Ersberg injury scare

As previously posted, goalie Erik Ersberg had a bit of an injury scare today. While going down to try to block a puck in the crease, Ersberg was struck on the knee by a puck. He stayed on the ice for a longer-than-comfortable period of time but completed practice, albeit with quite a bit of knee flexing. Afterward, Ersberg said he was fine and, with a smile, chalked it up to “just something that goalies go through.”

Here’s what Ersberg had to say about his training camp, and the fight for the second goalie position…

“I didn’t start off good. I got sick there in the beginning and missed a couple days, two or three days. It took a couple days to get back into the physical part of it and get my health back. I’m usually kind of a slow starter at the beginning of the year, and this whole thing of having to battle for a spot was kind of new to me. But I’m really glad I made it. Obviously my goal was to take one of the two spots, so I was just working hard and trying to get as many games as I could.”

Here, Ersberg talks about the confidence he gained from his time with the Kings late last season…

“It gives you an extra bit of confidence, absolutely. Also, coming into the second year, you know lots of the guys and you know how everything works. It’s easier, but still, you come here and there’s eight goalies in camp, so you can’t be sure of anything, but I was really hoping to get a spot and that was my goal, so I’m happy for that.”

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