• Harry

    Will Sully be in the line up Saturday? for the Season Opener?

  • lblocal

    OH YEAH!


  • JDM

    Deabo gets his way! Great sign for all Kings fan, no matter how you slice it.

  • Captain Material


    Okay, now lets see what the terms are…

  • bobby

    Can I go back to work now?

  • mrbrett7

    This is why you hold your ground. This sets the standard now for Kopitar, Johnson and the rest (got willing theirs don’t go on this long).

    I’m guessing 3 years at 3.5 million/season. Overpaying a bit, but he had to give a little.

  • ian

    Noice!! Everything’s in place, nothing left to do but focus on a season of development and over achievement!!

  • simonsez

    Exactly right Mr Brett. When Lombardi states his demands for Kopitar/Johnson/etc, the agents won’t need to waste time trying to find out whether he’s bluffing.

  • Boris

    Bob McKenzie says 2.95 per year.

  • Ciccarelli

    Thanks for the good news, Rich. Let’s hope the terms are favorable.

  • do

    2.925 x 3 per Bob Mackenzie…

  • Paul

    I figured that was why they cut down to 22. They knew they were close to signing him.

    It’s a great deal for both parties. Glad to see that he’ll be staying in L.A.

  • Harry

    are the La KINGS going to name the C tomorrow?

  • Josh

    bye be zeiler…god stuff Rich

  • Josh

    bye bye zeiler…god stuff Rich

  • CBGB

    McKenzie at TSN saying 2.95 X3

    Very fair

  • Tompa

    TSN: “Sources say it is worth an average of $2.925 million per year but will pay him $4 million in the upcoming season.”

    That’s a great deal. I guess it wasn’t just O’Sullivan asking for too much but Dean offering little as well.

  • paul

    tsn says

    Sources say it is worth an average of $2.925 million per year but will pay him $4 million in the upcoming season.

  • JonG

    Welcome back Patio! I’m sure none of his teammates will hold this brief standoff against him, and I don’t think many fans will either. I certainly don’t.

    Moulson and Zeiler probably aren’t happy, but everyone else in Kings Nation should be very pleased.

  • kyle

    Nicely Done Dean! Under $3 million per year (especially in years 2 and 3) leaves real room for next round of signings. Good on both sides for getting this done, even if it took time and kept us all on pins and needles. We’re a better team today than yesterday, and Sully is being paid fairly as part of the bargain.

  • anonymous

    Thanks for the 411, Rich! With guys like you, who needs the Associated Press!

    Kings sign O’Sullivan…. Time to break out the champagne and drink it out of the Stanley Cup… It’s in the bag now… one molehill down, one mountain to go!

    1967 and still waiting.

  • 24diving

    For those of you saying goodbye to Zeiler, this may in fact be the end of Moller staying with the team. Since O’Sullivan will push either Moulson to the second line or Moller out of that line it would make better developmental sense to have Moller playing more games in juniors than sitting in LA. Since Zeiler plays on the third or fourth line it makes sense that he be the one doing some sitting. Think about it.

  • ryan oliver

    right on 24. Moller or Moulson are going down after Zeiler is healthy.