Brady Murray to Switzerland

This is one of those things that I’m just going to have to report without context, because I’m not sure what to make of it. The Kings announced today that Brady Murray has been assigned to HC Lugano of the Swiss National League. I really can’t speculate on why Murray would leave Manchester, but I’ll try to get an answer. Murray spent two seasons in the Swiss league after he left the University of North Dakota.

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  • Kevin

    Well, is he still under contract with the Kings? It doesn’t make sense to send him over to Switzerland.

  • ryan

    Isn’t Noah Clarke there too. Love him. I know noah personally and he loves it there

  • Crash Davis

    FWIW, Murray played 2 seasons in Rapperswil, Switzerland after leaving U. of North Dakota early. His dad Andy has strong Swiss hockey league connections. Brady may have felt he’d get buried in Manchester and might never return to the Kings with all our great youth on board. Perhaps he also came to grips with the fact that the NHL may be beyond his skills.

    There’s a lot of good players in Europe. They play half as many games. It’s a wonderful lifestyle. They pay well with apartment and car included. Not a bad gig at all. Besides that…have you been to Lugano? It is paradise on a lake. How that jibes with his Kings career – only Kings and Murray can say. But perhaps Murray will make a career out of playing in Europe for the foreseeable future.

  • Brian

    Believe it or not, this was actually expected.

  • petey

    Brady is pouting cause he didn’t make the Kings.

  • Duckhunter

    Crash Davis, I’ve been there, also went to the top of the Swiss alps. The most beautiful place I’ve ever laid eyes on. Funny thing is on the lake it was 80-85, on top of the Alps it was below freezing. I was wearing shorts and a tank top, had to buy a jacket and ear muffs. Another thing that was interesting, when I was buying my snow gear, people were laying out sun bathing…. I kid you not. Pretty cool trip. My grandma and my dad took me there, and Germany for my high school graduation 19 years ago. Seems like yesterday.

  • pobo the hobo


    is that you from western? it’s paul man. funny to see you on here too.

  • cynical b@stard

    I was sure that he would have been traded to the Blues by now…

  • JDM

    I hope to see Murray on the Kings one day. I think he’s got a solid game and some offensive upside. Hope this move makes him happy. Wonder who’s idea/say it was.

  • typicaljs

    This was expected. As much as I love the kid for his effort and determinitation, he just doesn’t have the skills, size, or speed to hang in the NHL. Can’t blame him for going to play in Europe and make a career out of that though. Assigned is almost like the nice way of saying the kings have enough spots filled in Manchester that they wouldn’t want him taking away ice time from Simmonds or anyone else when/if Simmonds gets sent down.

    Best of luck to him, maybe he impresses and is recalled back….but the odds aren’t in his favor at this point.

  • Fuzzerson

    Because he can make 300K per plus an apartment and a car. What does he make in Manchester 75 or 100K?

  • Moondoggie

    Good luck Brady….You and your dad, always class acts. We’ll miss you, hurry back!

  • CBGB

    I liked his hard work and determination – Bad for Manchester, but 300K in THIS economy? He could buy dollars with his Swiss money and it would be worth 500K – That and those women are just delicious – That COULD be a reason, you know – Lord knows there were times I didn’t want to come back from China šŸ™‚

  • mcm


  • J-MF-EFF

    PAUL and RYAN??? What year? I was ’99 at WCHS!

  • pobo the hobo


    I was kicked out at the end of my sophmore year but I would have been ’98

    Small world on Inside the Kings

  • Crash Davis

    Folks, I’m not sure anyone noticed but Murray signed a FOUR YEAR contract with Lugano.

    Translated from Italian on the Lugano website: “Brady Murray has siglato with l’ HCL a valid contract till the term of season 2011/2012.”


  • Murray Fan

    You may not realize that since Brady spent much of his youth in Switzerland, he is actually not considered an import. Knowing his dad very well, I can say that it wasn’t just a Kings/Brady decision. He made the right decision in my mind.

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