Doughty interview

Here’s what Drew Doughty had to say today about making the Kings as an 18-year-old defenseman. Doughty had the inside track to a roster spot all along, but he passed every test the Kings put in front of him in rookie camp and training camp, and now he has a veteran partner in Sean O’Donnell. Here’s what Doughty had to say about how things have gone for him…


Question: How are you feeling after making the team in your first training camp?

DOUGHTY: “I’m feeling great. I knew coming in that the NHL is going to be a huge jump, but I feel I’ve adjusted well. My first game, after the first couple shifts I thought it was a new game. The more the preseason kept going on and the more games I got, it just kept going better. I feel good and I’m really looking forward to the season starting.”

Question: Do you have any expectations, as far as goals for yourself?

DOUGHTY: “You know, I haven’t really thought of that. My first goal was just to make this team, and I did that. Now that I know I have a spot, I have to work to continue to keep my spot and just do everything I can to become a better player and learn from the older guys.”

Question: How about the team?

DOUGHTY: “We’re young, but we have a great group of guys. Not only are we a good team on the ice but we have a great group off the ice as well, some really nice guys, so it’s perfect. We have some high expectations on this club for this year.”

Question: You have one of the youngest captains in the league now in Dustin Brown. What have you seen from him?

DOUGHTY: “He’s a great player and a great leader. He works his hardest every day and he’s the best player on the ice in practice and in the games he works as hard as he can. I actually roomed with him on the road and he’s a great guy. He has taught me a lot already.”

Question: What’s been the biggest adjustment so far, and what area do you still need to improve?

DOUGHTY: “Just the speed and the smarts of all the guys. Back playing in the CHL, there’s guys who aren’t going to be in position and stuff like that. Here, not that it’s easier by any means, but it’s easier because your teammates are always in the right positions, so you can know to look for a guy and you know he’s going to be there. It’s easier in that way, but obviously it’s much harder playing up with the older guys.”

Question: What’s it been like playing with your new partner (Sean O’Donnell)?

DOUGHTY: “He’s been great. He talks to me after every shift. During practice, he’s always talking to me, just telling me little things. He’s helped me a lot. He’s so good out there, just very composed and does everything so easily, and I learn a lot from him.”

Question: You’ve beeen getting a lot of power-play time in the preseason too. Seems like they’re throwing a lot at you here…

DOUGHTY: “That’s probably one of the stronger points of my game. I really enjoy playing on the power play. They have me out there with Stoll and he’s got a great shot from the point, so hopefully I can just feed him some across and he will put them in the net.”

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  • Gabby

    Great kid, great player. The Kings gave him the opportunity, but it was up to him to grab it. Can’t wait to watch him, Oscar Moller, and Wayne Simmonds turn into bona fide NHLers. Good luck, boys! Can’t wait til opening night.

  • Neil

    Can’t wait to see these kids over the weekend. I’ve been hearing so much about them, like the rest of us obviously, but have yet to see any of the preseason games. A lot of new faces, and this might be a tough year….but for the first time, I think I’m OK with that. Their finally doing it right, and I can support that…win or lose.

  • Anonymous

    I cant agree with you guys more. It will probly be a tough year in terms of wins but this organization is taking great strides and I would rather see this team struggle with all the young guys than with overpriced veterans. I got my tix to opening night and it should be an exciting game.

  • JDM

    From what I’ve seen of Doughty he is the real deal and more. He’s definately going to have some tough games, I can just see guys like Holmstrom getting under his skin a bit, but hey, that’s what O’Donnel’s for right?

    Either way, I’m extremely excitement to watch him progress this season.

    I’m running out of drool thinking of a defense in a few years… Doughty, Johnson, Greene, Tuebert, Martinez, Hickey, Voinov… oh wait, nevermind, still got some drool left.

  • cristobal

    Can’t wait to see this guy play. looks like a good pick Lombardi.

  • JDM

    I am curious to see Bogosian and Pietrangelo develop. I think we got the best of the 3 but it’ll be fun to see these guys “compete” to be the best of the top 5 2008 draft class.

  • Anonymous

    Good call, JDM. The Three will be linked anyway. I wonder who the better Rookie will be?

  • Kevin

    I think it’ll certainly turn out to be a very wise decision for Lombardi not to trade that second overall pick. Doughty could be a franchise defenseman. Of course, Johnson could be a franchise defenseman also, so I hope there isn’t any turbulence between the two down the line.

  • nykingfan

    I’m very excited to see Doughty Saturday night. I can’t wait! If These guys are as good as we all hope, the future will be as bright as ever for the Kings.

    I noticed that Filatov didn’t make the Columbus team out of camp, yet Josh Bailey made the Islanders roster….I guess different situations with the teams…I just wonder what the deal was with Filatov…possibly overrated in the draft or just needs time to adjust to the North American game?

    To all my fellow Kings fans from afar…I noticed on the “center Ice” schedule that the 1st 2 games we won’t have Miller/Fox doing the games…total Bummer…Especially with a lot of new players coming in, you want your own guys doing the telecast to point things out we may miss…like who they are when they have the puck…You know the SJ announcers won’t have a clue who they are…they’ll be talking about their own guys.

  • BallPointHammer

    Doughty will be 19 years old on December 8. So, it’s not like he just turned 18 or something. I know, age is just a number and perceptions are very subjective, but it sounds like he really is one of those people who just matures earlier than most. That said, the team needs to look after him and give him room to grow into a man.

  • Harry

    Where is that person WHO didn’t like the fact WILLSIE MADE THAT GOAL??

  • jc_9

    Great work as usual Rich. Thank you.

  • Duckhunter

    nykingfan, try the method I use when observing new players. Turn the sound completely off and just watch, writing the #’s down as they impress you, without the bias of outside sources, then go to this sight and see who each # is. You’ll find in most cases, you’ll have different view than the announcers, and you’ll learn the players a lot better and quicker. Try that out the first two games.

  • Anonymous

    Its so crazy to think we have some of the highest drafts picks on our blueline.

    #2 Overall ’08 Drew Doughty
    #3 Overall ’05 Jack Johnson
    #4 Overall ’07 Thomas Hickey

    Whats gonna happen this next draft?? Im excited for this season, GO KINGS!!

  • jet

    Hey DuckHunter – try this one. Next time you come in on the middle of a game, turn on call by Bob Miller, but do not watch the picture. See if you can guess the score within 3 minutes. Since Miller once did simulcast, he provides a full description. His intonation will give you clues as to if we are up by one, tied or down by one. Listen as he discusses who is having a good night, to pick up how many goals have been scored. Guessing the score in a blowout is tougher, but you will still be able to tell it is a blowout. Adjust your guess until he mentions the score.

  • deadcatbounce

    nykingfan, from the looks of things on the island, you or I could have made the Islanders this year, and that’s even with Mile (The Idiot) Milbury gone!!! Oh yeah, that’s right, Garth Snow is in…

  • Robert

    Ya Doughty is a great kid, he is gonna be a bonafied NHL defencemen and so are the rest of the young kids in simmonds,moller,boyle, purcell, all of them. It seems like ive been waiting for this weekend for years now, i cant wait to see them play on sat. Im sure the home opener is going to be insane. Im optimistic about the whole season and the coaching staff. I think well do better then what some of us expect.

  • nykingfan

    Thanks for the idea duckhunter…

    Deadcatbounce..yeah the Islanders look putrid. I don’t know what direction they are heading in. They want to go with a youth movement, but don’t really have the talent pipeline. Snow is not a bright GM + he has to deal with Wang, who knows nothing about hockey, but wants to be involved. They gave DiPietro a ridiculous 10 year contract and the guy is playing on bad knees. He’ll never survive the contract…at least not up to his standards. You would have thought they learned their lesson after the Yashin debacle…apparently not!

  • cristobal

    JDM – I’m most eager to see Bogosian, outside of Doughty. There seems to be a changing of the guard and, hopefully for the nhl, the new crop of youngsters are more talented than ever. I have personally stated that I wish the Kings had taken Bogosian, never having seen either him or Doughty play, but it sounds all good from Doughty so far. Its not too amazing that he made the team, considering the look of our defense, but the way he seems to have impressed everyone from minute one is great. Much like when I finally got to see Crosby, you just instantly recognize how far ahead of the curve of normality some players are from the second you see them. I’m hoping for great things from these young players, and though it would be tough to watch the young guys struggle all year, it would be incredible to have a lock on Tavares next year if he’s one of these superfreaks. The team defense and goaltending is still unproven enough to get us there, if we can handle that struggle again.

    Names to watch from other teams this season:

    Akim Aliu (SP?) – Chicago
    Bogosian – Atlanta
    Nikolai Kulemin – Toronto
    Luke Schenn – Toronto
    and of course Stamkos – Tampa Bay

    Finally. Is there any of this buzz around Hickey? Have yet to see him, but its hard to believe he’s still not 20 having been in the organization for over 2 years. Is he a can’t miss or just a sure 3rd liner? Boyle seems to be a question mark despite having impressed in a short stint last season, but Boyle, Hickey, and Lewis, not to mention Bernier, leave me feeling mixed-up.

  • nykingfan


    I think the Islanders have the inside track on Tavares..I think the Kings will surprise some people this year.

    As for Hickey..I still think he’s going to be good. The kid is young, but was thought highly enough to make the Canandian junior national team as an 18 yr old defenseman…no small feat. He was behind the 8 ball this year because of the injury he suffered during the playoffs last year. He wasn’t able to participate in the developmental camp before training camp. He impressed enough in camp that he was the last one sent out.
    Same thing with Bernier getting hurt the beginning of camp..he had no chance to show what he can do.

    I also wonder about boyle. He was awesomer in the time he spent with the Kigns last year, but for some reason he doesn’t seem to be generating much buzz during camp.
    We’ll know a lot more beinning Saturday. Can’t wait!!!

  • cristobal

    NYKingsfan – you could be correct, but the veterans may have something left on the Isle. Also, Dipietro is solid if healthy. Looking at Atlanta and Nashville is where there are some real question marks. With our questions at the back, both demensemen and goalies, I don’t think LA is in the clear. But, I believe there are always surprises, always changes, and the outcome is definitely unclear. A lot can change in 8 months. LA may have the most youngsters to watch, but will they be able to find a balance yet? We’ll see…


  • cristobal

    Kulemin scores a great breakaway goal…