Numerical roster

According to the Kings’ site, here’s what it will be…

7 — Derek Armstrong
9 — Oscar Moller
11 — Anze Kopitar
15 — Brad Richardson
17 — Wayne Simmonds
19 — Kyle Calder
22 — Brian Boyle
23 — Dustin Brown
24 — Alexander Frolov
25 — Matt Moulson
26 — Michal Handzus
28 — Jarret Stoll
41 — Raitis Ivanans
56 — Rich Clune *
67 — Marc-Andre Cliche *
73 — John Zeiler *

2 — Matt Greene
3 — Jack Johnson
5 — Peter Harrold
6 — Sean O’Donnell
8 — Drew Doughty
21 — Denis Gauthier Jr.
42 — Tom Preissing

31 — Erik Ersberg
35 — Jason LaBarbera

* – injured reserve

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  • Anonymous

    Really excited about numbers being out?

  • Your Mom!

    So nice you posted it 7 times?

  • Marc Nathan

    you can post it 7 more times, but until I see O’Sullivan nestled neatly in between Kopitar and Richardson, it’s just one big pile of stank.

  • Rob

    Thanks Rich, didnt quite get it the 1st time

  • Josh

    I really thought Purcell would get in the lineup

  • ed

    wow that’s a lot of rookies.

  • Booty Juice

    I’m going for a #8 Doughty jersey.

  • jet

    I taught Rich how to post post.

  • wavesinair

    Last Thursday, I finally sent an email to the Kings’ web guy asking him to correct the roster errors that always seem to be a problem. In part I said:

    “Fans really want to be able to go to and see an accurate, updated roster all of the time. Jersey numbers are a no brainer. Every player on the ice has a number and it should be on the site regardless of where each player might end up. Just my two cents, but I have to tell you, a LOT of people feel the same way.”

    Sure enough, the guy answered my email right away and after a little back-and-forth that I won’t post here, he was kind enough to correct the mistakes and log the jersey numbers! So if you see a mistake, let the guy hear it.

  • jet
  • BallPointHammer

    I really like keeping the jersey numbers for the forwards and defensemen, for the most part, between 2 and 29. You know, old school.

  • 34YearKingsFan

    Wow, I count 7 rookies if you include Richardson and Ersberg (aren’t they still rookies??)

    And I count 9 if you count Cliche and Clune (they’re on the list).

    What does everybody think — too young and a prescription for disaster or the best approach??

    Or both??

  • wavesinair

    “What does everybody think –too young and a prescription for disaster or the best approach?”

    Well, we’ve been debating that all summer long, over and over and over again.

    Time to drop the puck and see.

  • Vicarious

    We need to sign a player whose last name starts with “N.”

  • Anonymous

    Well…we signed a POS…and we need one less Z in the lineup…

  • kingsfan

    average of $2.925 million per year but will pay him $4 million in the upcoming season

  • BS!


    The Kings will announce their captains tomorrow at 10am on their official website