New leadership

Dustin Brown will be announced as the Kings’ new captain tomorrow morning. The Kings are doing a webcast of the announcement on their official website at 10 a.m. The alternate captains will also be announced. I’m still expecting them to be Anze Kopitar and Jarret Stoll, but that’s not 100 percent confirmed.

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  • yeah Brownie!
    congrats, i can now order a white Brownie jersey this year with a C on it…to go along with my dark Kopitar one… has a discount on jerseys for the next 10 days..

  • Fyz

    Awwww…Rich! Why did you have to ruin the surprise!

  • Tim

    That’s great!

    He deserves it! Big congrats to Brownie!

  • Duckhunter

    Changing of the guard is now under way.

    Congrats to you Mr. Brown. You will represent us well. What a story to tell your daughter. That’s awesome.

  • Chuck

    Absolutely the right choice. The only choice. I’m glad that Murray and Lombardi got it right. Congratulations to Brownie!

  • jet

    Meant to be.

  • mrk

    Thank God MC’s gone. He would have handed the C to Cloutier if he had his way. Looks like the new leadership knows what its doing.

  • CBGB

    Derek Armstrong is going to blow a gasket – He feels he’s done everything for this organization and for him not to get an “A” is going to be insulting.

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    Where all the people who wanted this guy traded a couple of years ago. I remember CBGB & marc nathan saying they questioned Brown’s hockey sense and therefore was a wasted pick at #13.

    Congrats to Brownie. He definitely deserves the C.

  • Jeri

    This annoying “brown is showing captain material, he deserves it, its the right choice ETC ETC”, BS has to stop. It’s all BS.

    Look at it this way – without the “C” Brown would be getting his ass beat everynight. Putting a “C” on his chest gives him a shield and some respect out there.

  • ian

    Did he get his arse beat every night last year Jeri? Where in the hell did you pull that one from>?! He plays hard and clean and earns respect, he doesn’t need the C as a “shield”. That’s just whacko…

    Do you see a better option for Captain>?

  • John

    Jeri you describe BS because you’re so intimate with it, ya BS artist!

  • Willie Welsh

    Yeah Jeri thats right… all I remember from last year was Brown getting his ass beat night in and night out! actually, on second thought, I have no idea what your talking about!

  • Quisp

    Jeri —

    The sound you hear is the sound of everyone now living, everyone who has ever lived and everyone who ever will live, inclusive of all sentient beings, animals, plants, and single-cell organisms, not to mention rocks and dirt, saying, collectively, “huh?”

  • jet

    When you are a league leader in hits, players will come after you, whether you wear a letter or not. And let them (easy for me to say) as it creates more space/time for Kopi.

  • jet

    Hey on the lighter side – Murray may have gotten out just in time.
    The Flyers finished their pre-season Tuesday with a 4-2 loss to their minor league affiliate, the American Hockey League’s Philadelphia Phantoms.

  • Jeri

    Alright, take off your purple goggles guys, think about one knew Dustin before last season. He had his breakout year and now EVERYONE in the league knows who Dustin Brown is.
    I guarantee you wearing the “C” gives him some much needed respect out there. Nowadays in this macho world of hockey, you can’t even make a big hit without receiving some sort of retaliation.

  • jediknight329

    i think jeri just watched a peanuts marathon on the cartoon network. he must have meant charlie brown.

    otherwise, there are plenty of “friendly places” with padded rooms and men with white coats who can feed you at night.

    brown is an awesome choice. yeah army works hard, but so does everyone else. brown shows leadership on the ice. i’ve never seen army do anything on the ice other than take 10 minutes to skate end to end or 5 minutes to decide who to pass to. when army has the puck, i can leave the room, brush my teeth and come back in and not miss the pass or shot.

    this team, this year will have its leaders show their metal on the ice. i think all the choices are fine. i would like to have seen a d-man (JMFJ) get an “a” as well, but its not enough for me to worry about it.

    on paper this team looks good. young studs emerging. if they can gel, this will not be as bad as we all think (i hope).

    go kings…

  • Brian

    Is it just me or is Army getting the shaft with no “A”…?

  • jack handy

    so Jeri…

    in all of your infinite wisdom, who would the ‘right choice’ for captain be?

  • Hockeywood

    After the 300th hit, I can almost guarantee the players on the ice knew who Brownie was.

  • jack handy

    and a general WTF to this comment –

    Jeri said:

    “no one knew Dustin before last season. He had his breakout year and now EVERYONE in the league knows who Dustin Brown is.”

    really? c’mon now…

  • wavesinair

    CBGB said: “Derek Armstrong…for him not to get an “A” is going to be insulting.”

    And what about Frolov? Been here the longest, played the most games, he’s younger and part of the core. Think he’s not feeling left out? I wonder.

  • Paincorp

    Doesn’t it seem like the planets are FINALLY aligning for us? Things that most of us have been saying for YEARS that need to happen are finally happening? This is a good time for this organ-eye-zation. After 28 years of frustration, this is a good feeling not driven by hype.

    Sidenote…Jeri, you would have been funnier if your name was listed as “Jeri Hattrick”. At least your comment would have made more sense. Only someone old n stupid could make a comment about Brownie like that. Well, maybe Marc Nathan, but I know Marc and he’s not stupid..;-)

  • petey

    Good choice. I don’t think any Kings fan couldn’t see this coming. Armstrong probably won’t even be with the Kings next year, so there is no point in giving him any letter. It’s time to give it to the players that will be here in 5 years, and that’s Brown and Kopitar. It’s the young players team now. It’s time they took the ball and ran with it.

  • Kevin

    This is big for Brown as far as his NHL career goes. Look at some other NHL players who are captains for his team: Scott Niedermayer, Zdeno Chara, Jarome Iginla, Rod Brind’Amour, Joe Sakic, Nicklas Lidstrom, Saku Koivu, and Bill Guerin. Those great veterans are some of the most respected players in the entire game, and it’s an honor to share a title with those guys.

  • mrbrett7

    What CBGB…no comment about Brown not being a 1st line player? No hockey sense?

    The kid has done everything possible in his time here for this team.

    He is this generations Dave Taylor, which, depending upon how you look at it, may be a little scary.

  • nykingfan

    Paincorp: “Jeri Hattrick”.
    That’s some clever, funny sh** I needed a good laugh this morning.

    Jeri can’t be serious..otherwise he/she (not sure) has now topped Anthony for dumbest comments ever. Sorry Anthony…I know you’ve worked long and hard for that title…now turn over the crown to Jeri.

    Congrats to Brownie…well deserved..All the hard work he has put in and the improvement he has shown, make him the perfect choice.

    No issue with Army not getting the “A” He’s not going to be here much longer. This is all about the guys like Brown and Kopitar becoming the face of the organization. The change has officially begun!

  • Anonymous

    Are we sure that Jeri isn’t Anthony is disguise? Go Brownie lead our team to the playoffs!

  • cbgb

    mrbrett7 said:
    What CBGB…no comment about Brown not being a 1st line player? No hockey sense?

    Funny, once again, you call ME out but don’t call others in the know out. Typical MrBrett – I posted AGAIN on LGK a quote where Jim Fox said the same thing in an interview I did with him – But what does HE know.

  • mrbrett7

    Yup…only you. Your my whipping boy. It’s more fun to pick on someone who doesn’t know what they are ever talking about.

    By the way, it’s because of posters like yourself that I don’t go anywhere near LGK anymore…people like yourself have ruined that website.

  • mrk

    I’m sure Jeri’s a brand new Kings fan. Welcome to the site Jeri, and please restrain yourself from posting until you’re absolutely sure about what your commenting.

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