Blake poll

I’ll have a report from practice a bit later this afternoon, but for now I figured I’d get your thoughts on this subject… As we all know, Rob Blake is coming back to town Sunday with San Jose. I’m curious to see what people’s thoughts are on Blake, four months after the whole situation went down…

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  • Tompa

    I think it’s disappointing to see him on another team but it wasn’t like he was given a choice this time. If I understand correctly, the Kings never gave him an offer this summer. I don’t blame him for going somewhere else and I wouldn’t boo him for it.

    I’m sure most fans disagree šŸ™‚

  • anthony

    Boo that _ucker.
    You think the fedreal gov’t is mismanaging our money. How about wasting $12 million on a player and getting nothing in return.
    Not only getting nothing, but then being betrayed.
    What a loser. Pathetic loser.

  • Kevin

    When he was with the Avalanche a few years ago, I was too young to really understand everything. I didn’t know why he was traded, if there was any turbulence between the organization and him, or whatever. I just knew that everybody else booed him to no end, so I did the same. He even received a chorus of boos during the 2002 All-Star Game.

    Blake is the kind of guy that the fans like when he’s on the Kings. But now that he’s with another club, I can’t see him receiving much applause. Fans at the game are going to remember what happened that caused the trade with the Avalanche, and that’s the reception he’ll receive. Blake doesn’t care, I’m certain.

  • nayagamj


  • Lososaurus

    This should sum it up quite well:

    I was pretty elated when I realized my weekend pack tickets had the home opener and against the Sharks no less. I’d like to start a ‘sellout’ chant, that should say what I think of Blake.

  • JDM

    Whatever. If he is getting an award I’ll applaud. If he scores against us I’ll boo. Otherwise he is just another player on an opposing team.

    …However I won’t complain if Brown lays him out hard.

  • romy

    i watched the sharks game on center ice last night and the announcers were talking about blake and the rebuild that the kings are doing and they said he told them that all the losing got to him and it was more than he can handle

  • PacManFever

    Remember, he didn’t walk away from us, we decided not to sign him. Why would you boo him for that?

  • sense13

    Although, I would expect most to boo Blake, I’ve always thought booing was just a childish step above chanting such and such team sucks.

  • Jayrew

    You gotta love anthony on this one. $12 million and literally NOTHING in return. If he didnt like all the losing he should’ve done something about it. I dont care if we didnt offer him a contract. it was the right thing to do. It’s the same reason they boo andruw jones at the ravine. He was our highest(?) paid player and was dog SH*T!

    Thank you.

  • JDM


    The such and such team sucks is one of the best chants there is. Nothing childish about that. I agree that incessant booing of a player unless his name is Ryan Smyth is a little lame and not in good fun the way so and so is a thing of fandom beauty.

  • Mac

    I’ve never been a fan of booing players. Sure, some may deserve it, but I myself would never (almost) boo, not over a contract issue at least. So I vote for the beer!

  • why not to boo?

    how about the fact that he spewed all kinds of crap that he loves this team and wants to help it in anyway possible, and then signs with the sharks on the first day of free agency after not being willing to waive his ntc that would have landed the kings another first rounder from the sharks.

    sounds like a good reason to me, selfish prick.

  • Marc Nathan

    Prior to the game he should be standing on the concourse, handing out rebates to season ticket holders who wasted two years of ticket money helping to pay him 12 million dollars as he impersonated a shadow of his former self.

    His almost 24 minutes of play last night earned him raves from the Sharks radio announcers, who seemed to think he’d be an extremely successful addition to the SJ lineup. Time will tell, and I’m sure that being on THAT team will elevate his level of play, but for chrissakes… what the hell were we supposed to expect from him as he went through the motions here????

  • TorturedKingsFan

    You should be booing Lombardi for that contract not Blake.

  • Anonymous

    I think Rob wanted one more shot at the Cup. Clearly he wasn’t going to get it with the Kings. I don’t hold a grudge against him for that, he doesn’t have enough time left to make a run with the Kings. Thank You Rob, good luck in San Jose.

  • Vasquez

    The thing that bothers me, is this…

    Last year at the trade deadline, he did not accept a trade, which could of helped the Kings, because he wanted to stay in LA. Ok, fine, he’ll help the kids for one more year. When he became a UFA, he chose to leave for more money. So not only was he a little girl and turned down a trade, he left us in the off season. He screws us twice.

  • petey

    Rob Blake is all about himself. He doesn’t care which teams crest is on the front of his jersey. As long as he’s getting paid, he’s happy.

  • Duckhunter

    I still thank Blake to this day for leaving us the first time. I got the privilege of watching one of my favorite athletes of any sport, compete on a nightly basis, that being Deadmarsh. I’ll trade a healthy Deadmarsh, Miller and a draft pick for Blake any day….any day!!!

    If he didn’t want to be here a second time, than ship his ass out, and it looks like that’s what DL did. I won’t booo, but I’ll cheer with much zest when he’s getting up from the ice, after the freight train(Brown) runs through him. I wonder if Brown knows we expect so much from him? Again I won’t boooo, but I will give a loud cheer for every hit that somebody puts on that nobody. As long as he knows, from his aches and pains, he played L.A., I’ll have a big smile on my face.

  • sense13


    I will have to respectfully disagree with you. Chanting “San Jose sucks” or any other “suck” related chants are just juvenile. Perhaps, if you were a 5 yr old then I can see the amusement in it but not for a grown up.

  • Anonymous

    Who are the 64 chuckleheads that voted to cheer him?

  • JDM


    I can’t imagine that you are one of those guys who sits with his hands folded neatly on his knees. Those people don’t post on blogs about the team… Atleast I don’t think they don’t.

    I can respect your not being interested in joining in, but to condescend to those who do is just as childish to me. If you’ll notice, most of the people doing that are adults.

    If you don’t enjoy it that’s completely fine, everyone has the right to enjoy the game how they please. I don’t like the Blake boo’s personally, but I understand it and where it comes from. I don’t think its childish, its just a valid reaction. Ultimately its all entirely harmless, mostly in good fun, and just another way to rally people around the team you are there to root for.

    Sorry for the rant, I’ve had a few prolonged arguments with people at games who have told me to be less loud, which I think is utterly ridiculous. In a movie theater, then yes eceryone shut up. But at a sports event its silly to expect anything but a lot of loud cheering and jeering directed against the visiting team.

    So I don’t understand the childish part. Distasteful? Maaaybe. But what’s childish about it? Are we hurting someone’s feelings? Are we supposed to applaud the other team?

    There are much worse things to yell out than ‘SAN JOSE SUCKS!’

    …. Aaah I can’t wait for Sunday!!!

  • sense13

    For those who are complaining about Blake, keep in mind that DL created the stupid contract. All Blake did was to HONOR it. I think DL has done a decent job overall but the terms of the contract (Lubo, DC, Blake etc) hasn’t been his strong point.

    And as for Blake’s departure to SJ, imo, I believe it was DL who pretty much sat on his hands unsure of which direction he wanted to go. Pretty much the way he handled Sully’s situation.

  • Not Impressed

    Sully was holding out for more $ and almost everyone said they would not boo him when I asked. Blake wasn’t holding out at all, he was just waiting for DL to get back to him with an offer an none ever came. And now you all want to boo him. I don’t understand you guys. You can argue that he’s over the hill bla, bla, bla, but San Jose thought enough of him to sign him for $5mill. Our power play will probably be one of the worst without Blake. I think its too much to ask an 18 year old to quarterback it the whole season.

  • ReggieMoto

    What a severe lack of class expressed in this poll by the participants of this blog.

  • cristobal

    As a Kings Outsider, I don’t know the reasons Blake forced his initial trade to the Avalanche. I really don’t know why he resigned with the Kings once Taylor was no longer GM and Andy Murray was gone. Was it the lower management, or the upper management (AEG and their unspoken player salary caps) that Blake wanted out of. I still think the rash of injuries the Kings suffered – Palffy, Allison, Deadmarsh and others – has something to do with the Mentality and Outlook (the corporate philosophy) of the team at the time. Really, I like Blake as a player a lot. He’s not a natural interviewee or comfortable speaking publicly about his thinking, he is a great hockey player though. I”m not bashing Lombardi here, but he never should have brought Blake back in. Instead of those players that didn’t perform (Handzus, Willsie, Cloutier, Calder, McCauley, Miller, Avery, Preissing, Garon, Labarbara) taking all of the heat for the losing, good players like Visnovsky, Blake, Cammalleri took a lot of the abuse. Personally, I wish Blake good luck in San Jose, I even hope he can be in the running for a cup later this season. I’d like to maintain the view that he did as much as he thought he could for a team that never really cared about winning. AEG wants it to be easy, and its not.

    However, those that buy a ticket are free to boo or wank their hands at him. That’s part of being a fan. As a Kings fan, though, there are so many that come back through LA with other teams having success it seems funny to single Blake out. After all, he took a pay cut this summer, not a raise. And we have no idea what really went down last March at the deadline. This season ought to show us wether it was really Blake’s loss of speed and desire last year or playing for an organization that was dysfunctional. I tend to think it was the latter. We’ll see…


  • sense13


    I wasn’t trying to insult you or be condescending but I stand by my statement. And to answer your question, I have my share of chanting and far from sitting on my hands but I’m not fanatical about it.
    It’s great that you’re vocal at the games but if you’re so loud that others are asking you to be “less loud” perhaps, you should be considerate. Whether someone’s being inconsiderate in a theater or at a hockey game, being inconsiderate is being inconsiderate.

    Just out of curiosity, are you a raiders fan?

  • LB

    It makes no sense to boo Blake as far as I’m concerned. He was NOT offered a contract by the Kings! San Jose offered him $5 million, what do you expect him to do, reject it? Of course not.

    If he was overpaid before it’s not his fault…do you boo Handzus? He’s certainly overpaid.

    The only former King that I would boo is Sean Avery! Now he is just a piece of ****. Now that he’s with Dallas we’ll see a lot of him at Staples and if he doesn’t receive a worse welcome than Blake does – then I really don’t understand Kings fans.

  • cristobal

    sense – a theatre and a sporting event are two completely different animals. The only offensive aspect of the games is the 220 decible sound system that abuses fans regardless of their cultural leanings. I often find the “spectacle” – the flashing lights, the Roenick dancing, the “South Park” characters leading chants, the horrid 80’s metal anthems – as embarrassing as hell. ONe thing sports in general has lost wholeheartedly in the past 20 years is any sense of Class. Fans abusing players vocally is par for the course in sports and the players expect it. 20 years ago, I was one guy yelling horrible insults at Doug Gilmore when the Kings were involved in a playoff hunt game. Its all in good fun and part of the fee we pay when we enter the arena.

  • cristobal

    Would it be over the line to throw dime bags and prozac at Avery when he returns?

  • Anonymous


    Fair enough. I think consideracy is a matter of circumstance. Different venues have different social protocols, though the specifics of such are somewhat up for debate.

    And no, definately not a raiders fan. In fact, I find the entire sport quite uninteresting for whatever reason. The Kings are the only team in any sport I follow or care about. Perhaps this contributes to my fanatacism. I have no other competative viewing outlets.

    I’m also just loud by nature. Always have been.

  • old time hockey

    I know Blake was less than stellar after his return from Colorado, but remember the early years. He was a stud. He won the Norris. He probably could have won more had he not been hurt all the time. Blake has always been one of my favorite players, both as a King and not. While everyone else was cheering Bourque getting his cup, I was cheering Blake. So, when thinking about whether you should boo the guy, think about the first time he was here and the great impact he had on the success of the team. I know that was a long time ago, but the team hasn’t been much since then.

    It sucks that he went to the Sharks. I hate the Sharks so very, very much. But, Blake will always be a King in my heart.

    Here’s my thought on boooing ex-players. Boo ex-players who go to new teams and play way better. As much as I like Blake, he’s way too old to play like he used to. I suspect that while his stats will be better in SJ, much of that will be the improved team he’s on. So, is it worth your breath to boo a guy who won’t have 10 goals or 30 points? Not for me, its not. (Compare that to Washington where they booed Jagr mercilously everytime he touched the puck. And with good reason: in his two seasons with Washington he was ordinary to awful. As soon as he went to NY he was a stud again. Booo, indeed.)

  • Irish Pat

    I was pissed when Blake signed with SJ in the off-season, but now I’m glad he’s not a King this season and more importantly NOT the captain. Brown leading by example is going to be more effective than watching Blake’s indifferent play.


    Loyalty is a two-way street. Blake made his choice and Lombardi made his, but the fans are supposed to just sit on their hands and not care when they feel a player has jilted them? Sorry, but this isn’t Victorian England and nobody drinks tea between periods. If people want to boo, let ’em boo. I’m sure Blake isn’t going to be shedding any tears about it.

  • Brian

    That’s ridiculous that we would boo Blake this time around. I blame DL if anyone for not having Blake this year. We had the opportunity to have a hall of famer that wanted to be on our blueline knowing we weren’t going anywhere this year and DL didn’t sign him in time. Blake was even willing to take a pay cut. And you’re going to boo that guy? Boo DL for not having a good enough excuse for letting him go.

    A deal should have been done a long time ago and there was no reason to not sign him. It would have been a ONE YEAR contract anyways. How does that impact the future signings of Kopi and JMFJ!?!?

    As much as I could care less about him good for Blake to go somewhere that wants him.

  • Brian

    I guess for the booers – ignorance is bliss huh?

  • sense13


    Well said. And I’m glad you’re not a raiders fan. I’m stoked about Simmonds making the team this year. I was hoping he’d make the team last year but he’s definitely better suited for the nhl this year with few more pounds of muscle to go along with another year of junior/world experience.

    Irish Pat,

    Feel free to boo and cheer all you want. No one ever said not to.

  • typicaljs

    for the people saying blake had no say in this. your all dead wrong.

    On July 1st Blake and his agent gave DL maybe an entire 6 hours to see if they wanted to sign blake for his number, there was no willingness to compromise. Not even a willingness to give the kings a whole 24 hours to decide if they would buck up and pay him that money. This is also the same guy that said he wanted to stick around and be a part of this last year and I believe it was also printed before July 1st that he would lke to remain apart of the kings organization. He sure has a funny way of showing it to be so excited to hop onto the SJ “one last chance at the stanley cup” express that he couldn’t even give the kings a whole day to sign. Him saying he wasn’t offered a contract may be true, but it’s also the most cowardice way of backing out of the fact that he had every intention of signing with SJ

    Oh, and just in case you guys were wondering this is the same offseason that every fart Mats Sundin took was a possibly team he wanted to sign with, while there was not a single reporter wasting their time asking about Sakic’s status. Sakic is true to his words and a manly man, Blake is just about the exact opposite in every sense of the words.

    Go check the quotes, please. Enlighten yourself.

    I’ll be booing him everytime he touches the puck, I don’t think I’ll be alone. Hell, I’m even gonna boo the second he steps on the ice and I’m debating watching the sharks warm up just to boo blake then. If I thought he could read a sign all the way up in most likely the nosebleeds I would make one to join the rest of the crowd hopefully making signs to show blake how much disdain we all have for him.

  • historyguy

    I was against booing him when he was with Colorado because of his years with the Kings the first time around. Sure, he wanted to test free agency, but he’d earned it. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel betrayed, especially since the Kings got Deader and Miller in the bargain.

    This time, he knew the Kings wanted him back and wasn’t leaving on a high, but rather leaving after taking the team for $6+ million a year for mostly mediocre play. Rather than feeling some sense of doing right by the team that had paid him so well, he left for a division rival.

    So, boo, boo, boo Mr. Blake. No retiring number 4, either.

  • JP Kelly

    For me what’s so disappointing about Blake is that — while wearing the “C” on his sweater — he claimed to be committed to LA, to teaching the youngsters, to leading by example, etc., etc., despite all the rebuilding and all the losing. Yet when push came to shove, when the going got tough, and ultimately when it was time to negotiate for $$$, his actions were all about himself. As a hockey fan, I find that to be pathetic. As a Kings fan, it’s the latest sad twist in a long-standing leadership drought and character crisis. (Sort of like having Bush as a president.) It goes against the ethos of being a captain. Bleck!

    As far as booing goes… Sure, why not? I mean, this is just sports. This is just a game. Let him have it, for the fun of it.

    What matters most is that Blake and his foul attitude are GONE. Time to move on with a new C, a new crop of faces, a new season, and a *new wave* of Kings hockey.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even care enough about Blake to boo him.

  • KingFan4ever

    The only team Rob Fake is loyal to is himself. Honestly, he’s not even worthy of a boo. And as far as retiring his jersey at staples with the “real” King greats, I’m all for it as long as they hang the jersey with him in it.

  • KingFan4ever

    The only team Rob Fake is loyal to is himself. Honestly, he’s not even worthy of a boo. And as far as retiring his jersey at staples with the “real” King greats, I’m all for it as long as they hang the jersey with him in it.

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