Murray’s goalie plan

Terry Murray talked today about his short-term plan for the Kings’ goalies. Sounds as though Erik Ersberg should plan on getting comfortable at the end of the bench…

Question: With three games in four nights, do you have a specific plan for the goalies?

MURRAY: “My plan is to play Jason. He’s my No. 1 goalie. We’re coming out of the training camp and he’s ready to go. I don’t see any reason, right now, why I should look any other way, other than playing him at the beginning.”

Question: Do you have a number, in your mind, of how many games you like your No. 1 goalie to play?

MURRAY: “That’s a tough one. I want him to play a lot. I don’t know what that really means, but if you have a No. 1 goaltender, he’s the guy that you’ve got to go with. I want to go with him in a lot of the games. Certainly you want to look at plus-60 games. He loves the work. I know, from talking to the other coaches and getting feedback from them, that he’s a hardworking guy who does a lot of extra (work) in the morning skates. He really thrives with that kind of workload, so I’ll go with it. As long as things are going well for him, we’ll stick with him.”

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