Murray’s goalie plan

Terry Murray talked today about his short-term plan for the Kings’ goalies. Sounds as though Erik Ersberg should plan on getting comfortable at the end of the bench…

Question: With three games in four nights, do you have a specific plan for the goalies?

MURRAY: “My plan is to play Jason. He’s my No. 1 goalie. We’re coming out of the training camp and he’s ready to go. I don’t see any reason, right now, why I should look any other way, other than playing him at the beginning.”

Question: Do you have a number, in your mind, of how many games you like your No. 1 goalie to play?

MURRAY: “That’s a tough one. I want him to play a lot. I don’t know what that really means, but if you have a No. 1 goaltender, he’s the guy that you’ve got to go with. I want to go with him in a lot of the games. Certainly you want to look at plus-60 games. He loves the work. I know, from talking to the other coaches and getting feedback from them, that he’s a hardworking guy who does a lot of extra (work) in the morning skates. He really thrives with that kind of workload, so I’ll go with it. As long as things are going well for him, we’ll stick with him.”

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  • Paul

    Translation: Man! That John Tavares sure looks good!!!

    Is it possible for a team to go 0-82? It’s gonna be a long season boys.

  • cristobal

    “As long as things are going well for him, we’ll stick with him.”

    Things have not gone well for Labarbara since his first 9 game stretch with the Kings. If thing are not going well, will we still stick with him? This is a touchy situation because if we start burning through goalies, we could end up playing 10 a season again. I think we need to stick with Labarbara even if things aren’t going well for a good 20 to 30 games. Maybe its an odd philosophy, but I believe in putting the player on the hot seat to see if its ever going to work. Support them through it and at the end we’ll know whether he’s going to be an NHL goalie or not. Its really unbelievable that we’re entering Labarbara’s 4th season with the club and we don’t know if he’s an NHL keeper or not. The question needs to be answered by December and if he’s got to go, Ersberg should be the guy getting the heavy load.


  • Irish Pat

    I predicted in the predictions post that LaBarbera would lead the team in wins with 19 and my rationale was that Ersberg would help carry the load and that we’ll probably be seeing a game or two from the Bernier/Quick/Zatkoff collective. Now that it appears that JB will be starting the bulk of the games I would like to up my prediction to 20 wins. Go get ’em Babs!!

  • ryan oliver

    Wow Cristobal. Very well said. Agree 100 percent. Labarbra was playing great until he got hurt by Smyth last year, and after that he wasn’t the same. Give him the work, and hopefully when the year is done, he will have earned a 4 year, 20 million deal.

  • Quisp

    My guess: If LaBarbera plays great, he will get dealt by the deadline. If not, he will get waived. My hope: he plays great and gets traded, and Bernier comes up by 1-1-09, and stays.

  • Anonymous

    Its nice that we actually have a labeled #1 goalie for a change! I used to hate what AM and Crow would do and say….not labeling someone as the #1 guy had to play on their heads! I am not saying that Labs should be #1 but lets see how it plays out!

  • simonsez

    I think this was a strategic answer rather than an honest one – based on past seasons and this preseason, Murray has no reason to be so confident in Barbs. He’s probably acting confident in hopes that the confidence will rub off on LaBarbara and help him perform better.

    If he doesn’t look better than he has in the past, it won’t be long before Ersberg gets a chance to show what he’s got. If neither of those two are getting it done & Bernier is tearing it up in the A, then up he’ll come.

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