-around” player he still will not take a hit.

    Brownie takes command on the ice. He is not afraid to do what he needs to do to get it done.

    Army should be the captain- he plays with his heart and gives it his all…he acknowledges the fans and is not one to shy away from doing a promo for the Kings-a part of being a captain.

    Jack Johnson should be an alternate Captain- he gives it his all.

  • Paul

    As Kopitar goes, so go the Kings. He’s the #1 center. He should get the C.

    Or, we can make LaBarbara the captain. (rolls eyes)

  • Anonymous

    On a team that stresses physical play Brown is best fit to lead by example on the ice.

    However, giving the C to Kopitar may be a nice incentive for him to resign early and cheap.

  • Quattro

    I voted for Brown although either would be fine. I have a real problem with Stoll getting an A. He’s shown us nothing at this point. I think captaincy needs to be earned.

  • jet

    It is close, but I would lean toward Brown for his leadership. He has developed respect from teammates and opponents over the last 7 or 8 years, from playing in jrs, worlds, and the NHL. He has a well rounded game and understands all aspects, hitting, fighting, defense and scoring, of the game. His appeal will be throughout the entire locker room. Next, he is a stud when ever he has gone to the playoffs or worlds, averaging over a pt/gm and over a pm/gm. Finally, he is intelligent on and off the ice, and not just scholar-athlete intelligence, but also a game/player intelligence where he will have the ability to influence other players decisions. This is leadership and not all captains are leaders. A strong leader is a major component of a Stanley Cup champion. We are lucky to have him.

  • wavesinair

    Between Kopi and Brownie… it’s Kopitar. Basing my decision on play, I’d say they are about equal. Basing it on hard work, again, about equal. Determination, equal. Commitment to the team, equal. The only reason I pick Kopi is based on the interviews I have seen from both players. I just feel like he is a leader more so than Brown. Kopi seems more sure of himself, more mature, and more “at ease” than Brown. The only reason, I believe, more people don’t vote for him is because he doesn’t speak English perfectly fluent. If he was from Wisconsin, he’d be the favorite. All that said, my personal pick is Frolov. I’m surprised Frolov isn’t being mentioned as a possibility.

  • Quisp

    Brown, Kopitar, Johnson

    I voted for Kopitar in the poll, but really I’m equally fine with either one. They’re both leaders. They’re both going to be leaders regardless of the A’s and C’s. No to Stoll, just because, oh I don’t know, he hasn’t played a game for the Kings yet.

    I have a question though: when I was a kid, a common rationale for how the A’s were passed out was that a team wanted at least one C/A on the ice at any time (or at least to maximize that possibility), in order to facilitate — among other things — talking to the officials, since there were (are?) rules about players talking to refs. So you would never, say, make Brown your C and Kopitar and POS wear A’s, simply because they’re all on the ice at the same time. Clearly, it’s also a position of honor and of locker-room authority; but I wondering if this ice-time issue is even considered anymore.

  • Dennis

    It is a coin toss between those 2. I would like to see Johnson get an A and Frolov!! Army has paid his dues and has great leadership qualities and I think he should be in the running for an A!!!Thanks Rich

  • voice of reason

    FYI–Kopitar speaks English as well as any foreign born player in the league. The language is not an issue for him.

    I think it’s difficult for people on this blog to speculate about who “deserves” to be captain as nobody here has spent even one minute in the dressing room.

    I like Brown’s hard hitting, lead by example nature, but for all we know Kopitar is the strongest voice in the room and respected by all. As for Stoll, he was always named as a possible captain for Edmonton, and captained a World Juniors squad when he was younger. He’d be a solid choice I imagine.

  • Rob

    Nothing against Kopitar but I would give Brown the C. To suggest that anyone on this site would bypass Kopi due to his “less than perfect english” is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. You should apologize to everyone on this site for even suggesting such. By the way, I believe his english is fine. I have yet to not completely understand anything he has said in an interview.

  • TeamHasHoles

    For me, clearly, it’s Brown. He’s already made his “commitment” to this franchise on & off the ice. Love Anze…and I think he should be the first alternate, but Brown should be the first choice of captain on this team for his hard work, his commitment and his performance over a longer period of time and for the future he’s already committed to in LA.

    As far as I’m concerned, he was the first of our great young players to take ownership of this team and he should be rewarded for it.

  • BobMillersHair

    I voted Kopi selfishly only to hopefully help lock him up in a long term contract.
    What hell right. You can lose with either guy anyway. They’re both stand up guys and willing to put the team on their back.

  • silver

    Brown because he’s been around all summer, showing up at meetings, press events, and seems genuinely concerned about his team. I’d be fine with Kopitar too, but it seems Brown has shown more initiative.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Kopi’s English is amazing… I have to remind myself sometimes that he’s not North American. I know some Canadian people and some Southern people with worse English and Accents than Kopitar. šŸ˜‰

  • wavesinair

    Rob, why is it asinine? You don’t even give reason. As for Kopi and English being his second language (or third), there’s nothing nefarious about shying away from him for the captaincy. It’s a very practical reason. If you have trouble communicating, then you simply can’t lead very well. The fact that you project your negativity onto it says something about you. As for “should-ing” people to apologize to everyone, just because your opinion says so, IS asinine.

  • Anonymous

    I respect and think that both players would be great captains but my vote goes to KOPI, not just because he is a countryman but because I think he is the more exciting player and also has great leadership qualities. When he is on the ice people go crazy he is just that good.
    Won’t be disappointed if Brown is selected, as he is equally worthy.
    Brown exemplifies hard work, dedication, leadership skills, it just that look in Kopi’s eyes that says that LA is and will be his team. I dunno, IMHU my two cents.

  • Rob

    Waves: Its asinine because of this comment “The only reason, I believe, more people don’t vote for him is because he doesn’t speak English perfectly fluent.”

    1st, there is nothing wrong with Kopi’s english
    2nd, to insinuate that more people dont vote for him based on his english abilities seems a little xenophobic to me.

    Dont get me wrong, I love Kopi as a player. But I do think that Brown is slightly more deserving of the C

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to choose between these two because they’re about even in every way… They’re both superstars in every sense of the word…

    BTW…Brown won the coin flip…

  • Moondoggie

    Brownie for a number of reasons. He’s committed to the team long term. He leads by example. He’s a banger and a scorer. He’s well respected in the lockeroom and in the league. He’s vocal. He backs up what he says on the ice. He’s the perfect choice.

    Kopi I think deserves an A and I’d consider JMFJ for the other. Oh yes, he’s young but again, you’re talking about guys who play with heart, same for Brownie & Kopi. JMFJ is going to be around this league for some time and he’s going to see his share of all-star games. He’s already taking on leadership responsiblities both on and off the ice. I believe JMFJ will be a King, hopefully for a long time. Give Jack the other A and pleeeeeeeease, not Armstrong.

  • JDM


    I’ve been wanting Brown to be captain all summer long, and I still think he would be an AWESOME captain. However, I rebelled, perhaps for the wrong reasons, and voted for Kopitar.

    Here’s why:

    We can’t ignore politics in these decisions. While Brown may seemingly do more off the ice than Kopi, which is great, for one if Brown is only doing those things to make a push for captain then he is doing it for the wrong reasons. Point here that he should for all intents and purposes continue to do those things and lead in the ways he has regardless of the letter on his sweater (which should still definately be an A).

    Now as for Kopitar, it occurred to me just this morning that aside from having captain qualities himself, being a coaches son, a stand-up guy who gives a great interview, is calm on and off the ice, works hard and shows his enthusiasm when the team does well, he is our franchise player, period.

    Getting Kopitar signed long term is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR THIS TEAM’S FUTURE. Let me rephrase it: losing Kopitar, or have sour negotiations where he only wants a short term contract like Sully will absolutely shatter this rebuild effort. Sully is bad enough, but liveable. If Kopitar doesn’t want to play here long term, pardon my french, but we are fucked. On the other hand if Kopitar signs a 5-7 year long term deal, everyone else will fall behind him.

    Giving Kopitar the C in his contract year could very realistically up our chances of him wanting to sign here into or at the least up until his UFA years.

    Plus, I do think he would be a good captain for the team.

    So, like I started with, not the most conventional wisdom and maybe for the wrong reasons, after a summer of hoping and hoping for Brown to be captain, in light of the problems of this off-season, I’m pulling for Kopitar to get he C.

  • Anonymous

    I believe in the future either one of these boys would make great captains, but I will not be surprised to see OD getting the C this year.

  • Maverick

    Brown all the way. Hardest worker coming from a slow start where everyone was pegging him for the third line into a 1st line power forward was huge. He committed his future to the team long term at a tremendous discount. He vocal, always in the gym even in the offseason, and his example on the ice is solid. I love Kopitar but I think Brown is the best for the job at this point. Now if Kopitar became more vocal, signed a nice long term deal with the team, demonstrated his willingness to be here and see through, then I see a C in his future.

  • LA67

    Brown, because he doesn’t let his wife go see the ducks play !! solid commitment

  • Quisp

    Anonymous, re: “Anze does not have the leadership skills needed to be a good captain. He does not take control on the ice, does not acknowledge the fans and is not an ‘all-around’ player he still will not take a hit.”

    Doesn’t take control on the ice? Forget for a second that Kopitar is one of the few players in the league who is actually capable of doing just this, I don’t really see the correlation between “superstar weaving in and out of people” and “team leader.”

    Doesn’t acknowledge the fans? Based on what? You want him to wave more? I would say this is the least relevant of the criteria you mention. Let’s just make Bailey the captain.

    Not an all around player? Neither were Blake (defensive zone), Nordstrom (offense), Robataille (backchecking) or Gretzky (hitting, backchecking).

    Won’t take a hit? I’m not sure if you didn’t mean “make” a hit, which seems like a more valid criticism of Kopitar, that he doesn’t use his big frame as intimidatingly as he might. Not that this is a good captain criterion either. As far as “taking” a hit, I don’t think you can say that Kopitar shies away from contact. Correct me if I’m wrong. (but even if I am, come on: Gretzky? His entire game was based on avoiding contact; you can criticize 99 for not being physical in a lot of debates, but not in one that’s about whether he deserved to be captain; leadership can be demonstrated in many ways; otherwise, Eric LaQuoix (sp) would be captain.)

  • kingskicka$$

    The flip side of the “kopi gets the C = Kopi will sign long term” argument…

    If kopi is given the C this year, wont that give his agent even more ammo then he already has to milk DL? I just see this as making DL’s job even harder to sign kopi to a long term/resonable contract…

    It can go either way. Give Brownie the C imo. He’s committed long term already and has all the qualities to be a C.

  • Goon Squad

    If you’re going to have a quiet, lead by example kind of captain, it has to be a player who has already risen to the level of “star.” Someone with an aura around them like Gretzky or Sakic. Kopitar would probably fit that bill in say 3-5 years from now. He is, in my opinion, a little too laid back and easy going to light a fire under guys (although he himself has a great work ethic). So as a captain, he would have to have the ultimate respect of not only his own teammates, but players around the league as well. He will soon, but not yet.

    Brown seems to be developing into a really solid leader, the type who can lead by example but also hold people accountable. This team needs a little bit more energy from it’s captain, I think. Brown.

  • Anonymous

    i think you should’ve put a check for “Either”….they would both be excellent…but i do like the idea of Army also….he is going to have a good yr.

  • Anon

    I originally thought Brown like everyone else, but voted for Kopitar in this poll. I just couldn’t get over the fact that Brown allowed someone like Avery to have such a detremental impact on his development as a player/voice in the locker room. To me, captains/potential captains don’t exhibit such qualities. Also, that is a sign of weakness if you want to be team leader. Albeit, he was younger then, but he wasn’t a rookie either. Kopitar seems the logical choice for me.

  • andre norway

    Its hard to choose between brownie or kopi. Brownie has the seniority between those guys and have more international experience also. Im gonna get bashed for writhing this but I think Army should wear the C this season with jj, brownie and kopi with the A. If you pick 4 players to wear the A I would have picked stoll. If not the C to army I would give it to brownie, wearing the C or not will not have anything to say when kopi resign a loooooooooooong term deal.

  • deadcatbounce

    The first time I heard Anze Kopotar speak was shortly after the draft, and my very first thought was how impressive his English skills were even then. Although Brown and Kopitar woth both make excellent captains, I still like Derek Armstrong because he’s worked his ass off to stick in the NHL after being a career minor leaguer. Nothing has come easy for him, but he’s overcome the odds through hard work and perseverance and, I think, has the respect of all of his teammates. I know a lot of you will disagree, but Armstrong for captain!

  • Tim

    Brown will be the capt, O’donnell, and Stoll will be the a’s with army, calder, & zeus (scratches/injury)

  • marc

    what if Brown and Kopi both were given the ‘C’ like they did in Buffalo when Briere and Drury shared it?

  • Mikey

    The best captain is going to be Brownie, but Kopi plays like a machine every game. I like Stoll on the “A” due to his ability of being on the lines for penalty kill and power plays, and his play has spoken for itself. I genuinely think that there are quite a few great choices for the “A” on the team, and it is only a matter of time before the young defense comes on par with the rest of the team. If this is going to be a pick-em by their skill set sort of choice, than it is a no brainer that it will be Brownie, Kopi, and Stolly or JMFJ.

  • Jeremy

    We asked Brownie about this while in Vegas and he said he was hoping he would get it, so for whatever that is worth, I am for Brown. There is something to say doing whatever we can to asure that Kopi signs for a long time, but it would eb nice to give it to Brownie since already signed relatively cheaply!

  • Micah

    Between Brown and Kopitar, if either gets awarded captaincy, he will likely hold that title for years to come (assuming Kopitar signs a long-term deal if he is captain.)

    That being said, I think in the long-term, Kopitar would be a better captain as he gets older.

    As of this season, I think Brown has done more to earn the captaincy.

    What would happen if the Kings brass took it from whoever they give it to this year, and gave it to the other guy in a couple years? That would be a slap in the face, IMO, so I think this decision is pretty big, and needs to be a long-term decision.

    Or they could give it to Armstrong for a year, who has publically professed his pleasure with his role and his place in the organization, and put off this tough decision for another year, possibly until after Kopitar signs long-term.

  • this is a toss up…. i voted for Kopitar. although brown seems like the obvious choice, kopitar really is THE go-to-guy on the team right now. no he doesn’t play a physical style but he’s the guy that you want to have out there in important situations with the puck on his stick. yes he still needs to work on the defensive side of his game, but given time i think that will come.

    i agree with the person who said they should share the C. i like that idea best.