Murray, on O’Sullivan/lineup

Here’s what Terry Murray had to say today about setting his lineup, plus the impending return of Patrick O’Sullivan…

Question: Any last-minute lineup changes, or are you set?

MURRAY: “It’s set, as long as everyone comes to the game tomorrow feeling good and nothing happens over the evening here with flu, the lineup is set and ready to go for the game tomorrow.”

Question: Is O’Sullivan not ready yet?

MURRAY: “No, he’s not ready. He feels good and he had a good workout yesterday and again today. A little bit sore today, because of the hard skate at the end of yesterday’s practice. We’ll get him through a good workout tomorrow. I think there’s a nice opportunity here for him to review what we’re doing — the style and system — and to be able to watch a game from up top and get a good look at it and get himself ready to go. He feels that Sunday would be a good chance for him to get going. I wouldn’t say he’s apprehensive about two (games) in two nights, but maybe I am. I think it would be a little too much to demand of him, after missing most of the training camp, so we’ll get him into the game Sunday if everything goes well and according to the plan we have in place now.”

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  • cristobal

    Is there a real sense that Stoll is going to love LA and play his heart out here? Could he be trade bait come March? As long as the rebuild is on, I’d love to see Boyle get serious time and a serious challenge to step up. I’d even like to see him center Brown and Simmonds/Moeller/Purcell/Calder for stretches. Much like I wish we’d have done with Tukonen, I want to see him forced into action and forced to decide whether he’s going to make the best of it right off. The fact that Stoll didn’t get a letter is a bad harbinger for me. At 3.6 mil. a year he ought to be running through brick walls for us.