• Chris

    How much Flak do you think Army took in the locker room when they showed this .

  • wavesinair

    Army… plowin’ ’em down! Not the best highlight reel to make…

  • JDM

    Seems like some more serious crackin down… I expect ref’s to enforce this stuff strictly for the first 10-15 games, then not again until the last 10-15 games.

    Then again, McGough retired, who knows what could happen or what level of respectability could be brought back to reffing.

  • JDM

    I also liked seeing Blake caught being too slow and having to hook someone. Bout sums up his defensive zone coverage last year, hopefully SJ fans took note of what they are about to experience!

  • wavesinair

    “then not again until the last 10-15 games.”

    or, of course, when games are fixed and the ref needs to make a house payment. respectability? reffing? huh?

  • JDM

    waves – a league without McGough is already a more respectable league by default!

  • wavesinair

    Nice JDM, here you go…


    God this was HORRIBLE! Seriously makes me think it was fixed.

  • JDM

    McGough is like our President, he just goes with his gut…

    Luckily BOTH of those statements will have to be termed in the past tense soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    They’re trying to turn the NHL into the Ice Capades…but with less hitting…

  • jet

    Thanks Rich, it is great to know what the players were told/shown. I really appreciate this one.

  • wavesinair

    …but with less hitting…

    LOL! Just spit my a mouthful of water on my screen!

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